Get your Amazon deliveries on the road

This Amazon Locker is a few blocks from my home in Edmonds, Washington. doesn’t miss an opportunity. One of its newest is called Amazon Locker. Basically, the company has added lockers around the USA and even in international locations where you can ship products you’ve ordered.

It’s very simple. Place your order as usual, but when picking a “Ship To” location simply search for and then select the nearest Amazon Locker location or one where you will be in a day or two.

When the package arrives at the locker, you’ll receive an email with a short code. Simply go to the Amazon Locker (mostly at retail businesses — often grocery stores) and punch in the short code whereupon a locker door will pop open to reveal your order. Grab your goodies and off you go.

amazon-locker-chart-746For RVers — especially full-timers — it’s an easy, safe way to get Amazon orders without having to get permission from an RV park or other business. And there is no extra shipping charge. It’s also very appealing to anyone who lives in an apartment or other location where deliveries are left outside a mailbox —easy pickings for someone with sticky fingers.

The bad part about Amazon Lockers is that they are currently located in only a few hundred locations. The good news is that new ones are being added all the time.

Learn more about Amazon Locker and search for locations. The short video below provides a good overview of the program. —Chuck Woodbury



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  2. Sue A.

    The locations for this are very difficult to pin down.

    1. RV Staff

      Did you check their Help section, Sue? Here is the link for it:
      In the first line in the Ordering section, click on “Find an Amazon Locker in Your Area,” click on “Search for a Locker location,” sign in, and then search by “Address,” “Zip Code,” “Landmark,” or “Locker Name.” If you’re having trouble finding a specific location, maybe they just don’t have one there yet. This looks like a pretty good deal, though. Hope it works for you.
      Diane at

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