Some RV guided tours you might like

Some RV guided tours you might like

By Deanna Tolliver

Is taking your RV to Alaska on your bucket list? Maybe you haven’t done it yet because there’s a lot of planning involved. Or maybe your dream RV trip is to learn more about the Civil War, to visit the battlefields and museums, but again—planning the trip feels a little overwhelming.

If you enjoy caravaning with your RV, meeting new people, and seeing and learning about new areas of the country and the world, signing up for a guided RV tour may be the answer to shorten your bucket list. There are companies such as Fantasy RV Tours and Adventure Caravans, to name just a couple, who take care of all the planning and details for you. 

Park accommodations are made for you, trip routes, restaurant reservations, museum tours. All you have to do is drive.

Fantasy RV Tours has several Alaska options for 2018, varying from 48 days to 62 days. There aren’t many spaces left, so if you’re interested, contact them right away .

Adventure Caravans also offers an Alaskan tour, The Ultimate Alaska Adventure, for 48 days beginning in June. 

If staying in the lower 48 is more to your liking, here’s a sampling of other tours offered by both companies this year. Availability may be limited.

Fantasy Tours
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Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta October 4-October 10 2018

Rocky Mountain National Parks of the North July 15-August 16 2018

Florida Sunshine Getaway October 23-November 26 2018

Adventure Caravans
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Experience Kentucky September 11-October 14 2018

Big Sky and Rocky Mountain High August 19-September 29 2018

Get Your Kicks on Route 66 September 17-November 7 2018

If you operate tours for RVers, please contact Deanna Tolliver at so we can help spread the word about your itineraries.


2 thoughts on “Some RV guided tours you might like

  1. Fred Deffinbaugh

    I’m currently on a Yankee Tours caravan through the Canadian Maritime including Newfoundland and Labrador. Great tour!

  2. Erin James

    We did a Passport America Caravan last year and really enjoyed it, for the most part. All the routes, planning and reservations are made by the organizer which makes the whole idea of traveling much less stressful. The other folks along on this caravan were fun and friendly and overall, it was a great experience. We’re thinking about an Alaska Caravan next year.

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