Our readers explain why they like RVtravel.com


Here is just fraction of the unsolicited comments we’ve received recently from our readers about RVtravel.com. We’re been publishing for 17 years and we’re pretty darn knowledgeable about the subject of RVing. Some of these comments make reference to our videos, on our popular YouTube Channel. But don’t just trust us. Read what our readers say:


Your articles are very informative and educational. You take the mystery out of a lot of different problems one may encounter RVing. I for one enjoy reading them very much. Keep up the good work. —Nick D.

Hi Chuck, enjoying your editorials, glad that you are again in the groove. —Gary W.

I enjoy your newsletter and articles, and look forward to them every weekend. As we start using more mobile devices, I would love to see your site and newsletter become more mobile friendly. Keep up the great work with your articles and videos. —C. Young

I look forward RVtravel.com every Saturday. I’m not sure whether it’s because of my “very retired state of mind” or the excellent, very entertaining and informative writing. I suspect it’s due to the latter. Thanks very much! —Chuck C.

Thanks for all the good articles. Enjoy every one. Thanks again for your time in writing these many newsletters and etc. 73 from Nebraska —Rog

Chuck, I hope you realize that your voice is needed to share with consumers to “look before they buy:” and the RV industry that, yes, someone is watching you and letting people know. I became a member of your newsletter because I needed to find out all the information I could before I made this huge “leap of faith” to purchase. Over this year and half, I saw what you and your staff do to provide interesting, often thought-provoking commentary.  That’s when I became a paid subscriber.  
Don’t lose faith in what you’re doing … there’s always rain before the sun shines! 
Thanks to you and your staff, I know that I have a lot more knowledge about RVs, and now I’m an informed consumer.
When I make that decision to buy, I know I have been provided the kind of information that will help me make a good decision.
Thanks again and keep up the good work! —Patricia

Love the Roadside Journal. —Sharon

Excellent article…well written, concise and very informative. —Greg F.

As always, Chuck, I thoroughly enjoy your newsletter and your Roadside Journal. —Sheridan B.

Hello Chuck, I am re-enthused to see your comments regarding RV quality or the lack thereof, and the seeming disregard for customer satisfaction by dealers and the near industry monopoly of manufacturers. Please, do not lessen your efforts to inform as many as possible of the current rights and wrongs that currently exist. I, and I’m certain many other longtime RV owners, would willingly offer to you, the benefit of our “Hands-On” experience. I look forward to hearing from you. Keep up the good work !! —Grant

Enjoy reading your newsletters, keep it up. —RCT

I have been reading this newsletter for several years now. I make a point of not reading until Sunday morning which I read while drinking my pot of Sunday coffee. Now a retired full-time RVer I can take my time. It’s one little ritual that I look forward to every week. Despite the time I have enjoyed reading it, there is never a week go by that I didn’t learn something or just plain enjoy reading Chuck’s comments. Many of which I can absolutely relate to. Please keep what you are doing, Chuck. I would greatly miss my Sunday morning ritual. Thanks for your efforts always. —Mike B.

I’d like to award an “Attaboy” to you. Your newsletter is a joy to read every Saturday morning with my coffee. Your observations on coach quality I feel are spot on. I’m going to take every opportunity I can to promote your newsletter through my contacts on Facebook & other social media sites. Please keep up the good work. —Phil A.

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It’s not a Saturday without Chuck…….you speak and write from the heart…..carry on RV man…..U r there 4 us. We r there 4 u!!!!!! —MJ

Great newsletter and I appreciate your “ramblings”!!! I am relatively new to RVing. I am an avid researcher and am well aware of the RV quality issue. Please keep fighting the good fight. Most voices in the RV industry and culture sing the praises of the lifestyle and don’t discuss the ugly underbelly of the RV industry. Greg Gerber, John Huggins, and you are the only voices that I have heard that are willing to challenge the poor RV quality issue. Keep it up! —Dean


The weekly newsletter is just long enough to keep me reading a little each day of the week until the next issue comes out. Have learned so much, no other site gives out as much good solid info. Been following it about 4 years. —Mike

I have been reading your newsletter for 12 years now. I have told hundreds of RVers about RV Travel, like having good information for my fellow RVers. Full time now for 10 years. Keep up the good work. Thank you. — Rog, Deb

Hi Chuck, Been following your newsletter for about a year now. Have learned a great deal from your site. —Madelyn B.

