Should you unplug your RV during a lightning storm? editor Chuck Woodbury talks with RV electricity authority Mike Sokol of about whether it’s a good idea to unplug an RV from electric hookups during a lightning storm. Mike has the answer and an explanation about how a damaging strike can happen even if the strike occurs far away.

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5 Thoughts to “Should you unplug your RV during a lightning storm?”

  1. J Hamme

    Me too. Sometimes have to pay for WiFi data.

  2. Jeanie

    Not everyone likes to watch video. A text version of this story would be nice.

    1. Harold

      Amen! No offense intended to the video!

      1. Gary R

        You can read the article on RV lightning safety here:

    2. Darrel

      Fully agree. Many RVers on limited band width.

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