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Comments for RV industry Presidents respond to editorial

  • I am a nobody, no professional experience in polling people. But I do know you can get any type response you want depending on what and how the questions were asked.
    As for my listening to poll results at maybe 50%.

  • Let me lift out two quotes from Mr. Bambei’s reply above.

    “overall experience with their RVs, 88% responded good, very good, or excellent”
    ” we know the industry faces some issues on quality”

    These two responses are diametrically opposed. It calls into question the credibility of the response.

    The bottom line as long as customers are going to buy new RV’s in record numbers despite the shoddy workmanship nothing will change. The only pressure comes from the pocketbook.

    I have yet to read someone moan about quality and end by saying I decided the RV lifestyle is not for me so therefore I will not buy one. People moan but they still buy and as long as that occurs nothing will change.

  • Managing an rv park in Arizona, people tell me each year how cheap the rvs are that are being built.
    Thor’s name comes up A LOT!!

  • The alleged comments about user satisfaction is not what I am hearing from fellow-RV’ers and it is certainly not something that I have experienced. As soon as Mike Thompson RV in Colton, California got me off the lot, they could care less about me or my coach. For the first year I could not use the coach for over 6 months. Mike Thompson was unsympathetic and incompetent. Do not purchase ANYTHING from Mike Thompson RV in Colton, California.

  • : Keep your editorials coming. Whatever pressure you can bring upon the manufacturers (especially) and Parks, as well as other RV suppliers will help over the long haul until the RV public gets its own superman such as the automobile public has in the NATSB (auto safety recalls). The two industry responses you received are not worth much since they are paid by their members who are not the buying public. I am on my third RV and have experienced all that your readers have, truly the large majority of the manufacturers and Park owners don’t care. Public power is great, but it has to be channeled and I don’t no how that can be done except through voices like yours and organizations like RV Reviews. RV Reviews works well for those who stay at a Park then send in a sound, detailed review after their stay. It has worked very well for me. I have to believe that Park owners concerned about their Park will, over time, make changes. We need something like that to let the public and manufacturers know about the problems with their products.