Is your new RV a good one? How about service?


thumbup-762(Sept. 29, 2016) — Did you buy a brand new RV in the last year or two? Would you please leave a comment if your experiences with the new RV were good, not bad? Has your new RV been largely problem free? How about service? Have you had satisfactory or even superb service? 

Please take a minute to leave a comment. Feel free to offer praise where due to the manufacturer of your RV as well as the dealer where you bought it, including any details about “service after the sale.” — Chuck Woodbury, editor


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  1. Roy & Paula

    We have a 2015 Expedition 38K which we bough new.
    We made our purchased from a dealer in Northern California and proceeded on a three-week shakedown cruise.
    We found some items that needed to be fixed and corrected, we expected issues to pop up from past experience.
    We live in the southern portion of California Central Valley and took the coach to Camping World in Bakersfield to have Warranty work done.
    Long story short Camping World drag their feet and when they did fix items they damaged others. We complain to Fleetwood and Fleetwood then contacted Camping World and work with them to try to get our warranty items fixed and our coach back to us.
    After approximately a months of Camping World unable to fix items or continue to damage other items Fleetwood stepped up and had a transportation company come and pick up our coach and take it to a repair site in Riverside to have everything corrected from items that came out of the factory lacking quality control to damaged items that need fixing. Fleetwood then had our coach returned to us in 2 weeks. On top of that Fleetwood extended our Factory Warranty day for day that it sat at Camping World for repairs and the repair site in Riverside, also cleaned our coach inside and out for us.

  2. Fred V

    We purchased a 2014 Forest River Sierra 43′ 5th wheel new in April 2014. We are full-timers and have put about 40,000 miles on the rig in the 2 1/2 years we have owned it. We love the overall design of the. rig. However the build quality is terrible. Since we are full-timers, it is impractical to leave the rig with a dealer for repairs, so I have learned how to fix pretty much everything on my own.

    I have redesigned many things (many not serious, such as replacing clothes rods, shelving, wall paneling, wood and plastic trim. These components were so flimsy, it is amazing they didn’t fall off during transport from the factory to the dealer.

    I have made changes to the wiring system to correct faults from the factory. Of course the factory does not provide wiring diagrams, and it has been a treasure hunt to find the locations of many electrical components (eg: fuses, the inverter), and the factory does not even follow normal color code conventions. I have found wiring splices, where the wire color changes. However, three university degrees in electrical engineering have helped in sorting out the mess.

    Of course, the cheap “china bombs” OEM tires were replaced within a few months – shortly after having one blow-out (2000 miles from new), that chewed up the wiring, hydraulic lines for the landing gear, and the lower aluminum skirting.

    With constant maintenance, and fixing things quickly, plus many, many upgrades, we now have some confidence in the robustness of the rig.

    We love the full-time lifestyle with the RV, and have pretty much sorted out all the design flaws, but I sympathize with folks that are not handy in fixing things.

  3. Jim Langley

    We bought a 2016 Lazy Daze 24-foot Twin King motorhome, Chuck, and it’s been wonderful. You order direct from the factory and the coach is built for you and that process took about 9 months from ordering to delivery. So, we had to wait but we had a Volkswagen Westy we could camp in in the meantime. Dealing with the folks at Lazy Daze was great – nice friendly, reliable people who do what they say they’re going to do. The craftsmanship of our new motorhome is exceptional and we love living in it on the road. If anyone is interested in learning more about our new Lazy Daze, I put up a webpage on it with lots of photos, here:
    Love your newsletter!

  4. Fred

    I bought a new Montana High Country in December 2016 [sic]. I tried to think of some good things about it but it is difficult. It looks nice and has nice furniture but overall the workmanship and attention to detail is not good; closet door fell off on first trip, stickers for holding tanks were mislabelled so when I went to empty gray water black came out, not funny; the dealer told me there was nothing wrong with it and if I had trouble with it again don’t come back; refrigerator doesn’t work properly; interior trim fell off; closet clothing rod fell down; tiny screws hold the ladder in place so it is an ornament as opposed to being useful; screws fall out of the fenders; and one of the slides does not come in or out smoothly, vibrates something fierce and rubs hard even after attempting to lubricate. Other than that it is fine tows nicely but I have discovered over the years these trailers are not made to be used but to look nice.

  5. Roger

    Purchased our new Jayco Jay Feather 23RLSX from Gayle Kline RV in Mountville, PA (near Lancaster) in January. We have been incredibly happy with it. Yes, there have been a couple of minor warranty adjustments needed, but overall the quality is good and there have been no nasty surprises. Everything works, can’t ask for much more than that. Our dealer has been excellent on the relatively minor issues that have come up, so major kudos to them. We’ve enjoyed more than 40 nights of excellent camping since May, including a great trip to Maine.

  6. Dick Zimmerer

    I’ve been extremely pleased with my Phoenix Cruiser motorhome (bought new from the factory in 2012 for full-timing). The Phoenix people have been eager to request suggested improvements, field phone questions and fix anything that has gone wrong. Once I even protested to the owner (Kermit Smith) that he should charge me more $ for repairing problems I myself had caused (broken sewer line). Another time, I thought I had broken a door side panel but Smith stated that they found the panel to be defective and insisted on replacing it at no charge to me. Other Phoenix owners tell me they’ve had unexpectedly good experiences from the company.
    I have had repetitive problems with Camping World’s service wait times and parts knowledge especially here in Asheville, NC and I’m very disappointed in them. Now I think I’ve found an independent that so far has provided good service and advice.

    1. Bob Helgeson

      We have a 2016 Pheonix Cruiser 3100. Just got home (Florida ) from 5 months in Canada and Alaska. Drove 15600 miles. Only a few very minor problems even driving Top of the World (100 miles of terrible gravel road). Essentially full-timed for 156 days. LOVED IT! Stopped by factory on the way home. All items fixed at NO COST. Had a class C from well known manufacturer. It was in for repairS more than at home. Looking forward to many more miles with our Pheonix Cruiser.

  7. Dave

    The materials used in our Arctic Fox is top quality. The finishing details were lacking. Where the plumbing or electrical went through walls or floor inside a cabinet, a huge hole was cut, not the smallest necessary, and the hole was left open. Electrical wires underneath the rig were just hanging in big loops, where they would have caught on any bush or tall grass. Cabinet hardware needed adjusting and tightening, Plumbing fittings needed tightening, construction debris like dropped screws and odd pieces of wire were found. And one tool. Thanks for the ratcheting screwdriver Arctic Fox! The biggest of all is the sewer hose tube in the rear in the rear. Welded in a spot where the frame blocks access, making it useless. That one I cannot fix myself..
    I should not have to spend a week of my time crawling underneath and inside things finishing up what should have been done in the factory.

  8. Ron Swartz

    My wife and I have had a total of seven RVs (plus 2 sailboats); Three VW conversions; two Class C’s; one Class A and now a Class B. Of all of them the class Cs were the best and most trouble free. The maker is Lazy Daze of Montclair CA. Manufacturer direct. You put in your order and in 6 months they build you the best Class C any where. We owned a ’72 and a ‘2000. Both were trouble free and built like an aircraft with all electrical and plumbing tied down. If you had any questions a quick call to the factory would answer them. The wait for a new rig is now up to 18 months but the wait is worth it. Lazy Daze owners are a loyal bunch. I wish we still had the 2000 Lazy Daze 26ft Midbath. A perfect RV.

  9. J French & SueBare

    We purchased our Jayco 32RLDS last April when I retired.
    Have used it in RV resorts, Boondocking with a generator, national forests & beside a few lakes for up to 1 week at a time.
    Very satisfied with the camper, have had only 2 issues which were minor & rectified almost immediately by the Jayco dealer.
    This floorplan of 1 bedroom with an outdoor kitchen & slide outs in the living room fit our style of camping / resort tailgating perfectly.
    Have noticed the more involved & educated you become performing minor maintenance yourself the better camping experience.

  10. Jay and Kathy

    We purchased a 2013 Heartland Big Horn four years ago and have been happy with it so far. The first year, under warranty, we had a few minor problems that were mostly fixed at the dealer and others we had fixed at a local RV Service Center. We purchased the RV 3 hours from our home, but have been able to use an RV Service Center that is about an hour away for any problems.
    The only “major” concern that we had with the Big Horn were the tires that came on it. We had problems with 2 of them, but caught them before we had blow outs. We have since purchased much higher quality tires that should have come on it from the factory as far as we are concerned.
    If we were to ever purchase another RV, we would definitely keep the Heartland Big Horn on the list.

  11. Dale & Charlene

    We purchased our one and only RV, a new 2012 Tiffin Allegro 34QFA from Poulsbo RV. They do the warranty work and most issues have been minor and resolved quickly. We LOVE the brand are quite happy with the dealer. Staying up on maintenance is paramount.

  12. Paul

    We bought a 2015 Redwood 38RL in August ’16 and full timing now over 5000 miles. I’ve tightened a few screws and ice maker line had a pinhole leak. Love this rig and had more maintenance on S&B home.

  13. Barb and Ray

    We bought a 2016 Coachman Sports Coach and have had a few minor repairs. We were not thrilled with the service where we bought the coach but have had some maintenance done at the factory and could not have had any better service. We will definitely buy another Coachman if/when we purchase another one.

  14. Jerry X Shea

    We bought a new Allegro Breeze 32 – smallest diesel pusher on the market – in Dec. 2014. Six months later the front A/C gave out. One year later the rear A/C gave out. In both cases, Tiffin shipped new A/Cs to the RV Repair Service of our choice (full-timers), paid for the installation and return of the broken ones. Total cost to me. = “0”
    This coach is solid, well built and trouble free.

  15. Gary Reed

    We now have our 3 rd. Jayco Travel Trailer in 6 years. Our current 2014 Jayco Eagle 266 RKS and previous Jayco trailers have been very reliability units. These trailers are and were towed over 6000 miles per year.The 2 year Jayco warranty gives peace of mine, that if something does occur, it will usually happen in that time frame. My only concern with RV ‘s today are the tires. Not because of any problems , but I usually replace all 4 OEM tires after 2 years and up grade to the highest load range I can get for the size tire I have. Tires are one area I wish I could upgrade at the time of my RV Trailer purchase as we usually require the dealer to factory order our trailers .We have only used the Dealer Service one time on our current trailer and a prearranged appointment and the dealers procurement of the required parts from Jayco was made and the item fixed to my satisfaction. The trailer was at the dealer for less than one week.
    Yes I do make some minor repairs myself but these are tightening a few screws , adjusting and general maintenance .
    We would certainly purchase another Jayco.

  16. Dave

    I bought a 2016 Grand Design Momentum 350 M brand new in May and have towed it nearly 4000 miles so far this year. This is my second toyhauler, and I have to say I’m extremely impressed. The build quality, fit and finish, attention to detail, function and performance are outstanding. Everything works, and works well. No issues with build, but I did lean too hard on the couch and pulled out a mooring screw. (my fault) I think these Grand Design folks are out to make a name for themselves, and are working hard to gain a good reputation. Friends of mine who bought another brand (think Jurrasic Park) are in a quagmire of issues and cannot believe what a great rig we have.

