Tour a defective motorhome with a Norse god


In this short video, the owner of a 2015 Thor A.C.E. motorhome transforms himself into the Norse god Thor to show the many defects that came with his new motorhome and the difficulties of getting them fixed. The RV spent five months of its first year-and-a-half in the shop. Watch as “Thor” describes the hassles he encountered with Thor and the Camping World where he purchased the vehicle.

You’ll laugh your way through this video, even though the subject matter is downright depressing. Wrote the frustrated owner: “We made this video to make light of a very trying and unfortunate situation, just to ease ourselves of the incredible inconveniences suffered for months on end.” 


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  1. Ed

    Had an acquaintance tell me about his factory tour experience. He told me that on the assembly line, you only get 22 minutes to do each task before the unit moves on. If something doesn’t go together quite right, then it’s up to someone else to find it and fix it later. No stopping the assembly line, or taking any extra time to do it right. No wonder these things are built so badly. The RV industry, IMO, is just a poorly run business. Sloppy work, sloppy management, and poor customer service. One example from a CW area manager. A major overhaul of the industry at all levels is necessary, or the problems will just continue. Or a temporary boycott of the industry to get their attention….

  2. Paula jones

    all i know is I WILL CERTAINLY NOT BUY A THOR…..have looked….will keep looking….

  3. Mary Abbott

    We have a Thor Siesta which is also of low quality. As Thor says, the fake wood paneling came loose in several places. The wiring is like a rats nest. TV’s don’t work (probably from the wiring) The kitchen draws only had one screw keeping them together so they were falling apart on our first trip. I could go on and on. The only good thing about it is the engine which is by Mercedes. I’ve told everyone I know not to buy a Thor.

  4. Wayne Dyer

    Why is Thor still in business? Maybe they make better ones and the buyers aren’t commenting like on this blog? If there are any happy Thor owners, I’d like to hear those stories,but then I didn’t know any RV maker had a real heart once their product reaches the selling floor. Good luck buyer….

    1. Joe Berne

      I have a 2014 Thor Hurricane 32A. We are fulltime, and I bought it new. There have been problems, and Thor has been very good at helping them get it fixed. I agree, Camping World is a problem. They have actually caused some more problems while trying to fix others. I now go to other repair places for repairs, or do it myself.

  5. boxdin

    This is why I love my 1990 Chinook/Ford. A friend has decided to sell his expensive german based motorhome because he couldn’t afford the sensors/maintenance. He’s looking for an older unit.

  6. Laurie T.

    We purchased a brand new 2015 Thor ACE from a private party. It took a while communicating with Thor, but we finally were able to confirm that we were able to continue the new vehicle warranty – that took us through August 2016. We took a fall trip and then a longer winter trip and discovered a few problems. Thank goodness, NOTHING like the Norseman featured in the video! One same problem is the LED lights in the awning! So we were ready willing and able and armed with our list in March 2016. Our first attempt to work with the dealer from which the RV was sold ended up in a standoff between my husband and the very belligerent manager there. So we contacted Thor, and got some other dealers we could work with. We contacted a dealer and he reluctantly agreed to take us on. (Not much money for them and LOADS of hassle!!) One trip to the dealer to take pictures and present our list of problems. Then MONTHS of waiting and calling and pestering both the dealer and Thor. Interesting that Thor has a great customer service department – they say all the right things, and haven’t been difficult to reach – but they obviously have NO power and control over getting real decisions made and getting things fixed in a timely manner. The dealer too was pleasant enough, but was understaffed and we continually went to the bottom of their priority list. Fast forward to October 2016 – all the parts were in and the dealer was ready for us. 2 to 3 weeks later, they were ready for us to pick up the RV. The LED lights in the awning are part of the awning fabric, so that is still not resolved, but we think there is a plan? All in all, the dealer seemed to do a very thorough job and spent time with us to make sure we understood everything. Bottom line, my husband has made the point that it would be very hard to recommend buying a Thor ACE (or other Thor RVs) based on our experience. I’m grateful that we do not have a lemon, but it’s been frustrating enough! Come on, Thor!! Pick up the tempo!!