Chuck, I will be RVing in the near future and have watched your posts and for the most part enjoy them. They are informative, educational in the sense that I will be a newbie to the RV world. I will be buying an RV this year. I want to thank you for your posts every week. Keep up the good work. —Gil

RV Travel keeps you informed on the latest cool RV stuff, like this couch that easily converts to a bunk bed.

Keep up the good informative work Chuck. —Ty

I have been reading your articles for several years now and it is something I look forward to every week. Keep up the good work. You rock!!!! —Nancy W.

I also hope that you keep the heat on the manufacturers lack of quality and dealers follow up. Thanks for your efforts in bringing these problems to the forefront and hope new RV purchasers read your magazine before purchasing. —Douglas R.

Chuck – You are definitely on to something. Given the problems you cite, RV build quality and scarcity of RV accommodations, you would THINK the RV industry might pay attention. But like so many other situations, unless it affects certain people personally and/or there is some strong financial incentive to give a hoot, they will not. Please keep raising these issues for all of us. I just became a voluntary subscriber, and I support your efforts 1000%. THANK YOU! —Rich T.

Chuck, I’ve enjoyed all your newsletters since the early days of Out West. Always love to hear what you have to say, so keep it coming. Glad you’re still fighting for the RV owner! —Sharry

We let you know about free and inexpensive places to stay in your RV.

Chuck, thanks for your ‘rambling’. I feel like I know you as I have learned ‘tons’ of valuable lessons from the newsletter and videos! My wife, Jan and I are new RV’ers, preparing for retirement (in about 94 weeks, but who is counting). We appreciate your sharing of knowledge and wisdom. Thank you again for your efforts and keep up the great work. It is greatly appreciated. —John and Jan B.

Hi Chuck. Been reading your newsletter for about 4 years now and always enjoy it.. My wife and I met you at the Hershey R.V. show in 2016.. Enjoyed your rambling on the video. Keep on writing. Thanks. —Doug and Mary B.


I’ve been RV’ing for two years and started following you a few months in. Your newsletter and the links have been very valuable to me as I’ve learned a lot about basics, places to go, etc. I look forward to the newsletter every week, but I must say, the video post is a welcome addition. —Chuck B.

Do more, do lots more of these “fireside” chats! I felt like we were having a one-on-one conversation across my tiny dining table. Your sense of humor really shines through, too. So, yeah, we need more of these, please. —Lyn R.

Thank you Chuck, for your efforts to have the RV industry be more vigilant and accountable in the manufacture and service of the vehicles. —Gerri and Dick L.

Cool! Keep up what you’re doing. —Pete

We always look forward to your newsletter. Keep up the good work. —Marilyn and Mike S.

You’re the “best.” Keep going with the welcomed advice and information. —Bob R.

Enjoy the new letter and like the idea of videos to bring a point home. Please continue hammering the industry on quality. —Mark W.

Dear Chuck, Enjoyed your rambling video very much. You included both wit and wisdom. I would suggest a cowboy hat and a new moniker “Chuckwagon,” especially when you are out West. P.S. Your newsletters could never be too long. —Moaboy

We write about safety, how to help avoid a situation like this!

Hi, Chuck. Thanks for the video and for the low-res (I need that). The “rambling” less-structured presentation makes it feel like having a friend on the road. Beyond the feel-good part of that, it gives people a better understanding of the ups and downs of full-timing. —Calvin R.

I look forward RVtravel.com every Saturday. I’m not sure whether it’s because of my “very retired state of mind” or the excellent, very entertaining and informative writing. In suspect it’s due to the later. Thanks very much. —Chuck C.

Chuck, you have a great newsletter, and always learn something, especially the “close the grey tank” video. —TexasGal

Always look forward to the newsletter every Saturday no matter where I am. —Loretta R.


We have family and friends and we are usually the ones they call when they need an answer. We always refer them to RV Travel, so keep up the good work. —Richard H.

Enjoyed the video, as I do your writings each week. —L.M.

