Reader’s Digest list of the top RV parks in every state

by Deanna Tolliver

Do you have a favorite RV park in the different states you travel through? What makes that a favorite park?

You can compare notes with a recent article in Reader’s Digest. “The Best RV Parks in Every State” is in the online version of the magazine. The article doesn’t list the qualifications that earned a campground to be the “best” in every state. And a quick perusal shows that there are significant differences in rates and amenities among the campgrounds that “won” the best status.

 But you might find some new parks to investigate when planning your route to a new area. I’m familiar with a some of those listed, and have a different opinion from the writer of the article on a few.

What do you think? Here’s the link


4 Thoughts to “Reader’s Digest list of the top RV parks in every state”

  1. marty chambers

    This could be a good resource but you have to keep in mind that with all “opinion” ratings, it could be true, faulty, or a con.

    I think our fellow readers could be a great resource for such information. Maybe a new part of the newsletter?

    1. Mike

      Agree completely, some of those sites look like parking lots……not our kind of camping or RVing.

  2. Tommy Molnar

    Kinda funny. If you scroll through this list and look at the rigs in the pictures, they’ve managed to block out most of the RV manufacturers names. Some snuck through, but most are blocked out.

    1. Mike Sokol

      We call that “Greeking” the photo, as in “it’s all Greek to me”. That’s an age-old practice for the ad industry, since you don’t give away free logo placement. I’ve done this many times when a specific manufacturer is sponsoring something I’m doing, but other gear is in the picture. In the pro-sound industry if can’t get the offending logo out of the shot we just put a piece of black gaff tape over the logo to “greek” it.

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