Future fulltimers beware: You could be voiding your RV’s warranty

A San Angelo, TX, RV sales company is the subject of a lawsuit filed at the Tom Green County Courthouse, reports San  Angelo Live News. A defendant in the case, Funtown RV, will have a court hearing July 31 on whether or not the plaintiff, Midland resident Kara Stephan, can have her case heard by a jury.

The lawsuit filed May 31 claims Funtown RV and the RV’s manufacturer, Forest River, Inc., sold Ms. Stephan a pile of junk. She alleges 77 defects in her brand-new, $80,000 2017 Cedar Creek Champagne RV Model 38ERK she bought from San Angelo’s Funtown RV location on May 19, 2017.

Among the defects, she alleges the water heater leaks, the hydraulic system does not function for the fifth-wheel’s landing gear and slide-outs, and the built-in wine cooler will not chill lower than 54 degrees F.

Ms. Stephan also alleges the one-year warranty she was told by the salesperson she would receive was unknowingly voided by her because she used the fifth-wheel as a permanent residence. She claims she told the Funtown RV sales person she intended to use the RV as her permanent home and the salesperson failed to warn her that would void the warranty.

Funtown RV’s lawyers replied that the salesperson was engaged only in “puffery,” which is not a liability under Texas law. If you plan to fulltime in your new RV, you would be wise to determine: 1. Will living fulltime in my RV void the warranty? 2. What defines fulltime? 3. What if I snowbird for 3 or 4 months a year and rent out my house when I am not there? 

Or do you just hope to go under the radar and don’t say that you are planning to be a fulltimer and just deal with it if you get caught? It would be wise to be careful and thoughtful on the decisions you make when you are in the buying euphoria.



8 Thoughts to “Future fulltimers beware: You could be voiding your RV’s warranty”

  1. Jo Se

    We have been shopping at Funtown’s Cleburne, Texas location. BUT, now we will look elsewhere. Treat 1 customer poorly shame on you; risk becomming another poorly treated customer, shame on me.

  2. Beechbaby

    We were told from the very beginning by salesmen that there were only a handful of 5th wheels that qualified for insurance purposes as “full time”. Otherwise, you could not only void the warranty but the insurance coverage would be voided as well. We’ve been very careful with the brands we’v looked at for just that reason.

  3. Vanessa A Simmons

    Just read the warranty myself…unbelievable. So if you live in it for 30 days spend one night in a tent, hotel, with a friend so it doesn’t invaliate the warranty.

    I bought in October and parked it for the winter. Took it out the first time in June. Had a roof leak and was told that the roof warranty was for only 90 days. BUT I still have the window sticker that says full 2 year warranty.

  4. Robert G

    I just read their warranties, and it’swritten black on white, Incredible!!!

  5. richard ackroyd

    What’s the point of a 12 month warranty if you cannot use the item for twelve months ? If they want to play that game why not have a warranty for 12 months of use?
    they cannot have it both ways.


  6. Gary Ripple

    I think Texas is a Buyer Beware state and the buyer should have signed a statement that says the warranty is limited to the stated warranty on As Is agreement. If there are manufacturers warranty in effect, according to state and federal law, the manufacturer is allowed to have a reasonable time to repair the agreed upon defects. And if its not all repaired in the first attempt, the dealer can be given a second chance to repair the remainder. And if the buyer is not satisfied with the repairs they can file a civil suit to recover their expenses or to possibly get a refund of the purchase price if the judgement is in their favor. If the judgement is not in your favor, then you lose.

  7. rvgrandma

    Full-time or not, that has nothing to do with the 77 defects it has which means it is a pile of junk.

    Go for it and sue the heck out of them.

    1. Rob

      Forest River is owned by Warren Buffet’s company, call his office and complain. Good luck with suing as only the lawyers win.

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