4 Thoughts to “Motorhome blows tire, rolls over. Sad!”

  1. Birdie in Texas

    It is very important to instinctively know what to do when the unexpected Rapid Air Loss (blowout) happens to you. Last September I was driving in a road construction area where one side of the interstate was shutdown for repairs and my side was configured to two lanes with the horrid cement long block between us and them. The side of the road had been increased for driving on about 3′. The speed was reduced to 55 mph. I was driving a 30′ class A and towing with my speed at about 53. All of a sudden I heard a loud pop and the steering gave a jump. I immediately started the ‘speed up and control the steering, slow down and find a safe place, now gentle on the brakes’. Easy peasy! But man I was scared the first 10-20 seconds. I thank God everyday that I watch that video twice a year for the last 5-6 years of my RVing. It was second nature! It could have been a horror story. It wasn’t and I intend to continue watching that video.

    1. RV Staff

      Good point, Birdie. Drivers should watch the video regularly so that their reaction in case of emergency becomes second nature. So glad your situation turned out OK. —Diane at

  2. L Z

    i watched the tire blow and learned nothing. what should one do in this case ? was not spelled out or nothing what kind of info is this ?!?!?!_)(&^*%$#@!~

    1. RV Staff

      Well, L Z, if you read the info just below the video, there is a link to another very informative video about what to do if your tire blows out. Here is a link to that video, since you apparently missed it:

      Also, here is a link to a recent article from our newsletter about what to do if a tire blows out:

      And here is a link to a Nov. 11 article from RV tire expert Roger Marble, which includes two instructional videos regarding what to do if a tire blows out:

      These have all been posted in our newsletters within the past couple of months. We’re sorry you missed them. The video you viewed was just an example of what could happen if the driver responds “incorrectly” to a tire blowout, which is why the link to a video with the correct procedure is included in the text below the video.

      We hope you find this information useful. —Diane at

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