How many RVs have you owned in your lifetime?

Most RVers, experts say, will own four or five RVs in their lifetimes. We’re not sure who those “experts” are, but we’re pretty sure they’re right.

How about you? How many RVs have you owned so far?

Click your response below and you’ll immediately see the current tally of how others have responded. Please feel free to leave a comment (below).

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30 Thoughts to “How many RVs have you owned in your lifetime?”

  1. Bob Lambert

    My father was an RV dealer, so I camped in Pop-Up trailers in the 1960’s, later travel trailers. In my adult life I have had three travel trailers starting in 1977, and five motorhomes up to my current Dutch Star (2002 w/84000 mi). Wouldn’t trade rving for any other lifestyle.

  2. Summrbrz

    We’re on our 4th. Started with a 24′ class C Holiday Rambler, then a 33′ class A gas Holiday Rambler, then a 38′ class A diesel Holiday Rambler, and now a 44′ class A diesel Monaco.

  3. Sharon N.

    I didn’t count the tent we started with in the early ’70’s, when our two kids were little. Following the tent, we moved up to a VW Vanagon, followed by a 24′ travel trailer, then on to a VW bus that we later had converted to a Westphalia camper. After selling that, there was a period of whining, on my part, about not having an RV, we bought a used ’88 Falcon Van Camper. My husband stayed in it only one night, so it became MY camper. Our final RV was a new 2002 Lazy Daze 31′ Class C. We traveled part time for several years in that RV, full-timed for a year, and finally had to hang up the keys due to health issues. I still miss RVing. My husband does not.

  4. Bob Wexler

    It depends on how you define an RV. I answered 7, but that didn’t include 2 station wagons we camped in. Started with a pop up, if you don’t count tents and a tee pee. Than an 8′ cab over camper on a new 1970 Toyota pickup. A Pace Arrow 29′ money pit. a couple ford vans A new Ford Van I had custom converted. A Ford E350 with a shell. 35′ Winnebago. 24′ Terry trailer. Finally a 38′ American Tradition Diesel Pusher.

  5. Deb

    Around 45 different RV’s in almost 44 years. Trailers, motorhomes, one hard sided tent trailer, but never a pickup camper. Loved everyone of them at the time. We continue our camping today with 3 Rv’s in our storage shop. Depending on how long we are going, if we are moving every night, and where we are going what we take.

  6. Dan

    3 this year. The first one was a class C that we thought was too small after the first trip. The second class A was a Jayco 35S that we took on 3 trips and it was an electrical nightmare. The third is a Dutchstar that is about to go on it’s maiden voyage. Stay tuned…..

  7. Elaine Schuster

    Travco Family Wagon
    Midas 26 foot Class C
    Serro Scotty Micro Mini
    Xplorer Mur Van LT
    Vixen SE
    Roadtrek Ranger (current)

  8. Jillie

    I have no idea how I got involved with camping. All I remember is in college one year we had to go camping thru this one class I had. So with the instructor we went really north into Michigan snow country and stayed at his cabin with other classmates. My mother came along. Long story short thru the 80’s and up to 2005 we tent camped. Growing tents along the way. Until an E1 took out our site and we went looking at pop ups. Got an 8 box in 2006 and in 2014 got a 10 box pop up. That lasted 2 years with various electrical issues. Now I have a Jayco Swift 20 x 8 and love it. Just pull into a hook up and done. No more work. Nice and cozy. Much easier then a pop up since it is just me and my dogs and daughter.

  9. Rory

    We started with a 21 foot class C “mini motorhome in ’78, then we had a 36 ft class A in 89 and now own a 45′ class A we bought in 2015. We purchased all our RV’s new and won’t consider bying used or “pre-owned”. We rented a Super C once, loved the performance but classA was a better fit for us…..

  10. Bruce H Pedersen

    I bought my first RV in !989, it was a 2 year old Pace Arrow and I used it for 17 years (106,000 miles) then gave it to my son. My second was in 2006 and it was a 2 year old Scottsdale by Newmar and I have it to this day. It now has 92,000 miles. If you take care of them they will last a long time.

  11. Pat

    Our first one was never used. We bought it when we bought our house as the sellers were selling the little Scotty. But it just sat there. No time to travel back them. We sold it a few years later. Now we have a 32′ Mallard TT and plan to travel now that I’m retired

  12. Lori Doughty

    My Father was in the Army and when he was transferred, we traveled and tent camped from Iowa to Florida, 5 kids and a dog. We enjoyed it, had lots of adventures. We were going to camp, once we got to Florida, until our quarters were ready. I think we lasted about 2 weeks. I had a tree frog land on my face and I think I woke the whole campground up screaming. Then we had a major storm and we about floated right out of our tent….too funny!!! Later, after I got married, my husband and I had 2 pop ups, a 27 ft Gulf Stream trailer , and he has just recently passed away , so I got something smaller I could handle, a 16 ft Jayco Jay Swift…. just right for me and my dog!!!

  13. Al & Sharon

    I clicked “8 or more”, starting with a home built slide on pick up truck camper, then 2 different pop top camper trailers, two pop top slide on pickup truck campers, a 29′ travel trailer which was stolen from the storage lot within 3 weeks of our purchase (never got to use it), and then another travel trailer, 5th wheel, Diesel Pusher, Class C and now a 29′ class A. We also camping the the back of our station wagon in the late 1960’s and in the back of our 1988 4×4 Suburban in the 1990’s. Not sure if you would call those last two RV’s though.