    1. Chuck Woodbury

      Dave, in case you have not heard, Winnebago just announced that it’s acquiring Grand Design.

      1. Susan Callihan

        We, too, have had good experience with our Grand Design Solitude 369Rl. We bought it new in Feb 2p2y, started full timing in June, and the only issue we had was taken care of with no problem. We’re I very happy with our Solitude snd hope Winnebago is as conscientious as GD is.

      2. Paul Englert

        What a bummer. One of the reasons that I thought that Grand Design was so great, with trailers is because it was independent. Now under Winnebago will the company go down the same road as others. When I was shopping for a RV I did look at the Winnebago and its fit and finish was really bad. Just hoping Grand Design does not go down the same path

  17. Kerri

    Last April we bought a Thor Hurricane 36C. from Reines (rhymes with Finest) in Ashland VA. We had the very best experience with them. It was our second motorhome, we bought our first one from Dodd in Yorktown. We had two warranty items replaced after we bought it. One was a known issue of the led awning lights not working correctly, the second was that a screw was mis-threaded on our ladder. We have had NO problems with the RV itself, though we did have some adjustment issues coming from moving from the older RV to the new one. Reines has been awesome with service and we get the work done quickly and with no problems. I highly recommend them and Thor.

  18. Wayne & Susan

    As a motorhome technician sine 1986 I’d say what you have today is for the most part very well built. If you look back 40 years and see what we had then and see what we have now there is a very big difference in quality. We now have every type of accessory there that you can think of. The more you have the more there is to go wrong. This is true in you car, truck and in you motorhome or trailer. So for the tech repairing has become much more difficult. Plus as the last fella said a little maintenance can go a long way. Over the last 14 years we have had 2 class C Tioga motorhomes and over all have been very pleased with the Quality. So enjoy the road life it’s great

  19. Marshall

    Bought a 2012 Rockwood 8244 and later traded for a 2015 Cougar 277RLS to have a little more space. Other than a few loose screws and things of that nature that I fixed myself, never saw either dealer again after leaving the dealerships. I feel a 1 year warranty is in the buyers favor. The pain of possibly having to go back to the dealer with a problem is over in a quick 365 days.

  20. Joseph

    We got our 2015 Wildcat Maxx 28RKX in fall 2014 so we couldn’t use it until spring 2015 (live up in the cold North). I was VERY concerned after reading all the problems and flat out disasters it seemed so many people have with their new trailers. When we used it I was almost waiting for one of those disasters to fall on us, but none did! the ONLY real problem we had that first trip was the water pipe to the toilet wasn’t installed correctly and it started to drip. undo and re-attach the fitting that had been cross threaded and no more leaking. No tires blew up, no leaks with the roof or windows, no slideout problems or power stabilizer jack issues as I’ve read about.
    Yes we got a list of small cosmetic things since it was under warranty, which was a mistake as it took over two months to get it back last fall when we took it in before the first year was up.
    Then this year we went on an over 2 week and 2500 mile trip with again, no problems.
    We took it to our same dealer for the “Forever Warranty” annual inspection and the day we were hooking up to take it down (2 hours away) the power tongue jack quit working, it would go up but not down.
    They had the trailer completed the same day! and the extended warranty even covered most of the cost of a complete replacement tongue jack! We are very happy with both the trailer and the dealer.
    Our only concern now? We’re thinking about going back to a 5th wheel for some more storage space, and will we be as lucky again?

  21. Leo Suarez

    We bought a new 2016 Thor Windsport 34F this past April. We have put over 3000 miles so far, traveled to about 5 states over the past 6 months, with absolutely no issues. When we first picked it up the LED lighting on the awning was not working, Thor air expressed a replacement to the dealer and was quickly fixed. I have come across 3 similar Windsport over the past 6 months, one camped next to us, two I met on highway rest stops. All were a few years older than mine, but all had the same experience I have had to date, and loved their Windsport.

  22. Bob Burton

    We bought a new Arcticfox 32-5 in 2015. After touring the factory we thought that we were purchasing a high quality 5th wheel. After picking it up in Portland, OR we discovered the first night that the TV didn’t work, coax was pulled from back of TV, they had to replace it. The automatic leveling jacks wouldn’t all come down. I was told that I needed to read the directions better. No, they had to replace two of the jacks and the brain for the thing. You could see daylight around the escape window, poor fit. The trailer tracked off to the left and I was told that because I tow it with a Ram pickup, NO, they had to cut the springer hangers loose and reweld them. The quality of furniture they put in the trailers are one level above junk. Both of the recliners have now been replaced because of poor quality. I’ve spent a good amount of time fixing some of the other small items. Now after almost two years it’s a good trailer. The last issue was finally resolved a year and a half after taking delivery.

  23. Susan

    Hi. We have a 2014 Thor Four Winds 28Z and love it. We had a few minor issues right after purchase which the dealer, General RV, in Huntley, IL, fixed on our way back through that state from Yellowstone. Our emergency brake snapped about a year after purchase and we had to take it to our local Ford dealer for repair. Thor helped send the correct part and even reimbursed us for the repair. We love it so much we have discussed getting a different one to accommodate a washer/dryer but we decided to keep this one and wait for that unit to hopefully become small enough to fit in our bedroom closet.

  24. Judy & Lehman Brown

    We bought a new Jayco Flight 22′ Travel Trailer in 2010, drove it to the West Coast (from MO) and back for a 3 week trip. We have never had any problems with it except for a recall on the Microwave oven which was replaced without any problems or expense. It has been and still is a wonderful way for my husband and I to travel. We only use it a few times each summer so perhaps that is why we are so pleased with it staying in good shape so long.

  25. Larry J Dincher

    We bought a new 2015 Newmar Bay Star last year. While driving it home from dealer, noticed that steering wheel was not centered for straight ahead driving. Ford, Newmar or dealer would not accept responsibility resulting in me having to pay $100 to get it fixed. Partially my fault for not test driving during PDI. A loose 110v wire on my water heater and a motor failure on electric windshield screen have been only other issues and dealer promptly took care of them under warranty. Other than steering wheel issue I have been pleased with the unit and repair issues have been minimal.

  26. Lynn Hudgens

    My wife and I purchased a new 2014 Jayco Precept 31ul in 2014. In less than 30 days with limited “trial runs,” we drove it from Louisiana to Missouri and to Yellowstone Park and back. It performed well whether traveling or camping. The engine (Ford V10) could have benefited from more torque in the mountains, but it got the job done. The only significant complaint I can think of is the “on-demand” water heater. Our good experience, to a large extent, I think, was due to having a local dealer with a service manager of 44 years and the owner knowing how to take care of a customer. Manufacturers need to make it a high priority to have dealers who provide excellent service….rather than focusing on the sale only. This dealer does.

  27. Lawrence Northway

    Own a 2001 Airstream 34 foot. Looks like a Twinky! I think Airstream figured how to perfect a trailer when they built these. Have met many other owners of the same model. We all agree… great trailer. Never have had problems. Just… rather long to pull, but, incredibly easy to tow. Never haver service issues. Airstream dealers are always great to deal with, but we have seen so few, hard to say if they are good or not, as the trailer is VERY rarely in for any sort of service! The factory service people are fabulous! We take ours there for things like skylights that rot due to the sun, and a good check of the full system. Have never had a problem. So, quality costs… just like cars! Money seems to buy “peace of mind”! Really enjoy the company. Support is always available at the plant for questions/issues, and superb support. Not always what you want to hear, but the truth. Super company to deal with! Trust this all helps! Thor (their corporate owner) seems to leave them alone to do what they do best… make an extremely well made trailer… and they have been doing to now over 75 years, and the same way! Changes are few, and when done, they are usually well thought out.

  28. Doug Kendrick

    Doug Kendrick

    We bought a Grand Design Reflection 313RLTS travel trailer in early February 2015 from a local dealer in Raleigh, NC.

    The trailer has been used extensively; towed 10000 miles, stayed overnight 139 times in 2015, so far in 2016 towed 4000 miles and stayed overnight 139 nights.

    The Grand Design-built parts have been trouble-free and are of fine quality but between the dealer and the Atwood appliances it has been a nightmare.

    Every Atwood appliance (air conditioner, stove, gas range, hot water heater, furnace, and refrigerator) has been repaired (often many times) with major delays due to Atwood “try this, try that, etc.” delays and the dealer applying the “fresh air” treatment by not working on the unit for months on end.

    Many thanks to Grand Design for stepping in and shipping (overnight in one case) a replacement gas regulator, a replacement furnace and another manufacturer’s refrigerator to keeping us traveling. Grand Design also was very helpful supplying parts for a collision repair.

    Grand Design management knows that the customer wants to use the RV and not have it parked in the dealers lot with broken appliances. Atwood takes no responsibility for its products. Atwood’s motto: When in doubt, ship it out.”

    Bottom line, the trailer is great. Grand Design built a quality RV and has been extremely helpful, but the Atwood appliances and the dealer’s behavior are very discouraging.

  29. Andy Honeycutt

    After owning several used travel trailers, and doing years of research as well as visiting numerous camper dealers and shows, we bought a new Jayco Jayflight 36BHDS from Terrell Camping Center in Terrell, NC. So far, we have been thoroughly pleased with our purchase and the service after the sale. Many (most) of the campers we looked at did not pass what I call my bounce/jump test – that is, after we go through the camper, I would jump up inside the camper to feel how sturdy the rig felt. Not very many passed this test, and most have floors that buckle and give under a 200lb man doing that, especially in the same price range. Now that Thor has purchased Jayco, I am fearful of the quality remaining the same priority, as it seems most manufacturers are going the way of most things now-a-days – make it cheaper with cheaper materials and sell it for more. There were also a few other models/manufacturers who seemed to have the same quality in the build, however they were in a much higher price range. The only negative so far was the sales people at some of the other places, just as bad as car dealers. The guys at Terrell seemed to be genuine and pretty much laid it out right of from the first meeting of what the price was and what we could negotiate on without a huge amount of wasted time and haggling back and forth. If you are in NC looking for a travel trailer, I highly recommend giving these guys a try – located right near Lake Norman.

  30. Edd Henson

    I purchased a Tiffin Allegro RED in April of 2012 from a major dealer in Oklahoma City. I’m extremely well satisfied with the quality of my Tiffin motor home and would purchase another Tiffin. The quality of the service from the dealership was poor.

  31. Steve willey

    We bought a Coach House RV direct from the factory in 2010 and quality plus design was far better than previous units. For one, its a one piece thick fiberglass shell roof, sides, front, and back all one molded piece, so leaks and rattles are much less likely. For another it had water pump switch in kitchen as well as bathroom, something the Coach Man brand did not do on a previous purchase. I asked for 6 batteries for our solar instead of the generator, and they changed the generator space and provided the battery rack. Of course there were still user upgrades, like a good tank monitor using external tape instead of pins in the tank, and LED lights, and a real external vent for the range hood which I added. But likely they have upgraded many of these by now. In carefully shopping, there were obvious differences in quality between Coach House (bought it) and Coachman, Fleetwood and others we looked at.

