How to sanitize your RV’s fresh water system

Most RVers treat their fresh water tank from time to time to keep the water tasting good and safe from germs. This short video from Trailer Life shows how easy it is to freshen your water supply to keep it in tip-top condition — and spend only pennies doing it!



3 Thoughts to “How to sanitize your RV’s fresh water system”

  1. Dago55

    HA! Enjoyed the bloober at the end…forgetting to pull the pressure relief valve can leave a lasting impression…cheers!

  2. Fox

    Hydrogen Peroxide works just as well and is environmentally friendly.

  3. Dave

    Bleach has very little chlorine and lot of stuff that leaves a bad taste if you don’t fully flush (and you may need to flush again). Better is to use swimming pool chlorine at 1 teaspoon per 100 gallons. If you are going to follow with a flush, you can use the full teaspoon. If not, use a partial teaspoon that matches your tank size.

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