Iowa RV dealer blasts Camping World tactics

An Iowa RV dealer has released a professionally produced video in which he blasts the sales tactics of Camping World and its CEO Marcus Lemonis. Kevin Frazier, the president of Cheyenne Camping Center in Walcott, Iowa, explains, through interviews with Camping World customers and by comparing sales invoices from his company and Camping World, how pricing can differ hugely in the sales price of the same RV, even when the advertised prices are identical. He claims the sales presentation tactics used by Camping World are “crafted by Chicago experts,” no matter where the dealership.

While this video could be interpreted as a way for Cheyenne Camping Center to toot its own horn as the “good guys,” it appears to be more of an indictment against Camping World and what Frazier claims are its unfair and unethical business practices. Please feel free to leave your comments.

It this video does not play, it could be because Camping World lawyers had it removed from YouTube. If that should happen, the video is also available at Vimeo by clicking here




46 Thoughts to “Iowa RV dealer blasts Camping World tactics”

  1. Ron Carter

    Is anyone getting tired of receiving the sale flyers and emails from Camping World with their bogus member sales prices? When it comes to business you can’t believe anything Camping World says. In addition I have always been unimpressed with Camping World service. I am told that the reason it is so bad is that the service shops are not owned by Camping World … rather they are independent with no incentive to treat the Camping World rv purchasers with any respect.

  2. Dod

    I experienced almost every thing he mentions. We tried to buy our first Class C through CW. We arrived and they didn’t have the advertised unit in stock. We found another unit we liked .
    We are into hour 4 by now. And several handoffs. Got to finance and they wanted over 20% interest. We left after a lot af stalling on their part. I called back the next day and left a message that we would pay cash. Never heard from CW again. I have chosen a smaller family owned dealer and am on my second unit from them with no hassles. Buyer beware.

  3. Chris White

    We went to CW in Jackson, MS a couple months ago just to look at RV’s. We could not go into the lot without a salesperson who pushed certain brands. Then they put on the most high pressure sales pitch I have ever endured, even though we kept tellling them that we were just starting to look at RV’s. We were quoted a price for one Class A (new) that turned out to be much higher than online searches of other dealers later showed.

  4. G

    I find this video and all of its negative comments very perplexing. I have just spent an entire afternoon at Camping World of Woodstock, Ga. receiving some great service on my travel trailer that I purchased from them six months ago. I do not feel that I have been scammed or cheated in any way. In fact, I have been treated so generously by my local Camping World that I feel indebted to them and should speak out in their defense. All of my dealings with them have been more than fair and they have gone to great lengths to make sure that I am totally satisfied. Sometimes I am inclined to think that these surveys can get a little out of hand.

  5. David

    I had bad experience with CW. Do not buy RV or Insurance from Camping World
    I am telling everyone I can about my experience so that hopefully I can save a few people from my nightmare. I would be glad to participate in class action lawsuit vs this company.

  6. Tina McK

    The internet is full of Camping World complaints , how do they stay in business? I like looking thru their store but buy at Amazon.

  7. Jeff Anstey

    I bought a used Motorhome from CW in Oklahoma City and paid for a complete review by them of all systems. I later learned from someone at that CW they didn’t do a damn thing. After we signed papers (and I think we did not get any deceitfulness on the financing) we waited 7 hours to do our walkthrough and take possession. They fixed a couple of things on the spot but pushed very hard to have me sign the paper that states all is ok. Once we moved our belongings into the new coach, we pulled in the full wall slide, and water rushed in from the outside wash that was just completed. They quickly wiped up the intruding water, then handed me the roll of shop towels and said “I might need these later.” We were mortified, but had to take ownership, as all papers were signed. We ventured out in the dark 2 hours after their closing time to find a campground for the night.

    Once home, we stored the camper for the rest of the winter, then unwinterized. This uncovered a bad water heater. I contacted OKC CW and complained, and they said they would make it right. For most of 2017 I have been fighting with Council Bluffs CW to fixed these issues, primarily the slide topper. They did fix the hot water heater, but during the process disconnected all of my heater ducts from the adjacent furnace.

    Here I am in 2018, still fighting with CW to make good on the slide topper. What fun!!

  8. JB

    I certainly agree that CW is corrupt and will not hesitate to rip off an unsuspecting buyer.I know because i was one of those suckers to CW at a CW in Cedar Falls,Iowa.Please people…stay away from these crooks,at the very least do your homework before buying any kind of RV.Kudos for presenting a well needed video about CW.

  9. Tristan

    I’m a little confused by this video. Why go through all the effort of a professional video capped with a small print disclaimer that the people portrayed as camping world customers were actually paid actors and that you can’t be responsible for the accuracy of the information presented. Seems a little misleading on your own right Cheyenne Campers.

    1. Sam North

      How many people, after being suckered so badly, would want to publicly admit it and relive it in detail?

