Get ready to pay more at the pump!

By Deanna Tolliver
Do you cut back on your RV travels when gas prices increase? Then you might prepare for some shorter trips, as the news this week is not good: Gas prices have jumped to one of the highest levels in three years.


U.S. gasoline prices rose by an average of five cents a gallon last week, and AAA spokesperson Jeanette Casselan said, “Pump prices are causing sticker shock across the country.” Diesel fuel has risen about 15 percent from a year ago. The national average price is now $3.13 per gallon across the country, per Energy Information Administration (EIA) statistics for 4/23/2018.

As reported in The Detroit Bureau, the EIA’s latest report shows that consumer demand is driving the higher prices. Consumer gasoline demand is at 9.857 million barrels per day, which is the highest level ever on record for the month of April. As demand went up, so did the price at the pump. 

On average, the West Coast states have the most expensive gas price averages at more than $3 per gallon. Californians are paying an average of $3.58 per gallon. However, East Coast prices are inching upward as well, to an average of $2.97 per gallon. 

The current national average for gasoline is $2.76 per gallon. That’s 17 cents more than last month, 34 cents more than last year at the same time. The highest average price for gasoline, $4.114, was recorded July 17, 2008.

Casselan further explained that “expensive crude oil price, strong unrest in the Middle East, record production rates and global oil supply surplus have created the perfect storm to drive spring gas prices toward new heights,” in addition to consumer demand.

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25 Thoughts to “Get ready to pay more at the pump!”

  1. Nancy Michaels, North Platte, NE

    We’ve been planning a trip to Alaska by RV for the past several years, so of course the gas prices are going up! No matter, we’ll go since this is the trip of a lifetime, and who knows how many more years we have to do this! With no hotel costs and most meals prepared in the RV, it’s still doable.

  2. Vanessa

    Just bought an RV in the fall, retiring 31 May and hitting the road for the first time mid-June. Not happy that the prices are going up. Went to Costco to fill up my suburban last Sunday and as we sat there watching 24 gallons go in the attendant (Oregon doesn’t trust us to pump our own gas) said “you should have come yesterday it was .10 cheaper. I can’t believe it went up .10 overnight.” I told him he shouldn’t tell people that. I probably would have spent that much waiting in line on Saturday since they are usually so busy that day.

    Someone commented on all the people buying new $60k gas guzzling SUVs (many not for RVing)…good in a year or so they will get rid of them because they cost too much to operate and I’ll be able to pick up a newer one cheap!

  3. Jrw

    If $5.00 or $6.50 gas will slow the industry down, bring it on!

    1. Phil McCraken

      You do understand that we are now the largest producer of petroleum products in the world. That, we are no longer dependent on banana republics (Venezuela) for our strategic oil needs. Drill baby drill!

  4. Colin Grant

    Don’t complain too much $4.42 US per gallon in Vancouver, BC for gas and $4.13 for diesel. A lot of taxes in the price for politicians who spend money like drunks on a Saturday night.

    1. Thomas Bender

      Yes in Canada they have high gas prices but they take care of their people with that money. free healthcare Etc not like the us where we cut taxes defending our social programs and throw the less fortunate under the bridge. heartless

      1. Phil McCraken

        Canadas` health care is a joke. Ask someone who lives in a border state. Half of the surgical scheduled at border state hospitals are performed on Canadian citizens. Why, the uninformed may ask, well because the gov’t decides what the supply side of the equation is. So, those needing say maybe heart bypass procedures, think, heck, I could die waiting for my turn in the socialist system, or just get it done ASAP in the best medical system in the world. So, they do !

        Free, are you kidding. Add PST, GST, double the fuel cost. $75 bucks for a case of beer. Sergeant Joe Friday said, ” just the facts ma’am ” There ya have it.

  5. RetiredChip

    People are paying $60K plus for fullsize trucks and SUV’s at an unprecedented rate. I wonder if rising gas prices will change that behavior.

  6. Dave

    Back in aah, I forget when, We had to get gas coming out of Big Bend National Park and there was only one station. It was $4.99 a gallon for regular unleaded. We survived and we’ll survive this too.

  7. Tommy B

    Now we have a refinery fire in superior so the price will go up somebody has to pay for all that stuff that was burnt

  8. Jay French

    No, we have enjoyed the gas price downturn for a few short years now & as the oil price cycle is now again on the upswing, expect prices to regain previous levels then inch upwards to a new high.
    Did have a chuckle at those who remark about oil company greed.
    Please check the statistics on the actual breakdown of cost/expenses/transportation & profit per gallon, the REAL greed are the States & localities who add on TAXES. The Federal Gov has not raised its per gallon rate in over 20 years but that is expected to increase also.
    Know of what I am speaking, retired oil driller spent 4 decades in the industry & at positions of knowledge all over the globe.

