13 Thoughts to “How long have you read the RV Travel Newsletter?”

  1. Megan Miller

    Avid fan of “Out West”, which is what led me to seek out RV Travel much later. Thanks for being such an enjoyable part of my life lo, these many years.

  2. Jim Schrankel

    Not sure, but it had to be close to around the beginning. I’ve steered so many newbies your way to help guide them through the process of becoming knowledgeable RVers. Congratulations Chuck!

  3. Loren Robinson

    I also remember reading, and enjoying, Out West!

  4. Bill

    And read “Out West” for quite a while also.

  5. PM

    We full-timed in a series of mohos thruout the ’90s and altho neither of us have an an RV now we both still enjoy reading the RV Travel newsletter every week! We appreciate your taking on the industry because we had one horror story ourselves, as did some of our friends. Overall we really enjoyed those RVing years, but are thankful we were able to before all today’s problems with rigs, campgrounds, and expense.

  6. Brandon Rutherford

    Probably about 4-5 yrs now.

  7. rvgrandma

    In all honesty, can’t remember but it has been a few years.

  8. Ron

    We got our 2nd TT around 2001 and it wasn’t long after that I discovered rv travel. Been reading it ever since.

  9. Bob Zarse


  10. Diane and Merritt Stephenson

    We have been reading this newsletter since the very beginning, and look forward to it every Saturday morning.

  11. Shebasmom

    Since the newspaper version!

  12. Debi P.

    4 years now…I learn so much!

  13. Jim W.

    I have only been reading your newsletter for a month & have already learned so much. Keep up the good work, you are really meeting our need.

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