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Comments for What RV Travel readers are saying …

  • We purchased a 2016 Shasta Phoenix…we do love it, BUT. They have no quality control. We have had small repairs, big problem is one our slides..the seal never stays in place. But we live with it, just baby it when closing and opening..We full time and move often.
    Never retreated buying her, just wish quality control was better.

  • We are fortunate to have purchased a 5th wheel that has been basically trouble free. In six years we have traveled over 22,000 miles.
    Our list fuse on rear stabilizer motor, thermal fuse on fridge and sanitation flush check valve installed backwards. All corrected under warranty.
    Our travels have revealed that there are many unhappy reports on RV quality. Is there an opportunity too use the power of the size of our national community to exercise influence on the representative s to create positive regulation to address the route of these problems.
    Ok Chuck get the ball rolling.

  • I retired early & purchased a 32′ Jayco RLDS for camping generally 1 week at a time.
    In 2 years my only problems were a front jack failure (partially my inexperienced fault) which was promptly replaced & a bad gas sensor which was also warranty covered.
    No quality control complaints especially when taken into consideration purchase price vs usage as a camper.
    If I had intended to live closer to full time or snowbird, I would have bought a Mobile Suites or similar paying substantially more.
    It is as the old adage, you get what you pay for.

  • We bought a new 2015 Crusader fifth wheel and love it! Of course little things have come up like a bad bathroom doorknob, a broken wire to the outdoor speaker system, but that’s about the extent of problems and our dealer has never hesitated to take care of any of our concerns. They even offer free training classes on many aspects of rv maintenance, such as proper winterizing. The Crusader is very well designed and quality has not been an issue. Just sign us tickled pink.