  7. Sharon

    I didn’t buy my 2009 class C Four Winds from Camping World but as a Thor product it had so many things wrong with it! I bought it in April 2009 and took it on a trip (8 days) right away. Our first RV. I had the idea that if it was new it wouldn’t have any problems, right? Wrong.
    It rained and driving down the road water splashed up underneath and actually poured into the inside over the floor. The latches on the storage outside weren’t long enough to actually stay latched. The dining table detached from the floor. The awning came out of the cylinder on one end. One of the awning “stops” broke. There were mud flaps in behind the rear tires but they actually rested on the tires. The wood paneling under the refrigerator was loose. The outside radio didn’t work. Those are only what I remember off hand. Still under warranty it sat in the shop “waiting for parts” for months. By then it was winter so used it once. When I asked one of the repair guys why there were so many problems, he said, “welcome to RV ownership”. Multiple complaints to the dealer and Thor netted me a couple of hundred dollars. The dealer went out of business along with its repair shop not too long after I bought it.
    Since then I’ve had to replace the rear lights (housing and all). Turns out they hadn’t been installed correctly allowing water to get to the wiring. I had a branch poke holes in my roof but didn’t find out until water had gotten in so had to get it replaced, in so doing found out that the air conditioner had not been sealed so allowed water to get into the inner roofing material. The repair place had to replace the entire roof.
    Unfortunately, I still owe more than it’s worth so I’m stuck.
    If I ever buy another RV, it will not be a Thor and it will not be new!

  8. Rod Juranek

    Since CW went public you can be sure it was Lemonis. His goal was to get his cash out before CW value tanks.

    1. Roger

      Guess I better sell my CW stock!

  9. Richard Hughes

    Typical for Camping World and most RV makers. “We have your money, you have your coach and warranty, both are bad, but we are going to ignore you until you go away.”

    1. Cliff Morgan

      New RV?
      The salesmen sell DREAMS….
      The customer buys nightmares.

  10. theresa

    Wow! I had heard of people having multiple warranty claims but this is ridiculous. Social media is the answer. Years ago, our only resource was to threaten to “write the newspaper”. Now….social media allows dissatisfied owners to immediately spread the word and let the whole world know what a piece of crap they’ve purchased! Good luck, Jon, with this pursuit. I think you have a just case for getting ALL of your money refunded. Keep us informed of how both Thor and CW respond after all of this exposure.

  11. Mike

    I would think you could possibly gather a number of Thor owners and file a class action suit against the manufacturer for not supplying the customer with a well made trouble free unit as advertised. I would also look at a class action suit against CW for not fulfilling its obligation to repair any defects in a reasonable timely manner. I’m sure the lawyers could come up with some other things that would get some attention.

  12. Wayne Gregory

    I agree that there are many rv”s built today that are just shiny junk. There are also well built units out there. The challenge is finding a good one. We bought a new Coachmen class C in 2005 and drove it for 10 years and 50,000 miles with no problems other than normal maintenance. In 2014 we bought a 2015 Fleetwood Bounder 35K. We’ve made several trips with it including one cross country trip for 6.000 miles. We’ve had no problems with this one either. It’s a shame that there isn’t a place where we can rate rv makers and dealers based on our experiences. like trip advisor does for hotels and campgrounds. maybe enough publicity will will help prospective buyers and force those shaky mfr’s to do things right.

  13. Andy Mirdik

    Camping world’s CEO Marcus Lemonis either has his head buried in the sand or his people are keeping the many customer complaints from him.
    I think he is a very competent and honest person, and he needs to step up. CW is in desperate need of a complete company wide customer care revamp.
    Let’s see if he can “turn around” his own company as he does with the ones on THE PROFFIT!

  14. Robert Gilman

    Awesome job, Thor (the actor).. elegant portrayal.. I plan on buying in a year from now and I will learn from your experience.. I only wish you and your family get some satisfaction and resolve to this dilemma.. very sad.. I wish you happy holidays.

    bob g 🙂

  15. Icarus

    Wow!!! Yes I know there are two sides to every story. I’ve been looking at,and pining for, the RV experience for about 18 months now. After viewing this fiasco, I would NEVER buy Thor or buy thru Camping World. I cannot imagine spending 100K on a vehicle that spends the first year of it’s live in the shop!!!
    Maybe it’s better to drive a car and stay in Hilton hotels??? I’m starting to think that’s a much better option!
    The LAST THING I want after spending 100 grand is headaches!!!!!!

  16. Dick Zimmerer

    How about your state’s Attorney General? Won’t that office help? (I own a Phoenix Cruiser — wonderfully trouble free for 5 years now.) Good luck to you and thanks for making this video.

