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Comments for The readers write — Do RVers need a saint?

  • Chuck, I don’t really see the mainstream media getting stirred up over this. Not “sensational” enough. Facebook would get more results.

  • Chuck – I’m the guy who wrote that the consumer needed a Messiah regarding improvements to RV quality . You suggested that your strength was communications and that you might try to get national exposure of the quality issue through a variety of media outlets. I say “Go for it”. People know you, people listen to you, people respect you. Just let us know where and when you’ll be all over the TV, magazines, newspapers, websites, etc. I’ll be watching and reading and hopefully “have your back”. By the way – I’ll be signing up for a voluntary contribution to your efforts. Keep pushing for change.

  • When I read statements like, “do your homework before you buy,” I’d like to see additional information about what concrete steps a potential RV buyer should take to try to ensure that one is purchasing a quality rig.
    Please consider publishing future articles with some suggestions for what to look for in an RV besides the pretty paint jobs and fancy interiors. Not sure if you’d agree, but why not call out the bad apples by name and give kudos to the good (or at least better) ones?

    • I agree. “Do your homework” should be followed with a list of questions and things to inspect. You can’t ask questions about what you don’t know. Hubby and I are seasoned Rv’ers and thought we knew what we were doing but our fourth unit was a disaster. It fit our needs in every way. We were quite aware of some of the things they did to cut corners and we felt we could live with them. (Poor quality carpeting, cheap faucets, cheap furniture, etc) Price was one of our requirements. Except we had no idea about how the chassis was built and it failed. Our list of requirements changed drastically after that. We learned more from that experience than the previous 35 years combined. Sharing our experience with newbies has little impact because they don’t comprehend what they are hearing. They don’t know many Rv’ers and are talking to primarily salespeople. And they brush our experience off as a worse case scenario and an exception to the rule. Even more experienced Rv’ers don’t always really hear. When I see rigs bigger than mine that weigh less, I cringe knowing that people are courting disaster.

  • The RV Consumer’s Group has been rating RVs since the 1980s. They put out a report once a year detailing every RV model made in the U.S. for the past 10 years, rated on a 5-point scale for Value, Highway Control, and Reliability. In addition, they discuss the manufacturer’s history, and why each model of RV was given its ratings. They also have price guides for each model, showing the average price paid when new, and then depreciated for a 20-year life, in addition to purchasing advice. Its an invaluable source of info. Whenever I hear or read of someone having issues with their RV, I always check the RVCG guide, and its always been apparent, at least so far, that their ratings are correct. I wouldn’t even look at a potential RV to buy without checking them first. BTW, I am not affiliated with RVCG in any way except as a consumer of their info and an owner of an RV.

    • The RV Consumers Group is getting no where close to describing and publishing the absolute horrendous quality of RV’s . Many owners are claiming that it has gotten worse of late. Horse Pucky!. We owned a 2006 Keystone Montana 3400RL purchased new and it was a complete pile of junk. I could write 10 double sided pages of the problems we had to deal with. Until there is a completely independent reviewing authority that reviews RV’s honestly that isn’t dependent on Industry funding the problems will continue. The quality is non existent. And as long as unknowing new as well as old buyers continue to buy these pieces of junk, the RV manufacturers are not going to improve quality. Why should they? The RV Industry and the Timeshare Industry need to be penalized, fined or put out of business if they don’ t clean up their act. The current consumer is being duped and Keystone is the worst of the bunch.

      • I only have the motorhome report, not the trailer report, so I can’t look up the 2006 Keystone Montana to see how RVCG rated it. Do you have that info? I’d be interested to see what they said if you do.

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