    1. Thomas Bender

      Our Highway infrastructure is dependent on gas taxes which are too low to maintain the highways.
      If we had adopted Ross Perot’s ideas about taxing gasoline to pay down the national debt we would be a lot better off voodoo economics does not work as Reagan Bush and now Trump have promoted.. President Bush 41 call it what it is voodoo economics because that it makes no sense and just defunds the government and gives all the wealth to the richest amongst us and takes from the less fortunate Among Us

      1. Phil McCraken

        Listen, you really need to take a basic economics class. Let’s review; unemployment just broke to 3.9%. Had you taken an economics class, you would know we are at full employment. The stock market is up 35% since January 20th 2017. Seventy five percent of wage earners have had a sizable increase in their take home pay. Talks are taking place with N. Korea to hopefully De-nuke the little fat guy.

        People are actually feeling better about themselves, and their isn’t a thing the opposition can do to change the facts. The last time we were on the brink, the wall came down. Man, that was awesome. I think the mantra was ” Peace through strength ” Looks like history maybe be repeating itself..

    2. Rory

      There is always someone who will agree with the Oil exec’s that the reason we pay so much for gas/diesel is because of the taxes added to the prices of those items. Stop and consider for a minute the last time taxes were increased on gas/diesel fuels, and consider how many times the prices jump up, creep down a few pennies (when it becomes a hot topic), then jumps up beyond the last level it was, without taxes ever being increased or decreased. Calif has almost as many refineries as Tx, yet because of laws requiring automotive and Oil companies to do the right thing to protect the health of it’s citizens, Calif is “REWARDED” with the 2nd highest gas/diesel prices in the country. I know you have a snappy explanation for that one too…..

      1. Phil McCraken

        Look, Loonie CA Wil continue down the rabbit hole, to many dummies in that state to turn it around. The clowns their just mandated solar for all new home construction. Look, wind solar, it’s all a loss economically, but the dummies in CA think it’s not.

        So, let em implode, the rest of us will burn the fuel, those clowns don’t consume.

    3. Phil McCraken

      Give that man a cigar. If you price gasoline based on inflation, it’s dirt cheap. Let load up our gas guzzlers and camp, people.

      And always fuel up in a lower tax state when you can, to punish that state for its mismanagement.

  9. Tommy Molnar

    Let’s see. If the price of fuel goes up $.40/gallon and I pump 30 gallons, that’s $12. I have the $12 so we just “keep on truckin’.

  10. Phil McCraken

    Hopefully drilling ANWR will increase oil supply.

  11. DMason

    We’re paying for the RV whether it moves or not, so our main expense to go see family several states away is the gas. If we had to pay for the gas and eating out and motels, we’d not go for as long or see as many family members. We did take the precaution of footing the bill for my sister to put a 50-ap RV outlet at her house so we can base our trip there. In her area the remaining RV parks are old enough we just don’t fit, or the electricity is too sketchy for our surge protection unit to put through to the rig.

  12. Peter Morgenstern

    I am a full timer and this spring I noticed gas prices going up. Put a dent in my budget,so, I have begun making reservations for at least 2 weeks and up to a month for next year to help with my budget. Pain in the butt, though finding sites for a month. Not many sites out there for all the rvs on the road. Most weekends are getting booked up by short stayers. Oh well, such is the life of a full timer!!

  13. Booneyrat

    Gas prices rising…as if that is something new? They do it every year around this time as they change formulas for gasoline resulting in higher priced summer fuel. That along with plain old greed is just a burr under our saddles. Of course the “fortunate sons” who can afford large land yachts and Titanic trailers could probably care less about fuel prices.

    1. Robert Pulliam

      Booneyrat I was in agreement until you reached the point in your rant about the “fortunate sons”. I guess I partially fit your description, we have a 16 year old 38’ land yacht that is gas powered and gets 9.3 mpg. We do care about gas prices as we are on fixed incomes and each rise in gas prices takes money from some other place in our budget. We are not well off, but we do enjoy our lifestyle and will continue as long as the Good Lord allows our health to remain good. I see you must’ve served in Vietnam, so did I and am proud of my service, so I am assuming you are not a younger person, therefore I don’t understand your obvious animosity toward people who choose to RV. My wife and draw SS checks and I receive an hourly pension from an industrial manufacturer so we are not “well off”, I worked 60 years at physical labor so I think I have earned the right to “Pursuit of Happiness”. Thank you!

      1. Thomas Bender

        I think he meant fortunate Sons like Trump who got millions from his father who got his Millions from being a xxxx course they didn’t call them xxxxx those days. Watch the trumps on Netflix and see the truth of Trumps money he is no business man.

  14. rob

    We have been going out for 7-8 weeks at a time plus a few side trips during the year for a total of 6500 miles. Being retired and having limited income the higher fuel prices will put a crimp in our plans. We will do more ( Walmart ) type stops on our way to places plus try to find less expensive campsites when we get there. The sightseeing will be of the less expensive kind. We feel we can off set the higher fuel prices with these measures

  15. Downfall

    I will just spend a bit more time in each location, but still travel as many miles over time.

    Week and month fees usually cost less than the daily rate when averaged out.

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