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Comments for RV Electricity – Overloaded wires – What’s the big deal?

  • I would suggest using a product that cleans and lubes the contacts…like De-Oxit, and even though Radio Shack is disappearing in many places,they actually sold a version of contact cleaner that works quite well..especially in old RV park pedestals that are corroded…with the breaker off of course. I use it every time I pull into an RV before plugging anything into the pedestal.Along with a good quality EMS these should go a long way alleviating hot wire problems…assuming one uses the proper cord that is.

  • Just read this on the main page of the RVtravel newsletter today. You don’t need a space heater to overload an extension cord and cause a fire.
    “Two people sleeping in an RV in San Angelo, Texas, were treated for smoke inhalation after their rig caught fire while parked in a driveway. Fire investigators said an extension cord leading from a house electrical outlet was overloaded and caught fire at the RV, prior to tripping the breaker serving the circuit. Officials stressed a space heater was not involved in the incident, but did indicate the load was more than the cord could bear. The RV was demolished, and a dog in the unit perished.”

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