  17. Mike Hartwell

    I wish your website worked.

    1. RV Staff

      What do you mean, Mike? We haven’t noticed any problems and haven’t heard from anyone else. We’re sorry if you’re having a problem. Please let us know so we can try to fix whatever it is. Or are you talking about the website of the guy (“Thor” aka Jon Henderson) who produced this video? Thank you. —Diane at

  18. Tim Baker

    Tiffin, Tiffin, Tiffin. We have a 2014 Allegro Open Road 35 QBA and, while there have been a few problems that needed fixing, nothing was related to poor workmanship. Our service experience has been outstanding and I cannot imagine going to any other manufacturer. Kudos to the business model of Bob Tiffin! Everything you highlight with Thor and Camping World I have heard over and over the last 3 years. I personally would never consider either.

    1. Bob Wood

      Bob Wood
      January 27, 2017
      Brought Fleetwood Southwind in 2001, traveled coast to coast and to the Keys with just taking care of maintenance. Great coach. Then in Feb. of 2016 thought we needed to up grade to a 2016 Tiffin PA34 since we were retiring. Ordered and purchased from Campers Inn. Went to pick it up 10 weeks later and the shop manager came in the store and told us that the slides would not go end. Had to order new hydraulic pump. The shop guy was amazed – they had never had to replace a pump before. Thus began our worst nightmares. In 4 months, that pump was replaced 2 more times, rain came in the drivers side slide in bedroom, wood stiles were pushed off by one of the slides, gas oven regulator was installed incorrectly – no home cooked meals – engine light kept coming on and was reset twice, slides made dark runts in tile flooring, unit stayed in shop more than in my RV shed. Finally, Campers Inn even agreed the coach was a “lemon”; however, they would not return our payment but would replace with another unit. Reluctantly,we had to agree. Ten weeks later, new coach arrived- WRONG COLOR! So as I am writing this, we are awaiting the third unit to come from Red Bay. No wonder our Southwind sold 2 days after we traded it in, really miss it! Wish us luck……

  19. Marcel Ethier

    I will never purchase a Thor, any of their products nor will I ever purchase an RV from Camping World.

  20. Mike Bacque

    Lastest figures indicate that 80% of the RV industry is owned by three corporations. There only purpose is to answer to their shareholders, not the consumer. As such, it’s “caveat emptor”. Better off to buy from a company which isn’t publicly traded and who are known for their quality.

  21. Clay Causey

    Typical Thor entry level product! Typical CW experience. New RV potentials stay away from these two entities.

  22. Lee Ensminger

    Chuck, if you learn of any follow-up with “Thor” and his Thor problems, would you please keep us updated in the newsletter? Thanks!

    1. Jon Henderson

      So far we have not heard from Camping World. We actually sent it to Thor before we released it. They fixed the stairs and the rattling, calling it “good will” as the warranty expired. But didn’t address that the coach was in the shop during 4 months of the warranty period .. they offered us 3 months of the payments we made while the coach was in the shop but only if I signed a release saying I would not release the video or talk about Thor negatively on social media.. The gentleman I spoke to was very condescending. He talked to me as if I was a child, not someone who just spent 80k on his product. Thor cares very little about their consumers.

      1. Jeff Nichols

        Jon, My wife and I purchased a 2014 Hurricane built by Thor from camping world. Both of these decisions were probably the worst we have ever made when it comes to camping. Like you we spent 3 months in Camping Worlds shop in Garner North Carolina and the items we brought it in there for were never fixed. I ended up having to fix some of them myself. The remainder required another 6 week trip to service and those only got fixed because my wife went in there and lost it in the service dept. . Long story short the useless GM called me a couple of weeks later after I posted a letter on their website. I guess he didn’t like my bluntness. We are now looking to trade away from poor quality Thor to something that won’t rattle apart going down the road.

  23. Gene Bjerke

    In 2010 we bought a new Roadtrek (Class B) built on a Mercedes Sprinter chassis. A few minor problems at the beginning, all fixed promptly on warranty. Just under 100,000 miles later we have been very happy with the unit. After reading all the stories about new motorhomes (and seeing this video), I am convinced that I should keep driving what I have and not lust after a new unit. Happiness is knowing when you have a good thing and sticking with it.

