Girl climbs tree near Northwest campground to escape wolf pack

wolfA helicopter had to rescue a research student Thursday afternoon after a group of wolves surrounded her near a Washington state campground.

Okanogan County dispatch received a call around 12:30 p.m. from the student, who was surveying the area near the Tiffany Spring Campground in northern Washington when she came across the wolves. Officials said she had climbed 30 feet up a tree and a pack of wolves was surrounding her.

The sheriff’s department is looking into whether there is a threat to future campers.

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One Thought to “Girl climbs tree near Northwest campground to escape wolf pack”

  1. Dolan Ellis

    Something rather weird about your “wolves” story. It is the exact reproduction of the ad on TV where the guy is up a tree with wolves surrounding him. Sorry, seeing is believing. Sounds contrived. Guess I’m just old and seen too much fake news.
    Dolan Ellis

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