  14. Hazel Lorane

    We started backpacking, then tenting, then pickup camper, next a Class C motorhome (wonderful Holiday Rambler), and now a Class A Dutch Star. As much as we love RVing as we get older our timeshare is seeing more use. Wonderful memories shared with our children and grandchildren.

  15. rick liver

    I have owned 10 rv’s since 1985 1 travel trailer and 9 5th wheeles

  16. Bernd

    We prefer to rent. No hassles with maintenance, although the feeling of ownership eludes one.

  17. Linda Jackson

    Didn’t count tents or pop- up campers. Started with travel trailers (3), Class C (2), Class A gas (1), Class A diesel (1).
    I think I have run the gamut and am happy with the Winnebago.

  18. Mike in MO

    Started with tents, then a hard-sided pop-up, then two tent pop-ups, and now the travel trailer. Enjoyed each and every one, but since we are now old-folks, the trailer is more convenient with much easier arrival and departure regimens.

  19. Virginia

    I was in my late 60’s before I learned women could RV alone. Bought 39 ft 2004 Airstream diesel pusher with very low mileage when I was 70. I’ve not done a lot of traveling due to health issues, but making plans for next year. When I can’t travel anymore, I’m going to park this thing and live in it as my retirement home. Will not consider a smaller RV because of the layout of the bathroom. This is the ideal life.

  20. Frank Niehus

    Not sure you would consider truck campers, I put down one RV but we have had 3 truck campers and still own an Arctic Fox and now-a-days they are like an RV and we still enjoy it because its a lot easier to us use and still have a pick-up when needed. Its 4 wheel drive and take it almost anywhere.
    Frank Niehus

  21. PrisM

    I began camping with my parents in a big Army surplus tent in the ’40s. Starting in 1956 I’ve owned (or co-owned with a husband) a ’56 Shasta trlr, ’57 Midway trlr, ’67 Sears Tent, ’54 Spartan trlr, ’76 Apollo moho, ’74 Dodge camper van, ’69 Shasta trlr, ’74 Airstream trlr, ’91 Sears tent, ’88 Executive moho, ’95 Safari moho, ’76 GMC moho, ’90 Foretravel moho, ’91 Chalet trlr, ’92 Holiday Rambler trlr, ’99 Dodge camper van. So not counting the two tents, there are 14 RVs on my list! I have a photo montage of all of them.

    During my life so far, I’ve been in all the lower 48 states, by car or RV, altho I don’t remember the New England and a few East Coast ones because I was just a child then. AK and HI are on my bucket list altho it’s unlikely I’ll ever be RVing again, nor would I want to after reading Chuck’s many comments about all the bad stuff happening now!

  22. Virginia Nehring

    7. 20 ft .class C when only the four of us; then 28 foot with bunk beds class C when there were five of us. 28 foot gas Class A upon retirement for family & grandkids. Even better was the 32 foot used diesel pusher which was traded in on a 42 foot diesel pusher. Too much family space & too much family too often. Husband & I sold that for a 28 foot sleeps two Class C. Upon his death I travel alone in a 21 foot Road Trek, traded in once for a newer identical model. But I’m going to quit now.

  23. Dick and Sandy near Buffalo, NY

    Starting with a Pop-Up in 1972, then 3 other trailers took us up to 1997 when we purchased our first Class A, we are now on our 3rd Class A, so that makes 7 RV’s over a period of 46 years. It has been a wonderful ride and experience.

  24. bill

    Over 20 years we had 6 class B Xplorer vans, which I used for my daily car, a mobile office, business travel, and vacations. Now we are on our third Class A in 14 years, three quarter timing it still doing business travel, mobile office, and seeing the country.

  25. Linda Hagan

    Like so many we started tent camping, then went uptown in a Coleman pop-up camper, few years later to a Coachman Catalina TT, now we’re on our second 5th wheel, and kicking around the idea of a class A. Not bad over 34 years.

  26. Joan C.

    Started with a converted military bus, Delta Ultravan, used 34 ft. Motorhome, new Airex, 34 ft, 38 ft. Diesel pusher and now a 25 ft class C.

  27. Joyce Bard

    We still have our first RV; we purchased it used in 2004. At the time it had very low mileage for a 1988. And with hubby being a mechanic, he’s been able to keep it running smoothly ever since. But now that it’s 30 years old, we are seriously considering updating to a newer model. We think that it’s about time. Besides, better gas mileage and more room (next one HAS to have slide-outs! LOL) sure would be nice.

  28. Nanci Dixon

    First built a camper from a 1967 Ford Econoline and traveled around the country before settling down for college. Stayed in it in front of the college until it snowed! Rented a motorhome for our honeymoon. One day called my husband to ask if he had the truck and could pick something up for me- it was a truck camper! We then bought a blood mobile and converted it to a Class C motorhome by getting everything at Winnebago surplus store and fitting the truck camper bed on it. It worked well for 18 years, camping all over with our kids and now we are Living the Dream in a 34ft Class A full timing across America.

  29. Eric Devolin

    It started with tent camping, with a bear intrusion,then went thru hard tops,class C’s,class A’s,5th wheels, til down sizing to truck campers at present time. A good wide assortment over 45 years.

    1. Denny

      1 VW Vanagon pop up, 2 trailers, 4 MH’s.

      So 7 so far.

      All were great and gave us great memories!

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