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Comments for Camping World to offer ‘home shopping service’

  • When a company can build a RV with the same quality standards of today’s automobiles, this could be a worthwhile program.

    Sadly, that day seem to be quite far away.

  • I have to agree. I flew from Seattle to Dallas the 6th of January to look at a trailer I was interested in buying. Had 40+ photos which looked like a dream come true. Over the phone told the dealer I would be flying in to look at it before committing. He acted as if no one.had ever done that before. The short story, made a down payment and drove to Dallas and picked it up 3 weeks later. Put about 18,000 miles on it to include the trip home before leaving on an around the US trip. No regrets.

  • On your article “Buying an RV” there is a $90,000 difference to enhance the lighting up front in an RV using your examples.

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