Automatic transfer switch warning


By Russ and Tiña De Maris

As RVs come out of the “dark ages” and flow with the use of modern technology, it gets easier for us. It wasn’t too long ago that we had an RV with an on-board generator. To set up the coach for generator use, one of us had to go outside (rain or shine) and plug the RV shore power cord into a special outlet that was fed by the generator. Wow! What a difference an automatic transfer switch (ATS) can make!

But beware: Even with an ATS to make living with your RV generator oh so much easier, there are issues that you need to take care with – some that can cost you loads of money. Like anything else, an ATS is not “perfect.” A big surge of electricity can damage your ATS, and in some instances, even your generator.

When you decide you need to “fire up the generator,” make sure you turn off big electrical loads first. Air conditioners, microwave ovens, heat pumps, a portable space heater – turn them off before switching on the generator.




One Thought to “Automatic transfer switch warning”

  1. David Toll

    Our Automatic Transfer Switch failed after about 6 months. In the ATS’s manual, it says if it fails (in particular refuses to latch for one leg) then the circuit board has failed and must be replaced.

    In my opinion, if the manufacturer is aware of such a problem, they should change the design to prevent this from happening.

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