  32. Glen

    We have had about 4 trailers over the past 30 years. Only had minor problems. The last two were a Spree and a Durango from KZ. One minor problem with the Durango which was fixed quickly. Guess we must have been very lucky

  33. Bill & Katherine

    Worthless Warranty—- We bought a new Keystone travel trailer in 2011. Nice layout but kind of cheap & lightweight built. Right away we started having tire problems. Brought it in for warranty to Camping World where we bought it & they took measurements & pictures & sent them to Keystone. They told me the axles were bent causing the tire wear. Keystone denied the claim because I had put a bike rack on the rear bumper. When I called the Keystone rep to complain I asked if they really thought that 2 bicycles could bend a frame or axles? She stated “Well it could have”. I said they factory mounted a spare tire on the bumper that weighed 4 times what the bikes did. She had no comment & continued to reject the claim. As a result I will never buy another Keystone product & probably not buy any RV new again.

  34. Goldie

    Entegra. Our 2013 Aspire RBQ had some issues, one fairly major and the rest minor. They were responsive and helpful, and continue to be just as responsive and helpful even though we are long out of warranty. When local techs were having difficulties diagnosing our major issue (an AquaHot problem), they flew one of their engineers to us. He spent 3 days finding and resolving the problem, most of those days in a cold rain while he worked outside. If we ever purchase another new coach, it will be another Entegra.

  35. Janie Ann Slade

    We purchased a new 2013 Open Range Roamer RLS337. We have experienced no real issues and are very pleased, but our 2007 stick and brick home has some major HVAC issues and minor electrical issues. Also have a new car with more issues than our RV.

  36. Rick

    I do believe the RV manufacturing industry does need to hold itself to a higher standard based on a long history of customer feedback and start thinking about long term service and sales, be accountable and not blame their sub-contractors system providers, clearly define certain quality points VS price points, and not look just look at volume.
    With that said, I believe that the word “expectation” is also a huge problem for buyers. I have had built and owned a number of S & B homes and none wherever perfect or as I had sometimes “hoped”. I also knew when I purchased/built the homes that the price point also equaled quality/value. Buyers also have to take responsibility to thoroughly research brands and not just buy on emotion, which dealers are depending on.
    We have owned Gulf Stream, Winnebago and now a Tiffin Open Road and all have had some good and bad points, but even with some of the issues we have had with our new Tiffin, I feel we got and are getting overall what our price point expectations are/were; not perfect, but we are happy.

  37. Diane Martin

    The Forest River Rockwood travel trailer we bought in 2003 has never given us a single problem, other than the occasional age-related ones we are now having, such as peeling decals This Rockwood was not one of the top-of-the-line Forest River products, but we have been more than satidfied with its quality. of course, we have always taken great care of it.

  38. Janis Lindenberger

    I bought a new 2015 Forest River, Rockwood A194HW (hard side a-frame pop-up) in 2014. I”m pleased with the construction and quality of it. The only problem was the toilet/shower cassette pulled away from the wall after a few trips. It was quickly fixed (under warranty) by the Hanover (PA) Camping World dealer where I bought it.
    Never a problem after that.

  39. David

    We purchased a new 2014 Flagstaff V-lite 30WIKSS. So far it has been great. No issues concerning the build. Only issue is once sold, got no help from salesman. They forgot to put a fuse in the thermostat and air would not work. Couldn’t get any help from dealer. But as far as the TT. Love it.

  40. The Loneoutdoorsman

    I purchased a new 2015 Arctic Fox model 990 a year and a half ago from Thompson RV in Pendleton, Oregon. I really like everything about this camper. It is very well-built inside and out. Especially like the beautiful wood cabinets and the layout of the kitchen and dining area with slide out. The wet bath is at the back by the back door where it belongs. My calls and e-mails to Northwood Manufacturing and Thompson RV with some questions were answered promptly. I have had no manufacturing or quality issues.
    My camper rides on a Ford Super Duty F350 1 ton, crew cab, long bed, duel rear wheel, 6 wheel drive monster. The 6.7 diesel really hauls. Don’t let anyone tell you that a single rear wheel truck is stout enough to haul a mid-size camper. Look up the truck manufacturer’s spec online to find out the GVWR and load capacity. I I believe that any of the American made duel rear wheel 1 ton trucks are a good choice and come with factory installed front and rear torsion bars and adequate carrying capacity. If you buy a single rear wheel truck you will be adding air bags and torsion bars, but still will be overloaded GVWR.
    Burn Diesel, the one with the biggest carbon footprint WINS
    The Loneoutdoorsman

  41. Nick DiPietro

    We own a Cardinal fifth wheel.
    2013 30-30. We have 17000 miles and a collective 12 months of living in it. Not to say that we have not had minor problems but overall we have been happy with the unit. Cardinal has been very helpful with problems and getting them addressed in a timely manner. We would buy another

  42. Olaf

    We bought a 2012 24′ Komfort Travel Trailer in 2013 at a huge discount. We have had no major issues at all with it. A couple of minor issues that were taken care of by the dealer right away. We had one skylight leak and the back door pop open. The dealer fixed those issues within a couple of days.
    We would buy from the same dealer the same trailer again if we had to.

  43. William

    We bought our 2014 Bighorn a couple year ago fro Porter’s RV in Coos Bay Oregon. They were an absolute pleasure to deal with. Not only did we get a good deal, they went above and beyond to add the extras that we wanted with no complaints. We camped in the area for 5 days which enabled us to take care of the little things that we missed in the PDI or did not know how to operate. In one case, they even repaired damage that we had caused. There al always a few issues that you have to deal with or take care of yourself, but all in all this is one problem free rig. My wife is so happy. With out previous rig, it was problem after problem and the dealer (the largest Heartland dealer in Oregon) was not at all helpful. We have referred many people to Porter’s and if we decide to trade, that is the only place we will go!

  44. Rose

    We purchased a Keystone Summerland Springdale 32′ travel trailer last December. We have taken it out two times and have had no issues as of yet. Service is through McGeorge’s Rolling Hills RV and cannot say anything negative about them yet. They answer questions promptly and we are having our trailer serviced in November. Stay tuned.

  45. Mark Ebel

    We bought a 2017 Flagstaff 25ks it is a great travel trailer everything seems to work well, only thing was that i put the wiring back into the casing that ran along the frame

  46. Luke and Sue

    A couple years ago, after a LOT of shopping around for a 5th Wheel, we ended up buying a 2014 Open Range 345RLS from Broadmoor RV in Pasco, Washington. We’ve had some problems in the last couple years, however, nothing real major. Our 345 came with a two year warranty and Open Range has been very good about doing the right thing when a warranty issue came up. Broadmoor RV was another story. NO “service after the sale”, in fact we have NEVER heard from our salesman. Once the papers were signed, we never heard from him again.

  47. Charles Cowles

    We bought a new 2011 Coachman Freelander 21 qb (class C) in the winter of 2011 and It is on a chevy chassis. We love it !!! The only problem we have had is that we had to replace a vent fan ($30.00). We have our RV serviced at Mid-State RV in Byron, Ga. They are wonderful to do business with. We make an appointment and they take care of the of the yearly maintenance. They do not try to sell us something we don’t need. I would buy another Coachman if I had to.

  48. Ron

    We bought a new 19′ 2010 Forest River trailer. On the way home, about 10 miles, The single screw holding 4 cabinet drawers stripped out of floor. Two years later we traded for a used 24′ 2010 Jayco used trailer. The quality was much better. Everything feels much better quality. Even the steps operate smoother, We love this one.

  49. John Rakoci

    We bought a new 2016 Heartland 28′ with one slide as we usually stayed 4 – 6 hours from home and never longer than a week. I bought a new truck to tow with which was way overkill. We had zero problems with the TT. After 4 months my wife said we should go farther and stay longer. So off to Camping World in Myrtle Beach again and the TT was traded on a 2016 Cougar 5th wheel by Keystone. Our maiden voyage was 750 miles to FL. On the way the furnace was blowing fuses the 1st night. The next day I called Atwood and they provided a list of mobile techs. I called one, paid the $50 service charge and Atwood paid the rest. A few minor things I could have done but CW did as I had the 5er in for toppers added. After 147 nights and nearly 5000 miles we are very happy.

  50. JL Jacob

    We just bought (October 2015)a 5th wheel Solitude build by Grand Design. After 5 RVs that’s the first time with no claim.

  51. Doc

    I am traveled extensively, and many colleagues (including myself) own RV’s. I am also a safety consultant. From what I have read, I believe the focus is the living compartment of the RV or Travel Trailer, itself.

    Since I have basically rewired my ’81 Dodge Fireball (28ft) Class C, and performed other repairs for myself and others, the workmanship is horrible, especially the electrical systems.

    Taking time out for regular maintenance, try learning to do as much, on your own, as you can, taking it only to the specialist for serious or troublesome repairs needed.

    Many of us are shaking our heads at the… Poor quality assurance, low grade materials, improperly assembled or waterproofed coaches, lack of rust-resistant materials,
    and in general, lack of overall sturdiness.

    Remember, “a pretty face can hide an evil mind”. and likewise, these RV coaches “look good”, but deeper down, the design and workmanship is poor and incompetent.

    1. Bill Hunt

      We ordered Newmar Ventanna LE 4037 on May 27th through MidwayRV in Grand Rapids MI. We took delivery on August 17th and left on a three month shakedown trip. we attended the Newmar International rally last week in Pueblo Col. The only thing we needed was a light bulb and a door adjusted. The quality of our coach is excellent. This is our second Newmar and the first new one. Midway is an exceptional dealer as was our salesman Kyle Walcott.

  52. Donna Roberts

    We bought a 2009 Tiffin Allegro RED from the original owner a couple of years ago. Yes there have been some minor things go wrong but I must say I’ve had to call Tiffin several times to ask “dumb” questions and their customer service is the absolute best. We would definitely buy another Tiffin!! The bigger the toy, the bigger the $$$ and we accepted that going in. So we are very “happy campers”

  53. Zinkow

    In July of 2013, we picked up a new 2014 Jayco Seneca 37FS from Indiania RV Connection. During the PDI we noticed that the coach battery negative connection was loose. They had a tech on it in a heartbeat. There were some minor fit & finish items, that I took care of. When we went in to Freightliner in SC for an emergency brake recall, I did an oil/filter change & had the fog lights flashed. In & out in 4 hours. Great service. We’ve been back & forth across the country 6 times and we’re starting our 5th N/S trip shortly. Not one single problem. Great coach/chassis. I’d buy another in a NY minute.
    Getting a place to stay for the night/weekend is a little more difficult than 5/10 years, but not so bad that I’m going to give up this lifestyle.

  54. Gary R

    We purchased a new Forest River Sunseeker in Oct of 2015. We have spent a total of about six months on the road in it and have had very few problems. The first was a broken “T” fitting in the plumbing near the water pump. I replaced the plastic fitting with a brass one in the parking lot of the hardware store where I bought the parts.

    We also had a slight leak in the hydraulics of our leveling system. The dealer tried and failed to repair the leak. We finally got it fixed at the FROG (Forest River Owner’s Group) Rally in Goshen Indiana in August. The enthusiastic Forest River techs also repaired a malfunctioning radio that the dealer was unable to figure out.

