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Comments for Goodyear tires under investigation

  • Last ones built in 2003? That would make them at least 14 years old. I thought tires were to be replaced after 7 years? People fail to replace tires that are twice (at least) as old as is considered safe and its the manufacturers fault?
    What am I missing here?

    • That was the first thing that went through my head!
      Back in the last century I had a 1979 MH with “like new” Michelins. They all started blowing within miles of each other. How old were they? I have no idea because I didn’t know that tires got old. Whose fault was it that I didn’t know this? It would be nice to have someone else to blame.

      • People leave them on because they have a 100k initial tread life and Goodyear doesn’t tell Rv owners the tires need to be replaced after 7 years

  • Had two of them on the front of my 05 revolution and they wore out on the inside so badly and quickly I replaced them . They are NOT designed for the front wheels and if you move them to the rear as I still have 4 back there they don’t wear out prematurely

  • Sorry, but any of those tires on the road now have got to be showing signs of wear (WEATHER CHECKING) after 14 years on an RV!

    Be safe people!!!

  • After 3 years of destroying million dollar race cars with garbage tires, I wouldn’t put a Goodyear tire on my lawn mower much less my vehicles

  • My 2014 39 ft Blueridge fifth wheel blew 4 Goodyear 10 ply tires They had 4200 miles on them and failed within 1400 miles on the same trip. 4 blowouts on the same trip. 7, damages. After months of negotiations, blaming overload causes, and numerous personal changes they admitted fault in their product and reimbursed my financial claim. The treatment I received will make me never buy another Goodyear tire or recommend their product. Too many horrible situations on interstate highways changing tires is an unsafe situation.

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