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  • I can’t decide if this is one of your better columns or not. It was funny sad. When I eye surgery I had a choice of lens replacement; the gov. only covered the cheapest.

  • I want to tell you of the “GREAT” customer service we have received from VanLeigh, regarding our Vilano. My contact at VanLeigh has taken care of every little issue we have had with the 5th wheel.
    This has been immediate, even when we are on the road. We use to purchase Keystone products and had no help from the manufacture, only lectures (I won’t go into detail). We will only purchase VanLeigh or Tiffin products from now on.

  • As I read this article, I’m eating the “better” cornflakes, much better than the only “good” oatmeal, but wishing I got the “best” eggs. Obviously, the ad is selling DIFFERENT services (brake friction hardware, brake line flushing, and a better warranty), so as you say good/better/best doesn’t apply.

    The craziest thing to me was learning what brake service actually is these “modular” days. Nobody lathes rotors, and annoying drum brakes are gone, making needed tools minimal. When I asked my buddy who owns a garage (in another state) what a reasonable price for my truck brakes should be, he pointed out that you can get $50 rotors and $20 pads and do it yourself in 15mins/wheel. Most parts stores lifetime-guarantee parts, making it totally free after the first set of pads/rotors – my high mileage car is on it’s 4th set of freebies!

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