Fire engulfs motorhome driving on freeway in Reno

Another mysterious fire breaks out in a motorhome while driving on a freeway. According to the Reno Fire Department, a man was driving on the freeway in south Reno on Thursday, September 13, when people were signaling him that his RV was on fire, according to News 4

The driver got off the freeway and parked at Sierra RV Super Center, got his dogs and evacuated the RV.

RFD quickly extinguished the fire before it threatened other structures at the back of Sierra RV.

The cause of the fire is still unknown.


4 Thoughts to “Fire engulfs motorhome driving on freeway in Reno”

  1. Mtnmike55

    Rear camera monitoring may also have helped.

  2. rvgrandma

    How true it is I don’t know, but a guy was telling me this morning that autos including MH, need to keep the engine clean of oil and dust. When the engine heats up it can start a fire.

  3. Jim

    I have seen at least two of these diesel pushers that caught on fire from the rear with the driver unaware until it was too late.
    The first one I witnessed had been driven in flames long enough to burn the towed trailer behind it, the car being hauled therein, and the entire rear engine section of the coach. Some sort of better engine compartment sensors and alarms are obviously needed.

  4. Dr4Film ----- Richard

    It appears that this is a diesel pusher since you can see the rear radiator SO folks the most likely cause is a REAR engine fire that can start from a variety of flammable sources. Too bad they didn’t have an AFFF engine fire suppression system installed, it may have saved the coach.

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