27 Thoughts to “Do you change your vehicle’s oil or pay to have it done?”

  1. Bill Jergins

    There are 5 grades of oil. I choose the best Oil and use it. That means, for me, Mobil annual oil and the associated filter.

  2. Hardy Jackson

    I purchase my oil from Sam’s and have a local shop change the oild and filter for $ 30.00. Oil and filter is another $ 85.00. So $ 110.00 it is well worth it. For my Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland, I do my own oil changes. It is quick and easy.

  3. Rusty

    Most times vehicle. oil/filter change is easier at the local Ford express lube shop. Disposing of oil is becoming harder to do. Rv oil change is difficult to locate a shop that can accommodate the 31 footer.

  4. Jack in Texas.

    I change the oil and other minor vehicle maintenance myself. After all still physical able to, retired auto mechanic at the age of seventy three. .

  5. Doug Roberts

    I change the oil. on my Class A 32 Ft Southwind. The Nissan Frontier is the toe. That is done at Nissan under warranty. I have had so many horror stories regarding oil changes. Drain plug not tighten and leaking. Dip stick left on top of the engine, just think if that had gotten down into the serpentine belt area.

  6. Kevin

    Have been on a 10k mile trip. Had to have the oil and fuel filters changed on our F350. Filters are about $150 and 13 qt oil another $40. Had to take it to a shop to get it done. The bill was about $550! I wish more “quick change” shops would do diesel oil changes. It would be cheaper than the high end repair shops (or the dealer who wanted to schedule it for two weeks…) RV parks could easily set up a place to do an oil change or other simple services (and provide an air compressor!).

  7. Wayne Justice

    Maybe not fair because I own my own automotive repair facility so yes I change my own oil and filter even at 74 YO, plus of course do all the repairs both inside and out. And yes we do service and repairs for other folks also. I currently have a 99 class C that I bought for a song 7 years ago with 15Th miles on it. The lady that had it was afraid to drive it 29 foot and let it set in her driveway for 7 years and never turned a wheel. I got it for $4000.00 but had to redo all the brakes, 4 new tires and she had let the water lines freeze, but we have traveled from coast to coast and have never had a break down but of course I keep it in top shape. Plan to ride it at least a couple more years till I find another deal like that.

  8. Richard Baker

    With today’s hazmat awareness, it makes sense to have someplace that can properly dispose of the used oil and filter. Too much hassle to do that myself, and I refuse to dispose of the refuse, including oil, irresponsibly…

  9. Popeye

    Oil change is one thing – grease job is another on my 2007 Monaco Dynasty. Most places do not screw-up an oil change other than not tightening the oil filter properly because it is hard to get to. No one spends the time to do the grease job properly. So I do the grease job and since I am already under the coach, the oil change is easy. However, at 78 years old, the oil and grease jobs are no fun anymore. Speedco will let you inspect the job and even supervise at most locations so I am now letting them do the job.

  10. Tommy Molnar

    At 71, I’m no longer interested in vehicle maintenance beyond making sure it gets done on time. Also gone are the days of opening the hood and knowing what you’re looking at.

    1. James Collins

      Tommy , where are you from, I had a friend when I was in the Navy in the 60’s, now deceased, just wondered if you were related.

  11. Wayne Caldwell

    Not only do I change the oil in our ’98 Ram Cummins, but also in our ’11 Chrysler T&C, ’84 Ranger and ’68 MGB. I also replace the brakes on all four vehicles, adjust the brakes on our ’01 CrossRoads, and perform almost every other kind of repair or maintenance on all our vehicles. This is in addition to building a ’36 Hudson Terraplane street rod/resto rod. I still enjoy it, and until it quits being ‘fun’, I’ll continue. Plus I know my vehicles very well.

  12. Steve Van Sant -Alaska

    Since I have two diesel trucks, one slide in truck camper and one fifth wheeler I bought the lifetime oil change from my dealer on both trucks. 95% of our travel is done in Alaska and at 70 YO, I don’t enjoy crawling under trucks any more!! The price is right and they also check out my trucks for me! Nuff said!!

  13. Richard Trapp

    I have a mechanic whom always works on my rif. He charges me a around $40 ????

    1. Vikki Shaffer

      Richard, where are you from? My husband has a brother by the name of Richard.

  14. Robert Pulliam

    I change my own mainly due to not having a facility close enough to make convenient.

  15. George

    The shop I take my Grand Cherokee to has deep discounts for regular customers. $20 to $30. Plus they do multi-point inspection.

  16. Dr4Film ----- Richard

    Speedco does complete engine service on my diesel pusher and it is so inexpensive that it makes no sense for this old body to do it myself. I have it done once a year before returning to Florida unless I am doing an extensive road trip with lots of miles.

  17. Dave Tedesco

    I do my own oil changes and lube in my motorhome. I save money and know it was done. I use a fomoto drain plug and drain a gallon at a time into old oil jugs with less mess.

    1. Ron Kredba

      New Motor Home Owner. 2005 40′ Beaver Desiel Pusher: Excellent idea using 1 gal. jugs. I just learned about the Fomoto drain plug. Having fun trying to learn the oil pan drain plug size on my RV (without draining my oil) to purchase and instal the correct Fomoto drain. Finding the big, 5gal plus oil tub, messy and a hassle to drain my oil into.

  18. Bob Ritchie

    I installed an “Eco” valve so I can control flow from my oil pan and drain my oil into empty jugs.

  19. butch quigley

    I went to Amzoil and hope the frequency becomes less and protects my motor in our chevy HD2500 for years to come

  20. Grumpyoldtimer

    When we were part time RVers I did my own. Now that we are full time it is too difficult and not allowed in most parks. I would be interested if any other full timers have solved the “not allowed” problem. Legally, not against the rules. 😉

  21. Kurt Shoemaker Sr

    I’m not a mechanic. I rely on the expertise of the mechanic to tell me if he finds any problems under the hood while changing my oil, rotating my tires, and lubing whatever needs to be. I have had good running vehicles for years so I guess it’s working for me.

  22. David Carlson

    my F350 is under warranty, it’s part of the package.

  23. Joel Vinson

    Right now my F250 is under warranty, but I only get so many “services”; so I change my own in the middle mileage. I actually prefer to change my own, it’s cheaper, it’s tight, and I know who’s been under there. I keep track of everything and put OE Ford stuff on, so there won’t be a fuss if a failure occurs.

  24. Bob Godfrey

    Since our rig holds 21 quarts of oil I don’t attempt to change the oil myself anymore.

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