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Comments for Trim your RV weight and increase storage space, too

  • Thanks for the cute article. The advice about Round vs. Square goes for basement storage as well. Find a square or rectangular bucket and fill it with rags and a paper towel roll. Make sure storage containers are square or rectangular – with lids, so you can stack. Put oddly shaped items into a container and use rags to fill in the space – we found out that rags are essential for about a thousand tasks and needed more than what we brought along.
    Get your rig weighed, wheel by wheel so you can know where to put those round cans, if you have to haul them!
    Good advice, Adrienne, thanks!

  • Weight is a constant concern. I winter in Yuma, AZ which is about 2,000 miles from my summer home. If I move, let’s say, 1 pound of butter 2,000 miles, I have effectively moved 1 ton 1 mile. Multiply that by the number of 1 pound, or heavier, items I carry with me and I’m moving a lot of weight and using a lot of fuel at the same time.

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