    While at the Rally we asked about the funny noise in our air conditioner. The Forest River people sent a team of Dometic techs to look at it and we had a new one installed within a few hours.

    None of these problems were show stoppers for us and they were pretty easily repaired. Now that the bugs seem to be worked out, we are very happy with our rig. It’s just a shame that we had to drive from Massachusetts to Indiana to get it done. Most folks can’t just drop everything and go to a rally to get repairs. Dealers need to up their game and start giving good quality service in a timely manner.

    In addition to the plumbing fitting, I have made other minor repairs myself. I honestly believe that to be an RV owner, you need to be able to use tools and need to be willing to learn about the systems in your rig. You can’t depend on the dealers to help you.

    I think the problem of campsite availability depends on your traveling style. We haven’t had a lot of problems, but we don’t usually stay in one place for more than a day or two. We try to remain flexible and will use a parking lot as often as needed. As a matter of fact, We have found ourselves in some noisy, smokey campgrounds wishing we had chosen a Walmart instead.

    We spent last winter in Florida without making any reservations before hitting the road. We were even able to get four nights in Key Largo due to cancellations. Something always turns up.

  55. Wayne

    We purchased a 2015 Heartland Wilderness 3125 early last year and have been very happy with it. We did have some bubbling of the wallpaper in the kitchen area, but Heartland was very helpful with the repair. The service after the sale by our dealer, which has changed their name to LazyDays RV, was horrible. The service coordinator lied to me on multiple occasions, telling me that it was taking so long because the manufacturer had not approved the repair for 2 months. When I contacted Heartland, they had record of the repair being approved and the wallpaper being shipped and received by the dealer within 5 days of the request. When confronted, the dealer denied this, even though I had records of the shipment from Heartland. Heartland even went so far as to send me another batch of the wallpaper so I could have the repair done at another dealer. Windish RV, in Longmont, CO was fantastic with the repair, even though I had bought the RV at their competition. Both Heartland and Windish are fantastic!

  56. Laura

    2016 Thor Freedom Elite, 22FE. Had it for a year now. Love it. Sure there have been some small things that have broke/not worked as they should or that we didn’t like. But overall we are happy with it. Most issues we have fixed/improved upon ourselves. Still a lot to learn about it and many more years to enjoy it.

  57. Jerry

    We purchased a 2015 Lance model 2185 trailer camper in May of 2015. We had one initial problem with a slight leak around the slide out seals that was fixed promptly by the dealer, North Country RV in Ham Lake, MN. This year we noticed an outlet we had never tried did not work, which was also promptly fixed. We have taken over 10 trips from 2 to 15 nights and enjoyed the camper immensely. The folding bed/couch combination is a delight.

  58. Art M.

    We have been thrilled with our Escape 21′ fiberglass travel trailer, made in Chilliwack, B.C. The manufacturer encourages customizing, which we did extensively. Sales are direct from the manufacture, with no dealers. The owners, Reace and Tammy Harmatuik, are interested in building a quality product and in keeping past customers happy – at rallies they fix minor problems for free, when a few owners have a problem (e.g. solar panel blows off) they develop a fix which they implement on past and future trailers. We have camped about 12 weeks during our first year with it. A stove burner that wouldn’t light was fixed during orientation. Other problems have been mostly our errors. A call to Escape Trailer Industries yielded advice that was sufficient to fix our minor issues.

    We hear good things about fiberglass trailers in general: they are usually molded in top and bottom halves, then joined at the belt-line. There are no side-to-roof joints to leak, and only a few roof penetrations to check annually and recaulk every several years.

    These are all small companies. Escape Trailers is in the process of enlarging their facilities to be able to produce 2 trailers/day, and hopefully reduce the wait time below the present 1 year. Advice and comments on all aspects of RVing with these trailers are available from mostly happy campers on the EscapeForum and the FiberglassForum.

  59. Gerald Tabbut

    We purchased a 2012 Keystone Fusion from Tiara RV in Indiana. They allowed us to stay in the RV for 3 days on their site to check it out. During our stay they replaced one of the leveling jacks that was leaking and the bedroom slide motor that failed when we were about to leave. We were less satisfied with them 6 months later when we had issues with our living room slide.

  60. Bert Knepper

    last year we bought a 2016 Sanibel 3600 5th wheel. we had a few problems after going on a 3 month trip last winter. called General RV where it was bought they said to bring it in as soon as we returned and fax a list of any problems so they could get the paper work started. on of the problems was a small spider crack on front cap which they said could be ground out and fixed. after they talked to Sanibel the factory decided to send out a new cap and have General RV install. everything was repaired in a timely matter. thanks to both the factory and dealership. I would recommend both!

  61. Ray Miller

    Bought a new Tiffin “Phaeton” 40′ in July of 2015 and have had two issues with the coach, one of the windshield wipers was loose and had to be tightened up and the other was a leak in the “Instahot” heating fluid system, both issues were repaired quickly and without any delay. This coach is wonderful and the service has been outstanding. I had a 2007 35′ Fleetwood Pace Arrow previously and I had nothing but problems with it, ever time we went on a trip we had some problem and it took longer than usual to get it repaired.

  62. Linda Wilson

    I am on my third camper, the first two were towables and this is my retirement home, a Jayco Greyhawk 26DS. I bought all three at Apache Camper Center in. Lincoln, NE BECAUSE of their service department. Tim and his team are simply THE BEST. Ex. Once I drove off leaving the electrical cord plugged in. It was the first time setting up my car to tow and I had forgotten about the cord. I was on the way to pick up my grandkids for a week of camping with me. I was panicked. I called Tim and he said to bring it right over. They worked on it over their lunch and I was back on the road 45 minutes later with a new shore power cord. THAT is what I am talking about!!!

  63. Trudi

    Try and make this short in 2014 we ordered a factory built Motorhome 2015 Thor Tuscony XTE40EX . It was the rig from HELL and was Possessed. You name it we had it, from exhaust leak so you could not drive. slides did not work, major electrical problems, form fit function over 300 problem and 500 e-mails sent to Thor nothing was done and put us off. this was suppose to be a full time rig. We were stuck in this park for 2 1/2 yrs unable to travel. We had to hire a Lemon law lawyer we wanted Thor to buy it back , which they do not do. Instead we were offered a 2016 and that is a whole other story and nightmare. finally after a 1

  64. Steve and Sara

    Bought a 2017 Rockwood ultralite 2905ss in Feb of this year. I could see that the new version of this floor plan included a bedroom slideout wardrobe, which we did not want. We have not had any problems with the tt and enjoyed a full summer with 9yo twins. This is my third rv (prev HR 5er and Thor tt) so I felt comfortable with the floorplan and construction. Fortunately, I have not required any warranty service and the usual small problems were easily resolved.

  65. Tom and Dixie

    We bought a new 2012 Hitchhiker from the Nu-wa factory ar Chanute, Kansas in May 2012. It ha been a super unit, with the only flaw being the monitor on the kitchen holding tank never working. We were already 300 miles from the factory when it was discovered, and it wasn’t worth the time and expense to take it back for repairs. Other than that it is an excellent unit. Too bad they don’t make them anymore. Great product

  66. Danny Peelman

    Extremely poor service from Mike Thompson RV in Colton,CA. I purchased a 2014 Tiffin Phantom in 2014. To date, they have NEVER repaired any of the many problems on the vehicle without me having to return the vehicle MULTIPLE times. To the contrary, after warranty I used Auto and RV Specialist in Upland, CA, and I have NEVER had to return the coach for a problem to be re-repaired.

  67. Tim & Judy

    We purchased a new 2015 Itasca Sunova 30A in September 2015 and have been on 14 short trips for a total of 41 nights. While there have been a few minor issues, the unit has served us well. We are retiring at the end of 2015 and will be spending a few months during 2017 in the rig traveling to the midwest, Arizona and Mexico. We moved out of a used Big Horn which was also trouble free. The dealership we work with has been good, although it does take some time to get in for an appointment.

  68. charles kayser

    Purchased a new Itasca 27N summer of 2014 and almost immediately brought it back to dealer to fix multiple items THAT SHOULD OF BEEN CAUGHT BEFORE THEY LEFT FACTORY: Driver and passenger windows that would not latch and had to be replaced,. Seat adjustment lever on passenger seat free-wheeled,. Range hood cover that kept falling off while driving and Leaky bathroom toilet.

    Oh yes, one more item. During out initial trial run outing the camera for the passenger side mirror crapped out. ALL items were under warranty and were repaired. We lost 4 mos usage BUT Winnebago corporate did extend our warrant to cover time lost.

  69. CJ Zippo

    I own a ’96 NuWa that has been coast to coast several times and would have no problem making another tour of the U.S. with only minor problems that would need to be addressed. The Youngs frame/chassis made a considerable difference in why NuWa products hold up so well. NuWa knew how to build a quality RV back in that era. A good maintenance program during ownership is essential while owning and using this type of equipment.

  70. Alan Maier

    As you requested, here is a comment regarding good experiences with purchasing an RV. We purchased a NEW 25′ Airstream tailer, and after over 400+ camping nights, we have had only minor problems or issues. We live in the Rocky Mountains, and most of the local dealers for Airstream treated us poorly when we shopped for a new RV, and we had heard many horror stories of poor support after the sale.

    We ended up purchasing an Airstream from a New Jersey Airstream Dealer based on good experiences by our son, and also many positive reviews online.

    We could not be happier, even with our dealer being so far away, they have gone overboard to arrange for warrantee service locally, have worked with the Airstream factory on providing support to to us.

    In summary, we are extremely happy with the build quality of our Airstream, and completely satisfied with the “after the sale” support from our Dealer and from the Factory. Also, our Son just completed a 11,000 mile 2+ month National Park trip, and also had nothing but good experience with their Airstream 27′ trailer.

    The quality of service and support from your dealer means everything!!! Choose carefully based on feedback from other customers….

  71. Sammie

    We bought a 2012 Tiffin Phaeton 36 QSH in June, 2012 as a used unit. Previous owner had it for one month, took one trip and wanted a larger coach. Labels were sell in tact on appliances. Had a few kinks that the dealer, Lazy Days in Seffner Florida took care of. Have had routine maintenance, upgrades, body work and repairs completed at Lazy Days over the past four years. I guess we are fortunate as we have had very good results from them. Lazy Days is four hours from us, as we live in Hollywood, Fl. For an emergency, I have used a mobile service person and was very satisfied. When we are in our home in NC, we use Carolina Coach, in Statesville, NC for service, and they have been very nice and accommodating. Love our Tiffin and do not even want to trade it for a newer model , like the Tiffins we saw in Hershey two weeks ago, as I have this one just the way I want it!

  72. Ricky and Bud

    We purchased a new LTV Unity CB, from Vogt Rv, Fort Worth, Tx, in April, 2014. We flew down from Michigan to pick it up and drive home, our first ever road trip! Since then we have over 30,000miles on her and have throughly enjoyed our travels in our Unity. Yes, there have been inconviniences, like having to drive 4 hours to the nearest LTV dealership for warranty work, but all in all our satisfaction in the workmanship and quality , as well as the service performed, is very high. Calling LTV , in Canada, for questions or concerns is promptly addressed and taken care of. On our way home from an 8,000 mile trip our transmission had to be replaced by Mercedes. Thank goodness we had the roadside assistance that LTV had provided the first 2 years! Mercedes took amazing care of us and we had a new transmission shipped in from Chicago and placed in our MH within 24 hours! All in all, LTV takes great care and pride in their product, the cabinets are even signed by the builder of them! Their customer service and quality of materials and workmanship have our highest praise. We’ll be off soon for another adventure in our Unity and we can hardly wait!