    1. Roger

      I agree. We bought a Winnebago Class B on the RAM Promaster chassis with a gas engine. Also a few minor problems that were quickly covered by Winnebago. Great solid ride since then. Chose the B for many reasons but high on the list was the relative simplicity of the “house” and the chassis compared to larger class C’s and A’s. We have no desire to “upgrade” to a fancier unit.

  24. Jon Henderson

    Awesome. Thanks for sharing our story.. as of now we have not heard back from Thor or Camping World..

  25. john

    We have had no problems with our 2015 Four Winds 22e. But, this video has me thinking.

  26. Tren

    I had a 2015 Thor Outlaw. Within the year, I traded it in for a used 2008 Tiffin Phaeton. MUCH happier. Very few problems. Tiffin company in Red Bay, Alabama, is very accommodating and will talk you through any immediate problems if you simply call them. Great people. Great product.

  27. Buzzelectric

    Where is Marcus Lemonis? He should be all over this. I like the guy but this doesn’t make me all warm and fuzzy about his once perceived wonderful company Camping World! He does have the power to make changes in the industry including Thor. If he drops the Thor line or threatens to, that will wake them up.

    1. Jon Henderson

      I thought the same thing. We got a message to contact him at an email and it eneded up being basically a call center that gives you a number.

  28. charles

    The RV manufacturers have the reputation they deserve.

    This unit is not a lemon–it is typical.

    I would never, ever, buy a new motorhome again.

    I shop Camping World only to see what the price is and then buy it somewhere else.

  29. John lee

    I guess I got lucky. I bought a used Born Free for my first RV. It is very well built. Their goal is to build the best class C on the market. They may be achieving that goal.

    1. Nancy Porter

      We’ve had 2 BornFree’s and each time NO PROBLEMS…you are like family when you by a BF.

  30. Bill Patterson

    I went with a used 2006 Four Winds with a chevy engine from El Monte Rentals. My theory was that for insurance purposes they have to keep things maintained and safe for rental customers so when they decide to sell them at least most things have been fixed. Sure we had to buy new tires and some minor details had to be fixed most of which I was able todo. Took it to a mechanic who said it drove great and all looked good. We drove it 8000 miles our first summer across the country with no problems…engine hardly used any oil and had a great time. We have bought used cars from car rental agencies too and they always seem to be in good shape. With people suing for almost anything, these rental companies have to be on top of maintenance or they will be out of business.

  31. Jack Smith

    We belong to a Thor motorhome club. The standard topic of conversation centers on what a piece of junk we all bought and the incredible incompetent idiots at Camping World.


    We live in a 2006 Alfa that we bought new. Immediately after we got it , the siding started to look like it had been shot gunned. At two years old and after many calls to the manufacturer, they came and got it to reside the rig. It was in the factory in California for six weeks. Suddenly no answer to my calls. They had gone out of business and locked the doors. After many days we finally got the transport company to retrieve the coach and $5000 later got it back partially repaired with the same siding that was the problem initially. Since then it has been nothing but falling apart and water leaks everywhere. But only 9 years left to pay on it!

  33. Wayne Girard

    I can top Thor’s story. My 2014 Winnebago Tour has been in the shop or broken down 185 days since we bought it new in Feb 2014 from La Mesa RV. All that time (including 2 trips to the factory in Iowa-3 weeks total) getting fixed and it is still not right. Buyer beware!!!

  34. American traveler

    When we were shopping for our 5th wheel we tried Camping World. The models shown had numerous visual flaws. I asked the salesman if that was wise. He said they fixed that stuff if a customer bought it. I said I thought it might drive people away……It certainly did us!

  35. Albert Panzer

    I purchased a New 2015 Airstream Land Yacht by Thor, in two years it has been in the repair shop for a total of 9 Months including one trip to the factory. Pure Junk.

  36. Marty

    Would the “lemon law” not come into play on the quality of these units? Would certainly hate to be stuck with one of these “lemons” knowing I was going to have to pay these clowns $100K+ for the “pleasure ” of owning it. I would need a good lawyer and as Thor would say “Vengence is mine.”

    1. Rhalene

      As far as I’ve been told the sale of motorhomes DOES NOT come under the lemon law like cars do.

      1. Chuck Woodbury


        Some states have lemon laws. Florida is one. But the RVIA, the association that represents RV makers, fights all legislation that aims to create RV lemon laws in states that currently do not have them.

  37. TP

    I have shopped at Lakewood Camping World.
    After seeing this, not anymore.

