Today’s music stinks. This song from my past is a true musical masterpiece

Today’s music stinks. It’s boring. It’s just plain terrible! Now, you go back to the music of my day, when I grew up – the music then was real music. The lyrics said something, and it wasn’t just four-letter words (well, maybe in the case of this memorable hit tune it did include a four letter word – that started with B).

Yes, I yearn for those days. Thankfully, we still have that music around. Here, perhaps, is one of the finest examples of the music from my era. When I hear the lyrics. . . well, I almost want to cry. Brilliant! True artistic beauty.

CLICK TO PLAY. Have Kleenex ready. You will almost certainly need it.



27 Thoughts to “Today’s music stinks. This song from my past is a true musical masterpiece”

  1. Doug Grove

    Hi, Chuck.

    Here’s another great one from that era. By the great Sheb Wooley.

  2. Debbie A Hansen

    Chuck~ in four letters LMAO 😉

  3. Lance Craig

    Chuck, thanks for the memory. Back in 1963, I lived in NJ and listened to NYC radio stations. One station would play whatever song (used loosely) was voted next from call-ins. This song was played continuously for almost 24 hours. Early form of flash mob, I guess. Parents hated it.

  4. Ronald Payne

    Hmmmm,wonder why Sinatra never sang this beauty……Oh brother,Puhleaze!!!

  5. Gigi L Raygor

    I remember my parents comments about the music I listened to as a teen.
    “That’s not music it’s just noise !”

    Seems we have turned into our parents.

  6. Jerry Jordan

    Sadly what is called music these days is simply NOISE.

  7. rvgrandma

    Yes, our music was about love, heartbreak, fun, respecting others and some just nonsense but fun to listen to. I listen to either Christian or the oldies. I love youtube because you can find collections of the oldies that last for a couple hours or more.

    Today’s music all too often has about killing police, being high on drugs (yes we had that but not like today), breaking the law, etc.

  8. Mike van Dyke

    When I play today’s music, it is just one lyric over and over again. BORING

  9. Diane Martin

    Ha ha! Almost rivals Purple People Eater and Wooley Booley!

  10. Lynn Hudgens

    Thanks, Chuck, for this Saturday morning humor. I knew the song and could still, with some difficulty, remember the lyrics. 😜 What I did not know was that the group’s name: The Trashmen. Makes me wonder if they intended it as a joke, too, or if it was just the result of an all nighter with Mr. Liquor or Mari-Jo-Wana.

  11. Shirlee

    OMGosh … ThAnK you, Chuck … that was a Hoot! I wonder how many of us, way back when (who actually remember that song) tried to sing it and KEEP UP!?! Fun memories … I wonder whatever happened to that “Bird!”

  12. Donald Biancone

    Yes, needed the Kleenex, laughed so hard brought tears to my eyes. Good one, Chuck!

  13. Elaine Ashton

    I have to admit I didn’t realize Chuck was making a joke about this song … and glad I was not even remembering it. But for sure contemporary music is only for destroying one’s hearing and sense of decency if one bothers to listen to any discernible words. Sure am glad I’m an old fart.

    1. Wolfe

      Now now… There is much to say for the parenting of today’s music listeners… When I gave my kids MP3 players, they were pre-loaded with MY music from the 70s through present — many hundred (thousand?) hours of ACTUAL MUSIC. When they talk to their peers, I overhear comments like “That doesn’t even COMPARE to the Fleetwood Mac song…”, and I get asked to find them a new Jim Croce album (sad, there). They listen to Lindsey Sterling and some of the new Hurdy Gurdy artists (my son asked his band teacher why he can’t play HG as an instrument option…). So, maybe I’ve turned my kids into obscure music freaks, but they are being exposed to an eclectic mix from which to at least measure new over-processed, under-talented artists. Remember when bands sounded BETTER live than studio recorded?

  14. Booneyrat

    Nothing like Cousin Brucie or Willies Roadhouse on Sirius XM while you boondock.

  15. Sharon

    Ah yes, the good old days when the music and lyrics made sense and you could dance to it. Ha! Yes, I got the joke, Chuck.

  16. Betty

    Good one Chuck. I still remember all the words.

  17. Wolfe

    Well, back in the forties, fifties and sixties there was lead in the gas, lead in the paint, and a lot of extremely high VOC products in use…

    These days, kids have to CHOOSE to be this brain damaged…for older folks, it came naturally…

    1. RV Staff

      😀 —Diane at

  18. Rory

    Today’s music stinks if you look in the wrong place. If you go to AM radio, there is nothing but hard rock, acid rock, Rap, and the like. If you go to satellite radio, you have lots of choices. OK don’t want to pay a subscription fee. Try one of the smartphone radio apps, most are free and a few days or weeks of listening and checking which kinds of songs and style of music you like and the app will offer you a customized playlist of what you want to hear. Then there will be one less complaint to voice. There are simple solutions for many of our complaints if we just make use of them…..

    1. fred ford

      rory must be listening to some AM stations i don’t get. did he mean FM?

      1. Rory

        AM or FM it does not make much of a difference. It depends on locale. Using phone or computer aps to select your music and you will have ad-free music to your liking streamed to you via your dash audio or house audio system. Why complain about something that you can remedy. Apparently there is a market for that stuff otherwise you couldn’t find it on the radio or anywhere else. I like different kinds of music dependind on my mood. I have several genres setup in my apps. Simplfy is one app that I use and I’m estacic when I can’t find anything I want to hear on over the air radio, I can turn to my app and hear what I want. That is so much better than doing nothing and just complaining…..

    2. Chuck Woodbury

      Rory, did you even listen to the song on the video? The whole article was just a joke.

      1. Charles Korte

        Yes, a joke; but the “todays music” you are refering to is so much worse in so many ways, some don’t realize IT IS A JOKE.

      2. Rory

        Chuck, I listened, but I have also had many of my neighbors on the road, voice that complaint and it wasn’t a joke. Sorry I just took the opportunity to offer a solution…

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