This RV setup is seriously big!

By Chuck Woodbury

I found this fifth wheel trailer and tow vehicle at the Indian Campground in Buffalo, Wyoming. The campground bills itself as having the longest pull-through sites in the area. Good thing, because this setup needed every foot.

What struck me was the Smart Car atop the big rig Volvo truck. You don’t see something like this every day.

“We’ve been full-timing for eight years,” the owner told me. He said that for the first two years he and his wife traveled “she’d use the truck to go to the grocery store.”

He said a ramp lowers from the truck bed to allow Smart Car to easily drive off.




7 Thoughts to “This RV setup is seriously big!”

  1. txtrekkers

    We met the owners of this rig a couple of years ago at Lake Wright-Patman Rocky Point COE campground. Wonderful couple and because we pull a Smart car behind our Safari Trek, we had some great stories to share.

  2. rvgrandma

    The summer of 2008, the RV park we were working in had people come in twice with similar. One was the truck with the smart car and they had solar panels on their 5th wheel. The other they had a ‘trike’ motorcycle instead of a car.

    Guess if you have the money, why not!

  3. George B

    I test drove one of these pick ups on steroids and they do not have a ride that matches or even comes close to my one ton dually. They are more difficult to climb into as you get older and are so much noisier than my 6.7L diesel in my Ford

  4. George B

    No hotels for me. I haven’t heard much about bed bugs lately but the concern stays fresh in my mind. I also like to sleep in “my own” bed and have everything at hand versus packing all my necessities into a hotel every night and then worry about my vehicle parked out in the parking lot and being damaged or broken into.

  5. John Koenig

    LOTS of folks are starting to realize that HDTs (Class 7 or 8 Heavy Duty Trucks) are an excellent way to tow today’s larger 5th wheel trailers. Years ago, 5th wheels rarely hit 12,000 pounds. Today, many 5ers exceed 20,000 pounds (with some being MUCH heavier) so, a pickup truck just doesn’t have what it takes to SAFELY handle today’s big loads. A good used HDT can be had for substantially less money than what you’d spend on a beefy pickup. Because HDTs were made for professional drivers (who usually spend 10 hours of hard driving every work day) they are MUCH more comfortable than even the best pickups. The bigger engines found in HDTs don’t have to work hard because the RV loads we place on them is much less than what they pulled when in commercial service. That means that HDT fuel economy can equal or exceed what you’d get from a big pickup. The Escapees RV Club have GREAT forums for both HDTs and MDTs (Class 4/5/6 Medium Duty Trucks).
    There are at least two HDT Rallies every year. EVERYBODY is welcome at HDT Rallies. These rallies are a GREAT place to get a good education about using an HDT when RVing. There’s also an HDT Resource Guide available to help anyone interested in HDTs. Here’s a link to the HDT Resource Guide:

  6. Tommy Molnar

    Yeah, this is a bit ‘much’. But then, to each his own. They probably wouldn’t appreciate our boondocking RV style.

  7. BadBmw

    I think if I had the means to support a rig like this, I would travel in a luxury car to the best hotels across the country rather than try to find campgrounds equipped to handle this monster!

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