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Comments for Get more from your RV trip – Sit a little longer

  • When we retired my wife and I left Iowa for Louisiana, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana and back to Iowa. We left the first of March and got home the middle of May. We had just retired and we were crazy travelling over 200 miles a day. Now that we have unwound from working we plan on a maximum of 150 miles every other day. We have found that if you stop you really need to stay the second day to see where you are. We never travelled when we worked and we want to see our country but now we are doing it slowly enough that we can really see it.

  • This is a great philosophy—sit a little longer. We have tried to follow that in our travels and have greatly benefited from it. After all, our goal is relaxation.!!
    One question—I noticed the photo of your trailer (I presume it’s yours) shows you have a wind generator attached to the back. Could you give all of us the info on it, please? I am certain more than just I am interested. Thanks.

    • theresa, I just noticed that picture myself. I have a 20+ year old Air 403 that’s never been used because I just can’t figure out how to mount it so the noise is ‘almost’ negligible. I would be interested in that mounting system.

      BTW, we’ve discovered that just ‘sitting’ in place while boondocking (our mode of choice) uses much less diesel fuel . . . Just sayin’.

  • We are planning a trip next year from Ontario, Canada to North Dakota, then south to Colorado, over to Utah, Arizona, California and up the west coast. We would love to just go at our own pace but I worry about campsite availability, especially along the west coast. Did you find that to be a problem?

  • We’ve been on the road now for 12 years, our average mileage is 500 miles per month. Wherever we park, we are at home. We are not on vacation, and never in a hurry to put-down-miles.

    We love to experience new sites, but have figured out that we can plan “possibilities” and research how to eventually get there in our own sweet time, and only dependent on the time of year or the season.

  • During 6 months of traveling our average daily miles covered is about 25! A long day might be 150 miles.
    It is not a marathon, relax and enjoy, sleep in!

  • Although I totally agree with being able to sit longer, I can’t yet fulltime, and live on the far-right side of the country, so all my trips have to return home in a week or two. Last week, I went NY to Branson, MO and back in 3 driving days — 2400 miles pure “get there” transit, about 3000 miles total with at-destination exploring. My truck gets free oil changes, so it really raises eyebrows when you get two changes in as many weeks….

  • Ditto the philosophy of longer stays between road days. One of my travel heroes, Rick Steves, espouses the strategy to not rush through (Europe) as if you will never return but rather to savor each stop and spend extra time along the way so you can form strong memories of your travels, which is exactly what I did and it made all the difference for me.
    With that in mind, it is completely insane to me that anyone would want to cover 5000 miles in their RV in 60(!) days. If you stay just 2 nights/1 day at each stop you would have to put in 150-200 miles every driving day and at that pace what’s the point of going?!?
    My philosophy is to spend a minimum of 3 nights/2 days at every stop (unless the area has little of interest then a single night stopover is in order) but if there is a lot to see and do I want to spend 5-7 days. That way I can park the rig and take off hiking or on my bicycle or in the truck to explore the countryside and/or get to know the locals in town. After all, I’m not in a race to see how many dots on the map I can check off. I want to savor each day as the horizon looms closer, not hurry to see how many miles I can cover each week…

  • I think ours best to not rack up so many miles (we normally do 3500), but rather take our time and relax during the same months of travel we normally do. I’m cutting our trip next year to just over a thousand miles and doing more site seeing where we plan to go, at each stop. I think it will be more,relaxing, more fun, and less stressful and I’m sure our RV will love us for it too. Happy Travels!!!

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