  73. Ray Hemsher

    Bought a Leisure Travel Vans Serenity Freedom II. Love it! Excellent quality design and build. The manufacturer has been very responsive to any requests for information and parts.

    Built on Mercedes Benz Sprinter chasis … great machine … 18-19 mpg!

    Have had 6 years now … no major troubles.

    Would definitely recommend!

    Ray & Faith Hemsher

  74. Vicky

    Purchased a 2015 Forest River Georgetown 270 a year ago. We have 4000 miles and have had only one trip without a problem. We had to have the motor replaced on the slide, leveler and steps. A new air conditioner, new toilet. We have lost lots on reserved camp grounds and gas to no where. I contacted Forest River and they said they use suppliers and can’t always control their equipment. The good thing is they have fixed the problems. Just most of last year in shop. My husband has turned against rving which is sad cause we have retired and had planned to travel. We have a mountain trip end of the month please everyone cross your fingers that nothing else breaks, think this would be the end.

  75. D and S

    We have purchased new 3 Class A motor homes. Our 1997 Rexall Aerbus, no problems. Our 2007 Thor Four Winds Magellan, no problems. Out 2015 Holiday Rambler Ambassador, don’t ask.


    After a tornado destroyed our 2005 Winnebago Journey we ordered a new Winnebago Reyo (25.5 ft) and took delivery in November 2015. We do not travel full-time, but have used it on several trips totaling about 50 days. Not one single problem! (Downsizing has been an adjustment however.)

  77. Eric Eltinge

    I purchased a new 2015 Winnebago ERA B-class motorhome in Ohio. It is built in a 24-foot Mercedes Sprinter Van. Shafer Trucks and RV in Delta Ohio provided a great price and excellent delivery. It is serviced in Orange County CA by Laguna Niguel Mercedes Benz dealership and Mike Thompson’s RV in Fountain Valley. Both have offered outstanding service. The coach itself has had only minor problems, all fixed promptly under warranty. Mercedes and Winnebago have stood behind their products for decades. Why anyone would buy an off brand is beyond me!

  78. WDW

    We have a 2016 Coachmen Mirada 35BH and generally speaking, we’ve only encountered “punch list” adjustments.

    We had the chance to tour Plant 310 where they are built. Hearing from Nate during the tour and seeing how things are assembled further reinforced our confidence. You know there are a lot of long-term dedicated employees building Coachmen / Sportscoach class A vehicles.

    We’ve also had tremendous support from our dealer, Ray Wakley in Nort East (Erie), PA. They’ve done warranty and upgrade work in days, not months. We chose to shop here over the 3 major dealers in Buffalo who are focused on selling and service has been marginal on our former Jayco’s unit.

    In summary, we’re happy, been treated well and kept our expectations in line.

  79. Esther McKinley

    We purchased a 2000 Coachmen Catalina in August 2000. It is now 16 years old and we have not had any problems with the 5th wheel.
    We have always winterized it each year, and kept it under cover when not in use.

  80. Jim Soper

    We purchased a Keystone Zeppelin in 2007 from the local dealer, Sonny’s RV. The slide out had a cable break while still under warranty. The took the trailer in and had it back to me in just a few days. Another time the inverter went out and they had it replaced the next day. Unfortunately the Chinese made replacement was defective and went out. They sent a technician to my house and replaced it again. I can’t say enough good things about the quality of their service.

  81. Mark McGahey

    Our 42 foot Thor Tuscany has been relatively problem free. However, when I needed service it was a joke. My strong advice to anyone buying an RV is if you are not mechanically inclined don’t!

  82. kamwick

    We bought an Aerolite 29rkss trailer in 2014. We purchased it because we needed something large enough for 3 cats and ourselves while waiting for a house to be built and going on trips, and the floor plan was marvelous. Really nice features and plenty of storage. Installed a fantastic fan in the kitchen area. Had a few cosmetic fixes that needed to be done before we took it home. La Mesa RV in San Diego has a mixed reputation regarding service, but they took care of us very well. No problems in the two years we owned it. Any thing we wanted done could also be accomplished through our very fine local RV guy, Webb’s RV in Lakeside. Of course, it is a very lightweight trailer, so I can’t imagine that it would withstand years of fulltime living, but cabinets were installed well, and it looked nice! The mileage while pulling it with a Ford 250 diesel was 15 mpg., which is actually what it gets on average NOT towing, go figure. We have since sold it because our plans changed, and we are looking to buy a small class a or cutaway B in future. I’m watching the industry closely because it’s not showing a good reputation, and of course motorhomes are a great deal different than trailers. We did notice that it’s very difficult to find last minute campgrounds in Coastal Oregon in the summer of 2015, of course. I do wonder if the increased complaints are mainly because of simply increased volume of rvs and therefore increased need of campgrounds and service professionals. Hopefully the industry will try to keep pace.

  83. Edward & Robin Dmochowski

    Robin & Ed

    We purchased a brand new 2016 Coachman Leprechaun 319DS approximately 3 months ago. It is 33.5′ long with 2 slide outs. We took it out on its maiden voyage from Florida to New York and were completely happy and satisfied with the performance, drive and overall quality. We experienced no bad experiences at all and I would recommend this unit to anyone looking for a Class C Motor home. Of course there were some minor issues (the normal “shake down” list) that we promptly took to the dealership and they corrected with no problem what-so-ever. If you keep up on your vehicles routine maintenance you should have happy camping. Hope this helps!

  84. Jim & Karen

    Picking up my new Jayco 29 ‘ next week will let you know how it goes

  85. Dick Snyder

    We bought a 2014 Jayco 5th wheel, lived in it full-time for 3 months and have traveled some 15000 miles over the past 3 summers. Purchased through RV Direct, prepped and delivered by Buffalo RV, the only problem was a failed refrigerator cooling unit on our second summer road trip. Thanks to Jayco’s 2 year warranty, it was covered. Cunningham Campers in Jeffersonville, IN treated us like gold and worked hard to get a replacement but our schedule would not allow for waiting so they arranged an appointment with Buffalo RV who took care of everything quickly.
    The only other major problem is fading of the front cap. Jayco has agreed to repaint it at no cost. We’re very pleased with our dealer and with Jayco. We hope the acquisition by Thor does not diminish their customer service.

  86. Kurt Shoemaker

    I purchased a Rockwood Signature Ultra Light Fifth Wheel in April 2015 from Driftwood RV in New Jersey.
    The wife and I left for June for a ten week cross country trip. Along the way, if something broke or didn’t work properly we wrote it down. A major problem, that we didn’t discover until we got home, was that the rubber roof had started to peel off at the front of the fifth wheel. Leaving a big air bubble between the rubber and the roof.
    I called the dealer and set up an appointment for repair. I handed them the list of problems and told them I didn’t need the fifth wheel for a couple of weeks. The repairs were made, including the roof. I would have to give Driftwood an A+ for their service and Rockwood a C- for the shoddy installation of the rubber roof.

  87. Frank Williams

    My wife and I bought a 2013 Tiffin Phaeton with 44,000 miles last October, so have only had it a year. During that year we have put close to 8000 miles on it and have literally had no problems other than set screw coming loose on drivers side view mirror. This past August,, we went by Red Bay, AL and Tiffin plant for engine service and to see about minor issues. During that time we toured the plant and witnessed the assembly lines. Very impressive. The entire experience was exceptional. Will probably never have another motor home other than Tiffin.

  88. Michael Williams

    Bought a Heartland Landmark 5th wheel in April 2014 from a small family owned business in Knoxville, TN (RV’s for Less). Warrantied for full-time use and for 2 years. Have only had a couple of small issues with our “home” such as leak in the ice maker line, Anderson 4-way and seal at the top of the grey water tank. Made appointment with the dealer and all problems were fixed quickly.
    My recommendation, not only do your research about the rig you want to buy, but also about the dealer. Problems are going to happen, but if you do not have a good dealer, it will compound the problem significantly especially if you full time like us.

  89. Ed Meyer

    We purchased a NEW 2014 Cedar Creek Fifth Wheel. And so the story starts. On our first trip we stopped after approximately 275 miles to spend the night. After hooking up and settled down to eat dinner my wife noticed leakage around the base of the toilet and wiped up the water. We ate dinner and again she noticed water on the floor and around the toilet. There was an RV dealer adjacent to the Park and a RV Technician came over to check out the source on the water. He discovered that the toilet was defective and needed to be replaced, which was done when we arrived at our destination in Mission, TX. When we arrived in Mission I went inside the RV and found the fireplace lying on the floor, which I replaced correctly. Then the Whirlpool refrigerator stopped working which took a month to have repaired. Needless to say own first trip was pretty much a disaster. After that and on other trips we had a window fall out in the bedroom and if it were not for the emergency latches would have fallen completely off the rig. The whirlpool Microwave ceased to work and needed repair which took two weeks for two switches/locks for the door. There are several more issues and the latest concern is sever fading of the front and rear caps. My experience with Cedar Creek Customer Service is not good. The replacement refrigerator was considerably smaller than the original where I had to employ a cabinet maker to frame the refer in so as to look like it belonged. My advice to potential buyers of a Cedar Creek product would be “Buyer Beware”!

  90. John Mosher

    We are now on our second Arctic Fox trailer and have loved them both. We really like the quality and workmanship of the Northwood Mfg products, especially after a factory tour.
    The first was a Brand New 2007 AF 22G that we bought from Broadmoor RV in Pasco, WA. They were very helpful and the trailer was trouble free.
    The second was a used 2009 AF 29-5T Fifth Wheel that we bought used in 2014 from Orangewood RV in Surprise, AZ. It too has been trouble free and Orangewood has been great getting routine service (wheel bearing svc., etc.)
    We are big believers in the Northwood Mfg products and are getting ready to buy our third trailer – this time a smaller Nash.

    1. Patrick Granahan

      Our Travel Trailer is far from new. The company that built is retired from the lite Trailer business a few years ago to focus on high end motor homes. Our R-Vision Trail Lite 26 ft trailer was built in 2001 and it is still going strong. After reading the endless lists of problems the folks who bought new have had I am glad I bought used from a gentleman who took care of his camper.

      I have been camping in travel trailer since 1983 and today many of the appliances are pretty much unchanged. The problems of the 1980s have still not been corrected…roofs and windows still leak…and so it goes…we all become handymen if we want to be campers.

      Luxury Motorhomes do not count as “campers”.
      They are upscale homes on wheels.

      Happy Camping !

