Marcus Lemonis shows off trailers, makes a boo-boo

Marcus Lemonis, the CEO of Camping World and the Good Sam Club, made a video the other day. He used his phone’s camera to announce how proud he is to be selling Coleman trailers at his Camping World stores. He devotes the entire video to discussing Coleman trailers, their appeal to Millennials, and explains to viewers that one of the good things about RVs is that their loan interest can be written off the same as with a second home.

Oops! Not true. Beginning in 2018, the interest deduction was eliminated for travel trailers. Read more.

Click the video to watch.

From idea to reality. Coleman trailers

Posted by Marcus Lemonis on Wednesday, August 29, 2018


5 Thoughts to “Marcus Lemonis shows off trailers, makes a boo-boo”

  1. Jerry

    Well if it were possible to deduct that interest it would be a REALLY BIG DEAL with the criminal interest rates Camping World hooks unsuspecting purchasers into accepting.

  2. Tom

    Vanessa, the rvtailgatelife article seemed to make sense. That said, I have heard that towed RVs have lost the deduction, but Class C’s and motor homes retain it.

  3. Jeff

    Just briefly looking at the Coleman RV (for under 20,000) you can see the cheapness of the RV. You know if the cost is under $20,000, there are many things that are already wrong with the RV and the simple fact it is being sold at Camping World!

  4. Vanessa

    There are several articles online that say the tax deduction is still available including this one…

    Has anyone spoken to a real tax lawyer/CPA about this? Surely there is one among the members here that could write a fact-based article about this issue!

    1. Ron

      Vanessa… from your provided url:

      If you have a fifth wheel or travel trailer, the interest on your tow vehicle will not be deductible as home mortgage interest. Neither will any towed vehicle for a Class A or Class C motorhome.

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