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Comments for Our RV holding tank is frozen – Help!

  • My ‘go-to’ place had a solution for this for me. I have a Coachmen class ‘A’ with enclosed tanks so no tank heaters for me. He installed a nautical solution, a Bilge Heater in my Sanitary bay that is thermostatically controlled. It has a fan that distributes the heat…solved the problem.

  • Salt is safe to use in a waste tank. Make a saturated solution of common table salt and water and pour it down the toilet. The finer table salt works faster than rock salt.

  • I had the bad experience of having to use my travel trailer in freezing weather once and the flush valve (termination valve) froze.
    I laid under the trailer with my wife’s hair dryer freezing my butt off thawing the valve. After it thawed I added a temporary layer of insulation until I could resolve the situation permanently.
    Remember that ice crystals form at the lowest point float up to the top and if supported by 32degree will form an ice sheet at the top. Chances are that the top of the tank or upper water level will not freeze, but, the valve, the lowest level of the tank will. Once the valve is thawed the warmer waste as it empties should eliminate any remaining ice that may have formed.

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