  91. Dick Martin

    I bought a 2016 North Trail Caliber travel trailer at the 2015 Hershey RV Show. I had researched this unit for 2 years and got a reasonable price. This Brand was being sold by Camping World Reps from Syracuse, NY. After the show, I picked up the unit in a whirlwind at the Camping World in Harrisburg, PA. There were some minor issues but nothing major that needed to be repaired or replaced: A shower door seal and adjustment, a sparker on the stove that wouldn’t work, a window that wouldn’t open and a piece of loose exterior trim. Initially, the Camping World told me it would take 2 months to make those repairs. Checking with other Camping World outlets and dealers who sold Heartland trailers, it was clear that none wanted to do the work. But wait, there is a silver lining. Knowing I was going to be in the Syracuse area I made arrangements to have the issues addressed at the Camping World where the unit came from. They were very accommodating. They addressed all the items in an afternoon; are sending one part they did not have in stock directly to me; and provided an overnight site with water & electric. I was treated like everyone seeking help would hope to be treated. I recently put 1800 miles on the trailer on some of the worst roads in NY & PA (Their interstates!) and the trailer worked well.

  92. AJC

    3 years back I bought a 2013 Open Range 338RLS 5th wheel. I do not live in mine. So far we’ve pulled it right at 9,000 miles. The only problem I have had is during a recent 6,000 mile vacation, the shower began to come loose from the wall. Otherwise it has been what I expected if not more.

  93. kelly

    I ordered and bought a 2014 Itasca Navion 24J new. It was a ton of money. We drove it XC put 17,000 miles on it in two years- had 0 issues in 3 years, only into the shop for oil change and inspection stickers.
    Excellent detail to interior cosmetics, and usefulness.
    There are things I modified (LED dimmers), swapped out the solenoid LP valve for a manual, added a water pressure tank.
    It’s now for sale, we mostly bought it to drive XC- only drove 2000 miles last year and that’s a lot of $ tied up in the driveway for little use.

  94. Darrell Cowles

    I do try to be fair and let businesses know when they did something right; I was in the public service sector for most of my adult life and appreciated when a customer took the time to tell me “Well done.”
    We bought a new 2014 Windjammer 3001w and have actually had very few issues with it. Yes, we found sawdust in and under every fixture, a couple of loose wires here and there, but overall the quality has been good. The issues we have had have all been with dealer service when we needed some road debris damage repaired. Pulls great, no issues with axles or suspension, and the overall structure has been sound.
    That said, we are looking at 5th wheels and will trade in 2017 so we can start traveling for 30-60 days at a time across the country. Looking at the new units scares us when we see such poor workmanship showing on the surface; what are we NOT seeing?

    1. J. French Rennier

      The best of the 5th wheel for the money are $50k-75 Cedar Creek. $75-100k Mobile Suites & over $100k New Horizons and Newmar Mountainaire.
      Basically the rest are just Campers to be enjoyed for a week at a time. When you do serious traveling & stay for elongated lengths of time it is necessary to purchase a non-camping livable unit that is built for such.

    2. Mark Ashley

      After careful consideration and many RV shows, we decided to purchase a Peterson Industries Excel fifth wheel a couple years ago. They are very solidly built and excellent quality. Unfortunately, the Kansas based company closed shortly after we made our purchase. So, one less quality company squeezed out by the stuff made by most other companies that is thrown together. I’d say look for a used Excel when you are ready to trade. You will be very happy you did.

  95. RovinAspect

    In 2012, we purchased a new 2012 Winnebago Aspect 30c. We are extremely happy with our RovinAspect, and other than a few minor issues, the quality is of the rig outstanding, except for the Norcold Refrigerator door hinges, one of which broke off as they are cheap plastic. Replaced the door and bought the metal hinge reinforcements from Amazon, no more weak plastic hinges! We tours the Winne Factory in Iowa and we’re extremely impressed by their professionalism, attention to detail, and customer service. Our local Camping World service department and Ford commercial service department is outstanding! My husband and I have checklists and keep logs of all the systems and servicing that we do or have done. Maintenance, servicing, and periodic checks go a long way in keeping our rig ready and functioning.

  96. Judy Boyd

    We have a 2015 Bullet Priemier. Brand brew. Several problems, front end cap started fading, air conditioner went out right away, it was replaced then leaked. We paid twice to have the leak fixed but my husband finally fixed it. The heater also went out right after the warranty was up, we paid twice to have that fixed. Service is just not good anymore…

  97. John Heisler

    We bought a new 2014 Newmar Dutch Star. Our experience has been great. We live in th coach 6 months per year and in the two years we’ve owned it, our windshield cracked top of o bottom and one USB port for charging cell phones quickly working. Both were replaced at no charge. Other than those issues, we’ve had none. We service it regularly and have 18000 miles on it since buying it new. This is our second Newmar and the reason we bought a Newmar again was because of the experience we had with the previous coach.

  98. RonS

    We had a 2013 Tiffin Allegro Open Road which gave us excellent service with few issues and the issues we did have were repaired perfectly by the service folks at Tennessee RV in Knoxville. We were so happy with Tiffin and Tennessee RV that we purchased a new 2016 Allegro Bus and our luck changed. We are confident however that Tennessee RV will get all of our issues repaired and we will have a long and happy relationship with this coach too.

  99. Ron Speidel

    I guess my wife and I have been blessed with great RVs. Since 1988 we have owned 6 units and have been back to a dealer or factory service only 3 times. All have been very minor issues with 2 out of the 3 having been faulty products that were simply replaced. Our Winnebago 2002 Journey diesel was flawless and is still going strong after fulltiming for 8 years in the unit. Our current unit is a 2014 Airstream and has been flawless.

  100. Jim Bennett

    Our last trailer was an Escape 2009 19 (19.5′ bumper pull), and we now have a 2017 Escape 5.0TA (21′ fifth wheel) on order.

    These are lightweight, moulded fibreglass trailers, and built incredibly well. You just can’t beat the toughness of this type trailer. They hold up to lots of hard use, and will outlast most other trailers by a long shot.

    Not only is the build of great quality, the customer service is nothing short of outstanding. As you order direct from the manufacturer, there are plenty of options to choose from, and many of your own custom needs can be met (within reason, of course). Any issue with your trailer at all, and they will be there to set things straight.

    You can see them at There is a great owner forum where you can get lots of ideas for options, and see what modifications owners have done, plus hear from lots of other owners their thoughts on the trailers they offer.

    Being a Canadian built trailer, they are quite popular with US buyers due to the exchange rate. Because of their popularity they are nearly a year out on fulfilling orders, but a nearly completed addition to their facilities is going to speed this up a lot.

  101. Jeff

    Our 2016 Forest River Charleston tag axel had some problems. Most minor some not. We especially didn’t care for them leaving the drag link bolts loose at the tie rod ends. Destroyed the front two tires in less than 2000 miles before we found the problem. However Forest River reimbursed us for all expenses including the tires. I would rate quality control as fair, but customer service as excellent. We love that big bus.

  102. Brandon Rutherford

    We purchased a brand new 2013 Sydney fifth wheel (which they have stopped making). In January 2013, it has 3 slides and we have only a couple issues. The biggest was the fading of the brown nose cap. Keystone offered to pay half to paint it and free decals. We noticed after the one year warranty expired. The only other issue we had was a bearing in the fifth wheel landing jack went out, I called our dealer and they let me talk to a mechanic on the phone that explained how to fix and prevent in future , Northside RVs in Lexington KY. Which has been sold to another company. We have really enjoyed our fiver.

  103. Nancy Wilson

    We purchased a 2014 Heartland Big Horn in February 2014. Has it been trouble free? No. But the problems we’ve had have been minor, a lot of which can be attributed to being on the road full-time on not the best of roads. We’ve been extremely happy with our Big Horn and don’t regret buying it. My husband told me 15 years ago when we went on the road full-time that we would always have “issues”. He compared it to being in an earthquake every time we were on the road. I think that attitude has taught me that nothing is problem free.

  104. John A Viestenz

    New Tiffin Allegro (gas) purchased two years ago (at Hershey RV show); no significant problems and very good service (Alpin Haus, Amsterdam NY) . Minor items were quickly taken care of. Living in the rig in Texas during the winters (I’m just a half-timer). Overall, I consider the quality of the motorhome quite good.

  105. Janice

    We purchased a Winnebago Navion Itasca 24V in 2014 new. We ordered it. The dealer was very helpful in Frederick, CO. at Transwest. I since found out that there was a Transwest dealer in my town, Grand Junction. They took care of the few problems we had under warranty. We have had some problems with the stove which will never be perfect. We had one emissions issue while on the road due to a hose not being put on tightly at the factory. The Sprinter dealer in San Diego was awesome. For the most part, it has been a good rig and I am pleased with the motorhome. Getting service for the motor is very difficult as I need to drive to the nearest big city (Denver) to get any motor warranty work done. Once there, however, both Littleton Mercedes and Westminster Mercedes were wonderful and worked very hard to “get me home again”. I am a happy camper!

    1. kelly

      I’ll second the Itasca Navion (and i got a 2014 too).
      We have had 0 problems (though my stove too doesn’t like to light, we use a lighter)
      It’s a well designed very efficient motorhome

  106. Sheryl

    We bought a 2015 FR Surveyor 5er from Green Star Campers in Rapid City, SD. Most trouble-free RV we have ever owned. Love the unit and Green Star has been just great to work with. Great service on the few things needing attention. We live in Denver & drive the 350 miles to Rapid City for the excellent service from Green Star!

  107. David Smith

    We bought a 2011 Jayco Pinnacle in 2011. The unit was a custom factory order. We have been fulltiming for over 5 years, and the unit has about 50,000 miles on it.
    Our Pinnacle has never been back to a dealer since the day we took delivery! There were several minor issues that I took care of myself, which was much more convenient than leaving our home in a dealer’s shop. The most serious issue was the failure of the Norcold refrigerator, which I replaced with a Samsung residential unit.
    My experience with the dealer was limited to the order and delivery process. I was very disappointed with the dealership level of product knowledge, and the delivery experience.

  108. Cindy Trombley

    I have left my comments about our previous rig so I am leaving my comments on our current rig. We have a 2013 Arctic Fox 295K, Silver Fox edition. We nearly full time spending 8-10 months at a time in our rig. We travel from Michigan to California and everywhere in between. Across the Sierra’s, down through Texas, across the mountains in western Montana. We dry camp and resort camp. This unit had a minor leak in the shower initially. The manufacturer, Northwood, was very responsive and directed us to a repair facility. The repair facility was also responsive and got us back on the road in hours. We recently had a question for the manufacturer and emailed them over a weekend. We had a response by Tuesday morning. These are relatively minor issues. One of the reasons we chose this unit was because of its weight. It’s quite a bit heavier than most units this size. In fact, it is heavier than quite a few bigger units. Our experience has been that manufacturers are not skimping on what you can see as much as they are skimping on what is unseen. The framing and chassis it is built on. We have been very happy with the quality of this unit and how it has been holding up so far.