  38. Robert

    When it comes to Large Corporations sometimes they don’t take action until the damage is done. After visiting some RV shows over the last few years and seeing first hand the flimsy new RV’s closeup I decided to look for a older unit that was built when quality mattered. I found a 1993 Gulf Stream Innsbruck 26′ 5th wheel. My criteria was it hadn’t leaked and the frame was good. We spent $5000 updating the interior, replaced the water heater and installed solar, inverter and battery bank. Tires are next and the unit is like new again for an investment of tops $8000. Okay I need to crank the leveling system by hand and there aren’t any slideouts to break or leak but the unit has plenty of room for myself and my wife. Technology is starting to create nightmares in our products we buy. Even the folks who built them don’t know how to fix them. Circuit boards are a $2000 + cost to replace and most 90% of owners can’t fix anything themselves. This has caused a huge shortage of qualified repair technicians and that problem is going to get worse. IMHO

  39. gerald buscemi

    I too, have had similar problems with m 2015 THOR. And similar problems with Camping World and their fixing of problems. One of the worst times w/ CW was I brought my unit in near (but before) the time of my warenty expiring. The (actually two) employees went through and listed all the problems. I said that I was going on a small trip and can I get these fixed when I get back? “No problem, bring it in and we will take care of everything” “BS”, both employees “can’t” remember walking through my unit and listing the problems and being as the warrenty was now expired,,, well no coverage..
    Theres lots more to this, but let it be said, I will think very long before considering to purchase another THOR product and using Camping World for anything there are many private repair shops out there.

  40. Eric Kaminsky

    Unfortunately the experience with Thor is a common problem with all RV manufacturers. Two defects that were particularly aggravating on my motor home (a Safari) were 1) the headlights received only nine volts, making driving at night dangerous and to be avoided (until I rewired them) and 2) the dash air fan and the evaporator fan overloaded the single circuit they were on, causing the circuit breaker to blow every few minutes. The dash air was unusable (this I paid to have fixed.)
    Nothing will change until the government takes action. Rules and regulations, with appropriate penalties if violated, are needed. Until then, manufacturers will not deliver quality-assured RVs.
    Perhaps we, the RV consuming public, should do something more than just complain. By doing nothing we are accepting the status quo.

  41. billy bob

    If Thor doesn’t step to the plate on this one, corporate has lost it. Can you imagine the frustration on the buyer’s part to have him go to production of a very ingenious video, bringing his problems to potential Thor buyers. Hey Thor (the motorhome people) fix it or give him back his “coin”. If they don’t, the CEO should be fired.

  42. Peter Boissonneault

    Need more videos like this. Very well done. I’m positive “Thor” has taken notice.

  43. Jim Ridley

    Could have easily been a Winnebago

  44. Butch Quigley

    I will never buy a Thor product!

  45. Alan Wolfe

    As long as we allow this to happen, it will continue. One reason is that people use their RV’s seldom (weekends during the summer months?) and end up feeling like they are alone fighting a giant bureaucratic machine.
    It is the RV’s current business model. Build cheap, make the product appear “pretty”, and let customer service deal with the complaints. People will eventually shut up and go away, if they just stall fixing the product.
    Personally, I went with BornFree RV’s. We are on our second one (first was a 19′ ft. Built-for-two. A class B, newest one is a 24′ ft. Class C.).
    The quality and customer support is exceptional. We had to pay more to ensure quality, but are much happier that we did.

    1. Nancy Porter

      BornFree all the way….we are on our second BF also.

  46. Dennis Johnson

    I can not believe it after watching this video. I bought a new 2016 ACE Motorhome from Camping World and our first trip was supposed to be a retirement trip and large swing through Cleveland and R&R Hall of Fame and then south to gulf and on. It was like the trip from hell with defects in the Motorhome, which included total shutdown of RV on the Tollway crossing from Indiana to Illinois during rush hour. We had 3 tows with roadside assistance ended up in downtown Chicago because of low mileage and Ford authorized dealer. Then the furnace failed 3 times it still has defective outside cover that actually directs water into the control panel area of the furnace. It was one thing after another. I never said much until watching this video and seeing the big ACE overhead – it was terrible with little response.

  47. Peter Martin

    This gentlemen bought a lemon, the Co. should have replaced the RV! The video is really bad for the Thor image, they have asked for it by not taking care of the problems!

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