Invasive plants and animals–they’re everywhere!

The RoVing Naturalist  By Dennis Prichard “Rolling along like a tumblin’tumbleweed.” The Sons of the Pioneers sang this tune way back in the day about a plant that is synonymous with the Old West. It could just as easily describe our RV way of life. Nothing could be more American than tumbleweeds across the True West, right? Not so fast, pilgrim.... Read More

Remember this: the official Smokey Bear song? Hear it again

Summer is officially here and that means high fire danger. Here’s a little song to get stuck in your head that will remind you to be careful with fire, and about a fire fighter’s best friend, Smokey Bear. If you grew up in the ’50s or ’60s, you may fondly recall this Smokey theme song sung by Johnny Jones and... Read More

Increased bear sightings prompt warnings in New Mexico

by Deanna Tolliver The New Mexico Department of Game and Fish (NMDGF) has issued a statement warning campers of increased bear activity in the northern part of the state. Multiple bear cub sightings have been reported by campers. Spokesperson Tristanna Bickord says “some may view this as a unique opportunity to view young wildlife; however, it is very important for... Read More

Leave that baby bird you find alone!

The RoVing Naturalist By Dennis Prichard Spring is the time for babies in nature: Birds are nesting, bunnies are cavortin’, and deer fawns are dropping like last fall’s leaves. RVers may encounter some of these young animals while interacting with our wild outdoors, whether taking a serious hike or even just overnighting in a parking lot. But do you know how... Read More