      1. JT

        This is one of the problems that many people who spend TONS of Money on RV’s, whether at CW or someplace else. Most of these people are OLDER and are simply embarrassed to admit they got screwed and wasted so much money.

  10. Les

    What I have read here tells me consumers made the final decision how poor of one it may be. The gleam of a new product should not overcome commonsense. I have been a long time Sams member. I have noticed the magazine is less than ever. Many of the services may be overpriced but the consumer has the final say.

  11. Bill

    Most Camping World outlets now are franchised, and CW does not seem to exert the same level of quality control they did years ago when they only had company stores with parts and service. If an unsavory dealer wants to put up a Camping World sign, CW now seems happy to take their money. Years ago a letter to Marcus Lemonis would get a positive response, now it seems he has staff to ignore it.

  12. Tim

    I’ve used my local CW service department on a couple of occasions with no problems. Their rates were comparable to others in the area and they got me in/out in two days.

  13. Wanderer

    We walked away from a potential CW purchase of a Winnebago Tour when the salesman – who had been reasonable up to then, said that he couldn’t show me the invoice for the coach because “they don’t have actual invoices – window stickers – that outline the specs and the corresponding costs for the features on any particular coach”. I just need to accept what he says about the pricing details. Yeah, right. It not only cost CW a sale of multi-hundreds of K, but wound up costing Winnebago a sale since we ultimately chose another brand at another dealer.

  14. Lenc

    I wouldn’t buy from this nut job either. As a native Chicagoan, I resent his cracks about the Chicago way which he referenced several times in his video. I could never trust a salesman in 1980 glasses, beige suit and shoes. But I guess it’s just the Chicago way in me.

    1. Chuck Woodbury

      Lenc, I think why he referred to Chicago is that is where Camping World headquarters is located.

      1. Patrick Granahan

        In my travels I have noticed massive inventories at all the Camping World
        Sales lots I pass on the interstates. So many units Packed onto their lots removing even one would be a major project.
        IMHO carrying such a massive inventory will sooner or later be their downfall.
        I have yet to hear any positive consumer feed back from any RVer about Camping World.

  15. Greg Coverdale

    National General Insurance almost doubled my rv insurance last July while I was on the road in CO. When challenged, they said “MI doesn’t do us any favors.” I’d had no accidents or claims. I’m currently looking for new insurance and will never do business with them again.

  16. Tom

    Wanted to add HWH leveling system to my Class B+. CW add showed up offering “20%” on HWH. Called and asked for price quote. Several hours later, Service Manger called back with a “suggested” price of $7500+.
    Original manufacturer added the HWH system for $3600 (total) price and only tied up the RV for four hours.

  17. Suzanne

    Camping World Houston let me drive all the way from Dallas to Houston during a biblical flood to test drive a used Winnebago View motorhome, only to get there and have them tell me there was one small problem…”It won’t come out of Park.” But they did have some new units I could test drive….

    I’ve been a full timer for 5 years now, and yet to have a good experience from a CW, coast to coast. Took me a while, but I have stopped trying.

  18. Jim

    Looks Like LaMesa RV has used the same consultants as CW.

    1. Clayobx

      True, I’ve experienced such. When the sales pitch’s and low ball vs. high ball add on’s Started we politely said see ya and left the property. Really a bad time for RV dealers having to contend with C.W.

  19. Michael

    Prior to dealing with any company for significant purchases, it’s well worth taking an hour of your time to do a bit of research reviewing prior customers remarks on various internet sites. And as a comparison, do two searches like:

    review Camping World

    review -Cheyenne Camping Center

    It won’t take long learn about their reputation with prior customers.

    Happy trails, Michael

    1. Chuck Woodbury

      Michael, excellent advice!!!

  20. Donald Fredericks

    Marcus has his thumb so many who do not yet know it. For 14 years I had my 5th wheel trailer, truck and house insured via their insurance products and was believing they were separate insurances because they had different names like National General and others. In March I had a problem connecting my trailer to my truck. An accident happened which I found out it damaged the trailer frame and hitch in many different areas. When I tried to file a claim they kept giving me the runaround. After four months I contacted Good Sam management who only backed National General even when I sent them the estimate and photos could not deny. But then the denied the claim stating rust and ignoring the frame damage in several areas with no rust showing. Feel free to email me and ask for my facts I will gladly share with you. I have since changed my auto, RV and home owners insurance saving over $1,500 annually. So much for Marcus and his vetted benefits for members.

  21. Donald Fredericks

    Marcus has his thumb on every camping world and Good Sam member one way or another.

