Does your RV bathroom need an assist device?

By Jim Twamley

Many RVers need a little assistance in the bathroom, like conveniently placed grab bars which are available at hardware stores.

These are the bars you see in handicap bathrooms. Most hardware stores will stock grab bars in white or the silver brushed metal color and they can special order brass and beige. These come in handy when you’re trying to keep your balance or steady yourself while entering or exiting the shower. They are also handy when placed by the toilet.

Our motorhome has a pocket door where I wanted to place one of these grab bars, but the wall that houses the pocket door is too thin to support the weight. I solved this problem by installing half of a disability toilet hand rail. These can be purchased at many drug stores or at disability/mobility stores. Sometimes you may find one at a thrift store. They’re easy to install by removing the toilet seat bolts, then inserting the aluminum holding plate under the toilet seat and reattaching the seat and bolts to the toilet.

Next, insert the arm into the holding plate. You can adjust the height of the arm by moving the bottom leg up or down the peg holes. This application allows you to have support without having to drill any holes or make any other modifications to your bathroom. If you purchase a new RV it’s easy to move this nice feature with you.