Hi Chuck. I am researching different RV options thus I welcome your new section since from my first findings “quality” seems to be a major issue. As buyers become wiser these manufacturers will pay for their mistakes. Thank you, Chuck, for offering a way to protect our plans to invest in having fun buying an RV instead if a headache. —Oscar

Your RV Travel newsletter is ‘consumed’ every week and many articles are shared (the link address is included) with fellow RVer’s. Yes, the lack of quality issues you are presenting is a good topic to continue pursuing so, please do just that. Please continue to keep us informed and aware. Our Thanks, J & Z

Really enjoyed your short video. You’re a rock star! —Rose

Chuck, it is amazing to me that you can “ramble” so well. Most TV folks have a teleprompter to guide their words. I enjoyed your “talk” as if listening to an old friend. Thanks for the newsletter; the more info I get, the better. Just like other “news,” I don’t have to read or listen to everything; I can pick out what I want from what you publish. Please keep up the wide range of topics and let us the readers choose. —Lynn H.

Well done, look forward for more personal communications. —Vinny M.

I enjoyed your comments, and, as a former full-timer, never knew about keeping the grey water tank closed all the time. It makes sense, considering the soap sludge. Your candid comments were like a one sided conversation, so, as far as I’m concerned, keep em coming! —Brad

Hey Chuck, good ramblings. —Bill and Bev M.

First, thank you for this great newsletter publication. Reading all the news of quality issues & agree that the industry needs policing. I was a first time RV’er this past July (2016) & researched for a few months utilizing your newsletters at times. —Robert

We tell you about beautiful places to visit!

What I LOVE about you guys…. You make mistakes too and don’t hesitate to make it a learning experience for all of us. Thanks berry mush! —Martine

Always looking for more info on RV’ing , so I like the longer newsletters. I just have to get a second cup of coffee when reading. Thanks for leading the charge concerning RV quality. It is an area that needs addressed. —David S.

Loved your video. Would like to see more and like your rambling. Better than a script. —Marcel E.

Thanks for sharing your insights and perspective. Don’t ever apologize for leading the charge regarding RV quality. You helping to serve as the voice needed that will hopefully help the industry wake up. Grateful for you helping to be a voice for the rest of us. Go well! —NW

My husband and I, and our traveling cat, are looking forward to putting on our gypsy feet next year with our 36ft fifth wheel. All of these articles are great research for our upcoming adventures. Thanks! —Patti L.

I appreciate your weekly newsletter. Thanks. It has been helpful many times. —Don M.

I enjoy your newsletter and articles, and look forward to them every weekend. Keep up the great work with your articles and videos. —C. Young

Thanks for all the good articles. Enjoy every one. Thanks again for your time in writing these many  newsletters and etc. —73 from Nebraska

Your insights about the vulgarity and silliness of what the market offers as innovation in RV design is spot on. You are educating folks about such excesses and kudos to you for that! —Alex

Thanks for all the great info every week. —John K.

I read every week, and appreciate all the articles and sound advice. I can honestly say I have never watched ANY online videos over 2 minutes that I wasn’t looking for. The YouTube video on nitrogen vs. air is one of the best things I have watched. Logic prevails! Also, I would have been satisfied if Mike Sokol simply stated his IBEW membership! LOL. Thanks for the wonderful articles! —Doug S.

Enjoy your newsletter every week. Thanks. —J.B.

I start my Saturdays with you guys, and I am very pleased. —Glen S.


Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year with the wheels keep going Round and round. Time never says WOA as we always have places to go and Friends too see and be with. You and the staff are always Friends at my table. —Ron S.

Thank you for publishing an outstanding newsletter!!! —Mike H.

Your articles are very informative and educational. You take the mystery out of a lot of different problems one may encounter RVing. I for one enjoy reading them very much. Keep up the good work. —Nick D.

Love the Roadside Journal! —Sharon


I enjoy reading RVtravel every Saturday. —Denny W.

I enjoy investigating all the nooks and crannies, blogs and sidebars of this newsletter and get a lot out of them. Many thanks to all who contribute. —Patti

Hey Chuck. Consider this: Your writing is partly our consumer reporting. Please keep up the good work. I am still looking for my RV of quality. Thanks for your web news. —Truman

Love your newsletter. Thanks. —Wyndy

I find plenty to read about in this newsletter. I look forward every week to it. Keep on writing, I’ll keep on reading. —Thomas K., 9/10/2016

I enjoy reading your RV newsletter every Saturday morning for the last many years. I have learned a lot. —Chuck S.

Thanks. You guys are invaluable. —Rey L.i

Good info on this site, I love it! —Teri V.

