Peace, love and RV tranquility


Dear RV Shrink:rvshrink
I’m in my late 50‘s and met a wonderful old hippie who has great social security. We have so much in common and have decided we’d like to be traveling companions. The problem is she is a vegetarian minimalist and I am a meat and potatoes abstract. She wants to buy a small trailer that looks like a fiberglass egg. I want an old 35-foot school bus. Can you explain to her that people do not live full-time in such a small space. I have tried to explain to her that we need the kind of room that a big bus offers. She insists that it is doable and I cannot reason with her. Please send help. —About to be Crammed in Camden

Dear Crammed:
I am a bit suspect of your motives. Are you hooking up with this woman for companionship or a social security check and the Senior Pass to national parks? You haven’t enlightened me on what you have in common but it is obviously not camping style.

There are several small trailer brands that fit the fiberglass egg description. One of the more popular is the Casita. It is small and practical and people do full-time RV in them. They make travel fuel efficient, have very functional floor plans and utilize every square inch of space to the maximum. An old school bus, on the other hand, would be far from fuel efficient and most likely more expensive to turn into a comfortable RV.

I would have to agree with your companion between the two choices you have offered. It will be a close relationship, and I am talking quarters not compassion. Much of the storage available when hauling a trailer this size will be in the tow vehicle. You might want to pack light in the beginning so that you will have less to carry if she ends up dropping you off along the highway. You must face the fact that this idea will always be in the back of her head. Think about it. Without you she doubles the size of her trailer living space and most likely has twice as much money. —Keep Smilin’, Richard Mallery a.k.a. Dr. R.V. Shrink

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3 Thoughts to “Peace, love and RV tranquility”

  1. Alan Wolfe

    I definitely loved your response. Hilarious!
    On the other hand, my wife and I see things totally opposite. If there were ever two ways of solving a problem, that would be us! The benefit of it is that the balance of the differing solutions has saved us many times over and we worked through the options. I think this couple; Minimalist Hippie and “Bigger is Better” may have fun experimenting with each choice, and learning the benefits/downsides of each option.
    Just sayin….

  2. Karen

    Great response:0)

  3. Angelack

    I had expected you to equivocate on your reply. Nope, you told it like it is. Loved your response.

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