  109. Stuart Syme

    After three years full-time in an Outdoors RV Timber Ridge – coldest night was minus-8 F and hottest day was plus-111 F – and 18,000 miles mostly Nov/Dec/Jan driving, I can attest to the quality of this trailer. We have never had condensation inside the unit and never used a dehumidifier. There is no chip board in it – all plywood. The flooring is indestructible. The cabinetry is excellent. This 8500 pound gross-rated trailer sits on two 5200 pound axles. It tows well. Our one issue has been with an appliance – one of those difficult intermittent things – not a trailer problem. I work in an RV Park for six months each year so we have the winters to do our traveling. I see a lot of rigs and talk to a lot of RVers. For trailers I would put my money on Nash, Arctic Fox, and Outdoor RV. For motorhomes I would go with Newmar. Those who own those rigs have fewer complaints in my experience

  110. MLR

    Bought a new Tiffin 36LA in 2014. Picked it up in Mississippi. Any problems that may have existed were corrected by a most reputable dealer before we arrived. We have not had any major issues. We needed a part, they shipped it. We were missing a rubber bumper, they shipped it. My opinion is that the dealer, whether local or long distance, is critical to success with an RV.

  111. Pete Karczmarczyk

    This spring, we bought a 2008 Forest River Lexington 255. We’ve had very few issues with it. We were fortunate enough this August to go to the Forest River Rally in Goshen, Indiana. It was wonderful! We had two problems, our toilet wouldn’t hold water, and a leak in our slide over our bed. They were both taken care of quickly. I talked with a lot of RVers that had different things wrong with their rigs, however, all were repaired NO CHARGE!! I saw doors, water heaters, refrigerators, and numerous other repairs being done. The biggest complaint heard was the food was not up to years past. How can a food company fix meals for campers in almost 800 camping rigs and please everyone?

  112. Scott

    I have owned 2 coaches, a 2010 and 2016 Coach House class B+. Coach House only sells direct from the factory in Nokomis FL and both coaches were well built with quality materials and systems. I had a minor issue with a chair motor and it was repaired at a local service center with one phone call. I’ve had numerous questions and they have always taken the time to troubleshoot or answer my questions. You can call the factory and talk to the person who built your coach…customer service continues after the sale.

  113. Alan M. Fisher, MD

    We purchased an Airstream Classic Limited, 30′, in 2010 and is has performed magnificently.

    Maintenance from the dealer in the Portland, Or, area remains consistently timely, thorough, and cost effective. ( Airstream Adventures, NW)

    We have approximately 27K miles on the unit, and we lived in our Airstream for about 6 months while our new home was being built….

  114. Bruce

    Purchased a 2016 Leisure Teavel Unity in October, 2016 from Wagon Trail RV in Las Vegas. The motor home has performed well over 12,000 miles of use. The service at Wagon Trail RV(I froze the water pump) has been great.
    We are extremely pleased.

  115. Terry

    Purchased 2015 Navion and love it. Winnebago quality is quite good. That said, I think the industry should take a look at warranty on appliances. 1 year in the northern states is really about 1/2 year at best. Service in PA in season is 1-2 months. I was told on LP recall I could not take home until fixed. At $135 per hour, we should have better. I think that auto makers do a much better job.

  116. Gloria Cap

    We bought a Forest River Palomino Puma 25rbss travel trailer new in 2011 from Cheyenne Camping Center in Walton Iowa. Not ONE bit of trouble. We use it at least twice a month for 4 or more days each time from April through October.. We are completely satisfied. Have never had to take it in for any service.

  117. Alan Wolfe

    Our most recent purchase was a 2014 Born Free “Freedom” Rear Kitchen model. It is the second Born Free that we have owned from the company. Both the quality of the products and the continuing extraordinary “after purchase” support by Kim Olson and Ed Newman are all reasons we have continued purchasing Born Free’s.
    We visit RV’s shows to see new ideas and trends. (I also think the wife likes to torture me by always wanting “something different” than what we just purchased, whether a house or an RV, but that is a different subject…). I am amazed at how cheap and low quality most RV’s and Trailers are. Just walking inside, the floors, walls, cabinets, doors and components just seem fragile and .. well.. Cheaply made.
    I recommend quality above all else, so I’m sold on Born Free. You really have to experience the support you get from Kim and Ed. You can tell I’m a believer.

  118. Phil

    We bought a 2016 DRV Mobile Suites and have been full-timing in it since October 2016. We have covered about 8,000 miles in it so far. Although there have been a few issues, there has been nothing major. We have been satisfied with the responsiveness from DRV.

  119. Vicky Heise

    I bought my class C ford fleet wood from hilltop RV in the UP of Michigan. They delivered it to me. I had my yearly checkup this summer and was so pleased with the service department. The only extra work was with the awning which they replaced. Had to wait three days for the order but they were right on it when it came in and I was on my way.

  120. Frederick Palsgrove

    I bought a new Reflection by Grand Design last December and live in it full time. The quality is great and I have had no problems with the unit. Very pleased with my unit, if your looking for an RV give them some time. This is my second RV my first was a Flagstaff which we had for 5 years and put a lot of miles on with few problems. Do look at Grand Design, they seen to care about there products, and is a small independent company.

  121. Jim Medeiros

    We purchased a 2012 Heartland Bighorn in August of 2011, it was manufactured in April of 2011. Heartland warranties it as a full time RV and so far I have no major complaints or problems. The only assembly problem was a bolt that fell off of a hydraulic and prevented a slide from going out the first season we used it. We have snow birded in Florida since 2012 in our fifth wheel and find ourselves very comfortable in cold/warm weather. The floor plan is very well planned and we are very comfortable in the 336 sq. ft.
    The quality of the cabinets work was it’s weakest point, finish is not durable and within 6 months was coming off the cabinets, unfinished trim edges showed and I had to stain them. The furniture is not durable, the recliners at approaching replacement due to sagging springs etc.
    Overall, we are very happy with it and would buy another Heartland Bighorn, but I couldn’t afford another the prices have climbed so much over the last 4 years now that the economy is better.

  122. G. Smith

    A friend just picked up a new 2017 Newmar motor home. After 3000 miles and 6 weeks, his punch list is a blown lightbulb.

  123. Donnie Littlefield

    Grand Design. While they are not as high priced as several of the more popular RVs are I think the company really cares about their reputation. They have someone from the company monitoring the facebook page and owners forum. They seem to get most of the problems solved people have with their RVs. I bought a Reflection back in March and up to this point have not had any major complaints. The only problem we have had is leaking axle seals which were caused by poor quality Lippert parts. Other high marks go to the dealer where we purchased the trailer from which is Mcclanes RV in Denton, Texas.

  124. Joe Huston

    We purchased a 2016 Tiffen Allegro in June 2015 on a special order for how we wanted it configured. Had one problem, and it was my fault. Pulled a wire loose in the basement that controls the bedroom slideout. It messed up the computer control. It was a Saturday when we were getting ready to leave on our first vacation. Finally able to get it to retract but needed to be fixed. Called La Mesa RV. The service manager called me back from his home and had someone stay late to fix it! He reset the little computer and fixed it in 10 minutes. No other problems. First trip was over four months. It is extremely well built and the quality shows. Thank you La Mesa RV and Tiffen!

  125. Rob

    Four years we bought a brand new Jayco fifth wheel….when we went through the trailer we identified a number of issues that were problems (from the factory) that should have been identified by the dealer…he agreed to fix them and promised the trailer in three weeks….we waited two months for it, seems there was always an issue with Jayco (not the dealer). We kept the rig for two years and decided that we had enough of lousy service from the dealer. We bought a one owner Class A. We have a local service center we use and have been very pleased overall (the service center can be hard to get into due to his work quality). People have asked us about buying RVs, and often I tell them to shop around, and like you, don’t overlook the previously owned rig…..

  126. Jack

    I purchased a 2011 Forest River Rockwood signature series 5th wheel, from Hilmerson RV in Little Falls, Mn. Other then the Maiden Voyage this RV has been trouble Free for the past 6 years, the only issues have been user error related or outside the control of quality checks. ( Extreme Cold split the vinyl flooring) This was our first RV of anykind, and I did what I thought was a lot of research at the time. On our Maiden trip we had record rain fall, and the front Cap leaked into the cabinets in the bedroom. My Dealer Fixed it and tested it for 3 day’s with out a drip, Since then we have had more intense rain and no problems. I never got to use the expensive extra warrenty I bought for it,

  127. Michael Lineback

    We purchased a 2016 Forest River Flagstaff Classic Super Lite 832IKBS this past year. It has been trouble free. The only problems with the unit were ones that I created. So I have to say that it has been pretty much enjoyable from day one.

  128. Diane Seabury

    Good RV/Good Service

    We bought our Trail Manor travel trailer (2720) in 2011 at MCD RV Center in Cape Cod MA. We have had only very minor issues (ie fastenings shaking loose here and there), and have had no problem getting service. Our issues seem to be related ro use and not manufacturing defects. The only service issue is that we happen to live in NH, so planning the trip is a pain. We camp every weekend from Mid May to mid October – this camper gets USED.

  129. Dave

    We bought a 2016 Sandpiper 5thwheel last year. We are very happy with it. We have had only two issues with it, and both of those were component failures, not issues with construction. Our service experience fixing those two issues were also good, but we also kept in communication with tthe service Writer at the dealership. This is our 3rd RV in the last 25 years, so we are not new RVrs. But I also did ,my research before ordering this RV. We also visited the factory and exchanged several emails with the production supervisor leading up to the time our RV was built. I think all of this factors helped make our experience successful.
    Also, get an extended warranty. Protect your investment.

  130. Rick

    2003 Jayco Designer. Bought new. Serviced by the factory since 2nd year. Great service and very happy with 5th wheel. Still a quality unit for the price and awesome factory service and commitment.

  131. jim Rodenkirch

    Quality service is something we all hope for and search out. We have enjoyed the benefits of having a quality Camping World (CW) Sales and Service Center here in St. George, Utah. All CW centers are not equal – we had several terrible experiences in Florida – but the St. George facility is a “cut above,” If you are in s/w Utah and require service on your RV, head to CW in St. George.

    Jim and Jan R.
    St.George, UT

  132. Jim Bisson

    We purchased a 2013 Winnebago Vista from Ronnie Bock’s Kerrville RV in Kerrville, TX (it was the second RV that we purchased there). We have not had any major problem with either RV and service is excellent.

  133. Gary

    New NOMAD purchased two years ago. After the glow of a new RV wore off, we discovered a number of workmanship issues. Among these were an incorrect floor vent cutout that was not securely patched, missing trim in bathroom, a warp in the pull down outdoor kitchen cover that required replacement, an air conditioner that leaked it’s gas content, required replacement and slide-out trim required re-gluing. Thank Heaven for extended warranties. I’ll admit, service has been good but manufacturing appears to be slipping greatly

  134. Richard Wright

    I have had extremely good fortune with my 3 RVs. Two class As and a C. Why? Because I don’t buy new. I buy like new 3 or 4 year old rigs with 30-40K. If there were issues the first owner took care of it for me. Plus I don’t take the depreciation beating.

  135. Marianne

    We bought an rPod in 2014. First time we hooked it up to water it poured out the bottom of the pod because the connection inside was not secured. The second time we took it out the range vibrated off. The first time we used the scrubber to flush the black water tank the clean water came pouting out – again, the inside connection was not cinched on properly. There is no manual that gives us a wiring schematic either. We love our rPod, but feel it was very poorly made.