Love the RV letter. Every Saturday morning I can travel in my mind: Very peaceful. —Ted R.

Hi Chuck. I’ve enjoyed your newsletter for years. This week I learned two things from the Solo article. I would love to read a weekly column for solo RVers! There are more of us out there than you might guess. Those tips were both invaluable. Thanks for your consideration. —Judy

Thanks for your excellent writings. —Bill M.

This is terrific information. After years of RVing, I’m finding it informative to review things here including the replies. Thanks to everyone. —Dann G.

Chuck, I enjoy reading your newsletter Saturday mornings. Thank you. —Bob T.

Chuck – this week’s Editor’s Corner was the best I’ve read over the years. Thank you. And congratulations on going full time – I am envious. I had hoped to do many years of RVing around the country – before I found out my wife didn’t like that way of travel! Now I’m selling my rig. But will still be looking forward to your future stories. —M. Adams

Hi Chuck, I’ve loved your newsletters since we found you about 3 yrs before our Alaska trip. Internet was new, so we got the milepost thru you. It helped a lot. Thanks for writing! —Laurie O.

We love Saturday mornings and reading your newsletter. —Bart and Audrey

Hi Chuck, love reading your newsletter and look forward to Sat. mornings to get mine. Keep writing and I will keep reading. I know you have many adventures before you. We are not fulltimers but travel a lot in our fifth wheel. Thanks for what you do. —Thomas K.

We will be going on our first RV adventure in 2 weeks. Love your site and all of your info. It’s been helping us out. —Jacquelyn Q.-C.

Our list of upcoming RV shows is second to none!

Enjoy reading the RV Travel Newsletter; full of great information. —Will & Sandy B.

THANKS so much for your informative information. —Dave T.

I have been RVing since 1974 and have owned many RV’s thru the years. I have been a reader of your news letter for years. —Bob W.

I am just in the initial phase of thinking about full timing. Your comments and this newsletter really helps in evaluating my situation and looking at things that give me a better perspective of what to do and what not to do. I really appreciate all of your comments. Its not an easy decision to make. The RV manufactures don’t make it any easier. —Rod

After a couple years of not being on the road I finally took my 35′ Fleetwood Bounder from Denver to Indianapolis and to Michigan. I sure miss the RV lifestyle and am reading your newsletter again to get some ideas on my next trip and repairs/maintenance. Thanks for continuing this great newsletter (I promise to read it every week now that I’m back to RVing). —Lynelle

Chuck, been reading your news letter since 2014, we became full timers in 2015. Love the info and content. Thanks for all the great RV info. —Scott H.

Love reading your stories, I am a single woman who enjoys the outdoors and hope will be RVing soon. —Joyce J.

The new webpage is great, much easier to read and enjoy. Thanks. —Dave S.

I look forward to this letter every week. I know of nowhere you can find so much enjoyable and essential information in one place. I have been RV’ing for 40+ years now and still learn a new trick every time I read this letter. Congratulations. —Homer

I really enjoy reading your posts each week. I’ve been saving them for several years now so I can go back re read the different sections. Thanks very much for having it online. —Pete K.

Look forward to RV Travel each Saturday. That and a fresh cup of coffee starts my day. Keep up the good work!! —Connie W.

Look forward to Saturday mornings with a cup of coffee and reading the weekly RV Travel Newsletter. —Ed M.

Thanks for the weekly GOOD STUFF! —Tom and Lori G.

Thanks for all the great information – love the new website and format! —Scott C.

Excellent newsletter this week as usual. —Ted L.


Always great insightful writing from the pen … er … keyboard, of Chuck Woodbury. Wishing you all the best of life, a new love and the RV lifestyle can bring. —Bruce K.

Our readers live in all corners of the world. Some live even farther away!

Love the magazine. —Richard S.

I love reading about your RV adventures & travels. I’m presently convalescing at my daughter’s home in Wisconsin & hope to be strong enough soon to retire to Michigan @ my hubby. I read all your journal writing to him (he’s blind.). Keep it up. —Marcella M.

Very nice Web page ! Lots of info. —John C.

I have been reading your articles for years and look forward to Saturday so I can enjoy another one. Thank you and keep up the good work. —Tommy P.

Thank you for your hard work providing us out here with such valuable information. —Sharon B.

I like your information. —Sue W.

