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Comments for Birdwatchers want earlier access to campgrounds

  • My solution does not involve moving under-funded State agencies. I boondock. You might need a porta-potty; I use the “hassock” type.

  • I’ve wondered the same thing about rest stops with no services, just a garbage can and maybe a picnic table. They are gated off so you can’t drive in. No one needs to rest or use their on board facilities in the off season?

  • I’m sure the closures have more to do with the people who gleefully destroy everything they come in contact with, shooting up restrooms, starting fires, stealing anything and everything. It isn’t so much about “them” as it is “us.” (“us” being a big enough portion of the American population to ruin it for all)

  • There could be many reasons.

    The campground could be close to a wildlife nesting site or calving grounds (commonly in Spring), and the campground is closed until the young’uns are older.and able to handle hundreds of people nearby.

    The plumbing issue has been already mentioned.

    If the campground is operated by a concessionairre the operator may not want to open until there is enough users to justify hiring the seasonal staff. The opening date is then negotiated between the agency and the operator.

    The agency could have spotted a hazardous situation (dead trees, buildings needing major repairs) and the site is closed until the hazard is mitigated.

    Could be budget cuts.