Need storage for your stuff or RV?

Do you wish your RV looked like the image to the right? Are you out of storage? As RVers, we often run out of room for, well, everything. We build shelves and organize our basement compartments as best we can, but in reality, those two large TVs, the old dog crate, the books we can’t part with, and hubby’s bowling ball collection probably won’t fit.

And on the subject of storage, what do you do with your RV when you’re not using it? That’s a big concern for RVers who don’t have room in their yards, or live in condos with no extra parking space. One place to find a secure place is at a nearby storage facility. Find Storage Fast has a solution for both “stuff” and storing your rig.

Once on the website, plug in your zip code (or the zip for wherever you’ll be going) and the site generates a list of available storage units within a certain distance of your location. It will even go so far as giving you the storage unit sizing and pricing. Now that’s handy! 

To book a unit, simply click on the size and price you’d like, complete the reservation form (your name, phone number, email address, and move-in date) and voila! A piece of cake. 

To find a unit available near you, click here