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Comments for How to defeat RV burglars

  • Great topic. I would add that it’s not just the content of the RV that thieves are interested in. Around here, there has been a spike in RV thefts. Especially high-end 4 season units. A hitch lock and changing your keys (so they can’t easily access your leveling jack/landing gear controls) are a great start but I would be interested in any ideas on further protecting your unit.

    • Paul, we just got hit last week at camp. They busted the window to get in to the rv, they also broke both outside compartment locks. They popped them right in and did not damage anything except the flange of the locks. Thankfully we had our electric Jack’s down and electric slides out. They could have got the Jack’s up. But the slides are on a control board with a password. Glad we set up a password…. That was the only thing left.

  • I think most thefts are from ‘thieves of opportunity’, not pro’s. Nothing we do will stop pro’s, but these tips will thwart most otherwise honest folks from grabbing tempting goodies. Just sayin’ . . .

  • Don’t be fooled into thinking a campground with manned entry gate and security fence will protect you either. While in Homestead Fl at Goldcoasters RV campground, we left our bicycles out only to have them stolen from someone who drove in late at night and exited a little while later. The guards at the gate said they aren’t paid enough to try and fight thieves.