  22. Sammie

    While I am not a fan of Camping World (C.W.), this video seems more of an advertisement for Cheyenne than presenting this gentleman’s negative experience at C.W. I would have been more comfortable if the customer had shared his negative experience at C.W. without the prompting of the owner of a competitor. There are many sites and forums in which to do so. As a prospective RV customer, these same sites and forums can give you a wealth of information about purchasing an RV, and some even give the pros and cons of purchasing from specific dealerships. As with any purchase, especially one as costly as buying an RV, you must do your research , try to stay objective, not purchase on a whim, take your time as you read through every single piece of paper given to you BEFORE you sign, and be able to walk away if you feel pressured or just need more time to make a decision. HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ONE AND ALL!!!

  23. Dan

    Thanks for posting this video, Chuck. It mirrors perfectly our own experience with CW. Fortunately, we have a great RV dealer in town and they opened a new shop next door to CW. They say they have a FLOOD of new customers coming though the door with similar bad experiences. Buyer beware is an understatement.

    1. Roy Ellithorpe

      Did your experience at CW include a purchase or just the pitch?



  25. Bob Godfrey

    I have never cared for Camping World’s pricing particularly in their “service” departments and decided long ago to never do business with them if I could help it and I will not in the future.

  26. Captn John

    I could care less what charges CW adds anywhere. Just show me the bottom line. Not all CW dealers are the same. I’ve been lucky to find a good one. I’ve bought 3 units there and the next will come from there again. I could have saved $2000 by driving 1400 miles each way but then what about service? Service has been VG. One thing for certain, I’ll never stop in at Cheyenne Camping Center.

  27. Maw

    Thanks for heads up on tactics of Camping World.

  28. Lance Craig

    Not to defend Camping World, but after playing the video by Cheyenne you will likely see another video offered on YouTube that recorded that guy abusing a customer with similar despicable tactics. As a reporter or journalist, you should have delved deeper into a what appears to be a slickly produced sponsored article (video) by Cheyenne. As a reporter or journalist, you should check your sources before accepting some ‘free’ input. This is the same as getting paid for a ‘sponsored’ pre-written article, except you likely weren’t even paid for it. You were used.
    I know you get feedback from folks who don’t like a perceived negative attitude or articles. As long as they are factual and fair, I have no problem with them. The RV industry is certainly deserving of such criticism. But please make sure the negative (or positive) info is presented with a fact-checked and balanced approach if you can.
    Lance Craig

    1. Chuck Woodbury

      Lance, I had nothing to do with the production of the video. I simply posted it to our site. What should I have done differently? Made my own video to show another side of the story? Send an undercover reporter out to Camping World’s across the country to learn first hand how the company operates? I would love to do that, but, you know, this is a little business with a relatively small budget, and I can’t afford to do that.

      1. Phil Smith

        Thanks for making this available, Chuck. This, along with your stories of delivery and service horror stories show the importance of “buyer beware”!

  29. Jeannie

    Just saw the video of the owner of Cheyenne Camping World being extremely rude to a customer. Think the video indicting Camping World for questionable sales tactics may be an example of the pot calling the kettle black. Remember there is very little difference between a new car salesman and a used car salesman!

    1. Larry

      Since this individual came back with the intention pretty much of sandbagging the owner we have no idea what happened the day before which set up this reaction by the owner. So I don’t believe the owner should be judged by this one audio without knowing all the facts of what happened the day before other than that the buyer breached a verbal contract to buy the vehicle.

      1. Chuck Woodbury

        I agree. The fact that he secretly taped the discussion suggests to me that he had a chip on his shoulder. But, as always, there are two sides to every story. — Chuck

      2. Roger

        Verbal Contract – a conversation between two parties that is worth the paper it’s written on. In other words, you can’t breach something that doesn’t exist. In fact, in the professional video by Cheyenne, the owner goes to great lengths to assure buyers that they (the dealer) take all the risk and you the customer take none until you are completely satisfied at the end of the transaction. They’re such stand-up guys after all. After listening to the tirade in the second video, that’s clearly just more sales puffery I wouldn’t pay a nickel to this guy or Lemonis.

        1. Chuck Woodbury

          Roger, you are right about a verbal contract. It’s worthless. If the owner of Cheyenne Camping Center got angry with the gentleman with the hidden mic about breaching a verbal contract, that certainly makes you wonder about what he says in the professionally produced video.

  30. Steve St .Martin

    **** camping world. I only buy RV supply’s I would never buy a RV from camping world. They only sell cheep low quality units not high end like Tiffin or Newmar

  31. Mary Gemmell

    We were close to purchasing a Jayco trailer from Camping World just last month. We left without buying because of the $1500 extra fee for using our own financing through our credit union. Also, I got spooked when the sales guy would not give me an itemized price list to show me the out -the- door price. I wanted an actual number and he just would not do it.
    Thanks for the video, I can chime in that we experienced those exact tactics.

    1. James Collins

      Smart move hope you bought elswhere

      1. Lizzy

        Good going Mary! Wow, saved by being smart consumers.

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