  136. Judy Glazier

    I bought a Lazy Daze Class C motorhome which has been without problems for two delightful years of full-time travel. Two minor issues with items from their suppliers – a metal part on the awning secure point which rusted and a plastic part in the kitchen window shade which broke – were quickly replaced by Lazy Daze.

  137. Joe Allen

    We have had 5th Wheels, pop ups, Class C’s and a Diesel pusher. Anytime you are purchasing from a manufacture that turns out hundreds of RV’s a month, you are going to have problems. It’s just the nature of the beast. Unfortunately, most of us are looking for that deal or best bang for the buck. All that glitter makes us silly and we make stupid decisions based on this.
    Best RV we have every had, a Foretravel. When we purchased ours, the manufacture was building an average of 70-80 coaches a year. Quality was excellent and it showed. However, not everyone can afford a high end coach, so do your homework and most of all, ask those who own one. They are your best answer to regrets or no regret!

  138. Darren B

    We bought a 35′ Fun Finder 300 Xtra You Hauler. Nothing but troubles. Every appliance has broken on successive trips. Every time we have taken it out something else breaks. Junk. AC, heat, toilet, ducts, water tank, slides,under bed storage, fridge, trim.

  139. S & L Worden

    We purchased a 2017 30F “Timber Ridge” model 270RKS, made by Outdoors RV (out of LaGrande Oregon) from Robert Crist and Company RV in Mesa AZ and could not be happier with the quality of the RV and the customer service provided by the Dealer. We are not “new” to the RV lifestyle, however it has been years since we owned an RV and what we were impressed with, specifically with this manufacture, was the quality in workmanship. The construction of the RV focuses on durability such as, the shock absorbers which are standard on the chase to minimize wear and tear on the structure of the RV while being towed especially on roads which are not paved. Extra insulation, making cooling and heating the RV more efficient. Storage, storage, storage….In the model we selected, I even have a floor to ceiling pantry in the kitchen ! The dealer we purchased from has provided support and a level of customer service which is hard to find these days. From our initial visit on the lot, to our most recent appointment with the service department. The staff are friendly, responsive, and knowledgable. The service department staff were skilled and efficient with the minor repairs which were needed… (just normal new RV adjustments). We currently are using the RV for weekend getaways, but purchased with the idea of using it for extended time on the road while we travel the US and transition into full time RV’ers. We highly recommend Outdoors RV’s and Robert Crist and Company RV!!

  140. Jerry Collis

    We purchased a new Winnebago Adventurer 38Q from Lazydays in Seffner, FL. This was our first RV and we special ordered it with a satellite and on-demand hot water heater. When we received the RV (3 months later than promised) there were just cosmetic issues. Mostly things like crinkled wall paper and ill fitting trim. Everything was fixed by the dealer. Our biggest complaint was with the service person returning our calls. Once we discussed our issues with , what we call the complaint department, those issues went away. I have to give the mechanics cudos for their work. The wood shop manager found a defect in the floor and the mechanic that worked on the water system called me every other day to keep me informed of his progress. We are full timers and as expected there are things that just happen as you drive your home down the road. My most terrible issue currently is the way the hood is attached to the body. It appears it is just glued. This came apart as I was closing the hood after checking the oil. I’ve already made my appointment at Lazydays. I have confidence in this dealer. We’ve also been enjoying or RV for the past eight (8) months on the road.

  141. Bonsy

    I work for a major RV tour company and I see the lack of quality probably more than most. I could write endlessly about problems with new and old rigs but especially things that should not go wrong. I only wished I could be part of an influential group who would take the bull by the horns and go after those who make RVs.

  142. JD

    We bought a ’16 Thor Miramar new. Love the floor plan and features, very few problems – all minor – that are being promptly addressed at a dealer near our home, not where we bought it.

    Simple fact is, we did our research including factory tours, talked to RVers about their experiences and looked at the blogs. We are happy with what we got given our needs and budget. We managed our own expectations going In and accept that preventative maintenance is on us. RVing is what it is: whenever you put a house, which is a lot of interconnected systems on top of truck or towable platform then drive it around on crappy US roads which shake the hell out of it, things might not work.

    As for all the complaints people have about noise and ride, I suggest the following: download an app to your mobile device and actually measure the noise (decibel meter) and vibration (seismometer). Then compare it to your everyday auto. You might be surprised.

    Could the industry improve? Sure, just like every other industry. Will they? That depends on the customer. Demand is what controls the quality of the supply. This industry can’t hide from quality issues like they used too. We customers do a fine job sharing experiences with forums and blogs like this. But its clear to me the industry is growing and one way these issues are addressed is with a wide range of options, quality levels and the price ranges associated with it.

    But it’s funny how all those issues recede as a concern for me in the early mornings when I pop outside and have some coffee while looking at a beautiful National Park scene…..

  143. Sue Walton

    I bought my first travel trailer a year ago from Colonial Airstream in NJ. When shopping for a trailer there was absolutely no other choice for quality workmanship, and design. Everything out there looked like cheap plastic that would not tolerate road hardships. Only a minor problem with the door which was happily readjusted by airstream.
    The sales staff, training staff, and even the maintenance guy was so very patient with my numerous questions, and concerns as a first time owner and newbie to pulling a trailer. They spent HOURS with me! When I went back to the Hershey RV show, the staff patiently reviewed all 50 questions I had written down since picking up the trailer, and even made me give them a return demonstration on one of their show models on how to open and close the awning. That is service!
    I know I paid quite a bit more than I had to for a trailer, but you get what you pay for! I couldn’t be happier a year out of my first experience with trailer camping.

  144. Linda and Gary

    We sold our motorhome last January and purchased a 2017 Mesa Ridge (316RLS) travel trailer several weeks later. Our new rig is 30′ plus hitch, and we have been super pleased with the quality. Our dealer is Sonny’s RV in Concord, NC. We have only taken the rig in once which was for a hitch adjustment and to adjust one cabinet lock. We would highly recommend our dealer and our rig , made by
    Open Range.. Silly us took a “shakedown” five-week trip to the Maritimes and had no issues at all with the rig.

  145. Rodger Temple

    Purchased a Newmar motorhome. No complaints. Quality is outstanding. Fit and finish best in market at this price point. Only a few small problems. Hope Newmar doesn’t lose focus on quality. Factory and dealer support are very good..Dealer service becoming increasingly difficult. Must make appointments well in advance. Campgrounds are very crowded. Have to have reservations, even Mon. thru Fri.

  146. Dennis Charpentier

    Other than the use of cheaper “lighter” materials by the RV manufactures, I’m convinced it’s all about dealer prep. I am a buyer of gently used RV’s due to the ridiculous cost of new models. I generally purchase RV’s that are 3-5 years old. I bought a 2003 Winnebago Sightseer in 2007 and kept it until 2015. This was a great unit. Sure I had a few problems along the way due to usage and wear, but the dealer prep was perfect. The unit was trouble free on delivery and never had a major breakdown.
    I presently own a 2012 Fleetwood Bounder that I purchased in 2015. I have worked on this unit to correct problems from the day I bought it. The dealer prep consisted of two gals with a bucket and sponge. It was clean, but everything was loose. Even the couches rocked when I traveled down the road. I have chased this poor construction and poor dealer prep for over a year. Just now, the problems are subsiding as I get more and more of them corrected. Me and the Bounder may eventually become friends.

  147. Therese Sandhage

    I bought a Forest River TT last year. There were a few minor problems which I got repaired at the Forest River factory. I’ve been very happy with the quality of my Signature Ultra Lite and with the service from Forest River. I have received no repair service from the dealership which sold me the RV. Their service department had a high rating but was in shambles after I took possession of my RV. I haven’t bothered to go back there for service since getting connected with and serviced by the manufacturing plant. I have only good to say about Forest River.

  148. Rick

    Bought an Econ 16RB, a small travel trailer new in October 2013. Not one issue to date. Dealer we purchased from was also quite good. No oversell on anything we didn’t need and politely moved me along from trailers too big for my tow vehicle.

  149. John Blaicher

    We purchased a 30 foot travel trailer that received rave reviews when it was introduced and it has exceeded all of our expectation. It is a 2011 Carriage Domani. The quality of build exceeds anything I have seen before or since. The Domani model was intended to be Carriage’s SIGNATURE series TT, but it’s high ticket price at a time when the North American economy was in trouble combined with other factors lead to Carriage going under.
    However, this trailer is a real head turner and the build quality is prevalent throughout. In fact, because the trailer is so rare and distinctive, everywhere we go we are asked…who makes that trailer because I have never seen one before…and we are always giving tours of the inside. While I know I paid considerably more for this trailer than what I could have purchased several other 30 ft TTs for, I am so happy I did. I 5 years I have never had a problem and have only done standard service maintenance. There is a huge truth in the saying …you get what you pay for and is NOT always what you see that counts most!.

  150. James Menard

    We have been dealing with Cenla RV in Alexandria, La since 2006. We purchased a Jayco Senaca and had no issues. Scaled down in 2012 to a Jayco Whitehawk, which we still have. We had a couple of issues, but Cenla took care of the problems. Made appointment for 8AM and would usually be out before lunch. We have been RVing since 1980 and have had Terry Resort 5th wheel, good unit, Winnebago Journey MH and now Jayco.

  151. Grumpy Old Timer

    Our last and only new RV was a Jayco Jay Flight TT, 25′ purchased several years ago. Not exactly a high end unit, but we were satisfied with the unit. No, zero, nada warranty items. Everything worked as it should and continued to do so for the two years we owned it before trading up to a motor home. We purchased the TT from CW in El Paso TX. The service and orientation at delivery of the TT was excellent.
    Our experience with our used motor home, an Itasca Suncruiser, has been very good. However the experience with the CW selling dealer in Tuscon was horrible. I will never purchase a unit from them again. If we ever purchase another unit it will most likely be a 2 to 4 year old used model.

  152. TMM

    bought a 2017 Elkridge E30 in May2016. Blue Dog RV in Gresham, OR. Sales people are great to work with. Sales people are super friendly, but it can take FOREVER to get things done. They have had several rounds of turnover in the service department and it has affected their service.
    As for the 5th wheel itself, there have been a few things. Mattress is cr@p and collapsed almost immediately, as did some of the dinette cushions. Water pump leaking back, outside LED light track warped, and someone left a shipping block in the door and warped that. Heartland is doing right from what I can tell.

    The biggest disappointment is the lack of quality in the build. Looks pretty at first… After living in it now for 4 months, it is easy to spot the little things. Details that make you think maybe this one was built on a Friday, just before a long weekend, at 4 pm, by the new guy… if you get my drift.

    1. Wayne

      We bought a 2016 Newmar Dutch Star last year. It has been wounderful. Except for a few freightliner recalls, all has been good. We bought a motorhome comparison guide to guide our purchase. We considered about 10 quality class A rvs and went with Newmar because of the floorplan. We have talked to a few people who bought another brand to save a little money, and they have had nothing but trouble, Do your homeworl.

      1. Dean and Janette

        We bought a 2016 Tiffin Phaeton 36GH and other than a few minor issues it has been trouble free. Took it to Tiffin in June and the service was excellent. That being said, I do think there are a lot of maintenance issues that if the RVer is educated on and judicious with maintenance, it can avoid many problems I read about. We will definitely buy another Tiffin!

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