I love your newsletter. It has so much valuable information. I especially like the new RV picture and how you use it section. Keep up the great work. —Shelia

We’ll tell you about great road food!

Chuck and RV Staff, I’ve been a reader for years and thoroughly enjoy the newsletter. New format is attractive and takes getting used to but as a senior I find challenges daily. :). Congratulations again on the many years of information and enjoyment you and staff provide the readers. I look forward to every Saturday morning! —Clay C.

WOW WOW WOW What a great newsletter. I learn so much from it. Keep up the GREAT work. I’m a happy 5th wheeler. —Betsy A.

I’m a big fan of RVtravel.com. —Marybeth A.

Keep up the great work! We just got into the RV life again post kids and your site has been a wealth of info. —Wayne and Diane E.

Sure do appreciate all the work you and your staff due preparing the newsletters. —Dan M.

My wife and I are reeeeeeally enjoying the new RV Travel newsletter format. It not only looks fantastic, it navigates extremely smoothly. ‘Great job!!! —Sue & Joe S.

We have read your newsletter for many years and learned lots of good things that were shared with us. We look forward to it every week and have passed the site on to all our newby friends. —Betty

Chuck, I look forward to your newsletter every week, I usually read it more than once during the week because of the information you provide us about our RV’s. Many thanks to you and your staff. —Ginger A.

Chuck & staff,
Love the new format. Keep up the great job of keeping RV’ers up-to-date. Even though I am a Canadian RV’er, I really enjoy the articles, usually US based. I sincerely hope that on your next trip to the East coast, you make time to visit my home province, Newfoundland/Labrador. —Nels

This is a great site. Thanks for all the effort you put in to keep it going, —Bob W.

I’m new to this site. Been live’n in my RV since I retired in 2005. I love this site, lots of excellent info. Keep up the good work & enjoy life. —D. LB,

I like this new look, and I’m happily anticipating reading the vintage articles. —Glen S.

I have been reading the newsletter for several years and enjoy it. I purchased my rig new in 2007 and it just was never right from the outset. Each time I used it I would have to fork out money for something breaking and that item never seemed to be covered by the factory warranty even though it was still in effect. I decided RV’ing was not for me. I still like to keep up with whats going on though. —Tom B.

Fantastic job putting the new website together!! I’ve read your newsletters for years and you have just been getting better as time goes by. It is time I send a thank you for all the enjoyment and information I’ve received through your efforts. Keep up the good work!! —Gary S.

Great job with the revamped newsletter Chuck, I’ve enjoyed reading it for years gleaning the information I need to someday move to the full-time RV lifestyle. I enjoyed the new format so much it reminded me to make a voluntary contribution last week :-). —Jim L.

Really like the new format of the newsletter. Keep up the good work. Very informative. Love it. —Betsy A.

We find the funniest photos!

Keep up the good work staff and you too, Chuck. —Ron S.

Considering the amount of information you and your staff dispense to your loyal readers, I’m amazed by the lack of errors in the newsletters…this coming from a retired Copy Editor at newspapers and magazines. You’re doing a great service for those of us who are occasional campers or full-timers (I happen to be one of the latter). Just keep doing what you’re doing & we’ll be right there along for the ride! —Evelyn

You sure packed a lot of content in this issue. Keep up the good work. I really enjoy the reading. —JR T.

This new Newsletter looks great. I’m sure a lot of thought & work has gone into this. I enjoyed this one & looking forward to the next ones. Really appreciate the work & thoughts you & your staff are doing. —Gordon I.

Thanks for all the great information you pass along to us all. —Anne

Love your website and new format. As there are all types of RV’s, could you please address Truck-Campers once in awhile? I’m traveling solo full time and its size and maneuverability fit my needs perfectly. Us truck campers are feeling left out. LOL. —Steve C.

Good morning ! What a great way to start the day, a cup of coffee and my favorite RV newsletter. I really like the new format. Getting all of this info on a Saturday morning is perfect because I could never keep up with the dailies. Now it’s all in one place at the perfect time. Thanks! —Patti L.

Just wanted to say I really enjoy the newsletter. Thank you. —Brandon R.

Hi Chuck. I’m a long time reader but first time responder. Always enjoy what you have to say. Love your candor.  Keep it up! —Rick W.

Thanks so much. We read the Saturday newsletter regularly and appreciate how hard you must work to put it together. Thank you. —Helen S.