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Comments for “Camping” at the dump station

  • No reason to not use disposable gloves. I buy them in boxes of 100 at Walmart in the pharmacy section.

    My new clean gloves are on while I wait my turn to dump – adds zero time to the process. Still wash my hands after removing the gloves.

  • My RV has the hollow rear bumper for the hose. The first time I tried to dump my 10′ hose was lost in the bumper and I had nothing to get it out with. After trying a fiberglass pole I finally figured out that a 10′ hose and a 20′ hose both fit in the bumper. Now I don’t have to worry about my hose being to short..
    I installed a Torpedo tank rinser. With it you can ignore the old rule that you can dump only when your tank is at least 1/2 full. The real bonus is that when you put your hose away the inside of your hose has been rinsed clean

  • Drives me crazy when it takes people forever to dump. I dump in less than 5 minutes every time. I do what you do and do not do what you do not do. I have done this for years and have had no problems. No clogs, no smells, no nothing. Dumping is easy. Why people take forever is beyond me. If they get dirty they can always wash their hands.

  • Brian: I can’t store my hose in my bumper because my (Rhino) fittings don’t fit. Disassembling the hose to store fittings elsewhere seems gross and counterproductive.

    I assume “Torpedo” was actually “Tornado” brand installed tank rinser. From the tests I’ve seen, NO installed rinser works very well, and valve-end backwash rinsers barely work at all. The hose pressure isn’t sufficient, the spray pattern doesn’t move (enough), etc. Contrary to your hopes, you DO still need the “rush” of appreciable water surging out of your tank to carry greasy solids instead of letting lower volumes of water pass them by. Make the “canoes” surf the “tidal wave,” eh?

    As far as tank rinsers helping your hose… Not at all…. Run a garden hose worth of water into your 4″ sewer hose, and you’ll see water runs in a 1/2″ deep stream, not even wetting the other 300* of the pipe’s “roof,” while the surge out of your tank DID splash that circumference. Sorry!

    Darrel: Nothing wrong with wearing DISPOSABLE gloves just as you say. The problem seems to be “how to remove dirty gloves” without contaminating yourself worse in the removal, and people reusing the same heavier gloves without sterilizing between uses. I find it easier to assume my hands ARE contaminated, wash them well, and be done.

    Thanks for your comments!

  • I do the same process, I put my gloves on while waiting and after storing the hose closing up my wife drives forward so that the next person in line can pull forward while I wash up.

  • Go to a hospital or health clinic and have them teach you how to remove the gloves without contaminating your hands. It actually is very easy to do.

    • You can also watch a you tube video as well. Also bus drivers are taught to put your right hand into the gloved left and grab. Then you pull out of the right glove and then touch the edge of the left and and slide out. This makes a ball if done right. Almost like the hokey pokey. Good luck.

  • For what some camps charge they should do it for you….but really I can see the day when this could be a reality, or added service, with an added cost, and some folk would be happy to pay someone else to do it.

    • Ron: It depends on the campsite, but I have seen “HoneyWagon” (pump out) service offered — for a fee, a guy in a pickup with a large tank in the bed pumps you out with a macerator and takes it away so you don’t have to move your rig from sites that don’t have septic hookup. I also saw one industrious teen with a BlueBoy offering the service “manually” (and I suspect less officially).

  • As usual, I dump the black tank first and then the gray tank. However, after the initial rush of gray water has flushed the hose, I temporarily and carefully lift a section of hose close to the rig. I watch the clear section at the connection. When I see the water column rise into the clear section I quickly lower the hose back to ground level. This quick slug if gray water thoroughly cleans the hose. I did this a couple of times and my stinky slinky never has any odor between uses. I also ALWAYS wear disposable lightweight nitrile gloves. I can dump quickly and be moved out of the way in 5 minutes or less.

  • The only extra step i take is i open and close the grey with the black open after the black is empty. Puts a shot of washout water in the black and i usually see more stuff in the clear connection. Then i close the black and empty the grey to clean the hose. I seldom bother with gloves.

  • The only thing I do differently is after I am all hooked up and ready to dump I open the grey valve first and allow some grey water through, checking all the connections visually to make sure all is well and no pinholes etc. Then I close the gray, open the black, dump the black and then re-open the grey to flush the hose. I started doing this after I had an accident where the top of the hose came lose from it’s fitting and dumped about a gallon of poo on the ground. Now I don’t worry about it.

  • We dumped our tanks for the first time after our stay at a campground. No problems, it went fast and easy. Out of there in just a few minutes. But I had the advantage of reading this newsletter for months before we started our travels. Thanks for all of the great info!!! Keep up the good work.

  • The no gloves thing is making me cringe a little to be honest. I know, in theory, everything is clean. But just seeing someone dump their tanks without wearing gloves is enough to make me side-eye them. Most people don’t seem to be as conscientious as the author.

  • I do not do the toilet. Everyone goes to the out house and that is it. I do not do black water tank. I only do the grey. Period. I remember one camping scenario that I had to empty the grey into a bucket and drain down a sewer because I realized that my small trailer does not hold much. I love the grey but not the black. Toilet in my camper is off limits.

  • I’m for sure in favor those disposable vinyl gloves & buy them at Home Depot in the paint department. Heck I think its more important to use them when i gas up. I now have a diesel & that stuff really reeks & stays on your hands, even after several hand washes! I have port & starboard filling & keep fresh gloves in both behind the fill door.

  • We use a macerator with a 1″ hose and cap on the end. It stays connected. I seldom use gloves unless I need to open the connection for some reason. to flush the black tank, after it is empty I turn off the pump and open the grey valve which equalizes volume between the two tanks and close grey and reopen black and pump again. I apologize if you are behind me at the dump station. It will take me up to 15 minutes to clear my tank as the pump is slower than just 3″ hoses dump. OTOH my clean up is easy, cap the hose and put it in the utility bay ready for the next use.