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Comments for RVs become part of “underground economy”

  • In all the counties near LA with which I’m familiar this is illegal. It also gives a terrible black eye to the legitimate RV community. Why isn’t this guy in jail? Who really thinks the homeless are going to call the pump service to empty their tanks? This is appalling. I don’t pretend to know the answer to the homeless problem, but this sure isn’t it.

  • Excellent article.

    This ‘growing economy’ will only get worse.

    The word is spreading (thanks to internet) and RTR in Quartzsite will probably see 1000 folks. I talked to an ‘oldtimer van dweller’… who said most are there first time… more ‘joining’ the RTR ‘tribe’ every day.

    Cell phones and internet… they communicate and easily scatter when enforcement lingers nearby.

  • Well, legally he isn’t responsible for how his renter use the equipment. By that logic gun makers are responsible for deaths. Unless small affordable housing is part of the urban planning, stuff like this is a free market reality. Either way, the areas have to deal with it and they choose how to deal with it. Prevent it or tow it.

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