Two story trailer is old news, not futuristic


loft-762By Chuck Woodbury, editor
A week ago I wrote about how it wouldn’t be long until a two-story RV debuted. I mean, it had to happen. Well, I have since learned that looking into my crystal ball toward the future was wrong: I should have looked back.

In 2009, a two-story trailer did, in fact, roll off the production line. It was a toy hauler built by Keystone, called the Outback Loft.

Istairs-762 don’t think it went over well because I can’t find any reference to a 2010 model. As you can see from the photos, it featured a two-story pop up at the back of the RV, sort of like a tent trailer, except the pop up goes up, not sideways.

You could say this was an innovative product, but if it didn’t stick around for another model year or two, then I suppose that innovation was wasted. RV makers are always trying to come up with something new. This was likely not one of their brightest ideas.

out-window-762As you can see from the photo, the second story is no good for looking out the windows, which appear to be plastic. It would be worthless at a NASCAR race, for example. The upstairs is pretty much just a couch that wraps along two sides, and would double as twin beds. Kids would probably like sleeping up there.

Anyway, I was glad to learn that my idea for an RV of the future, was in fact an RV of the past. But I am pretty sure we’re not done with this idea. The next time, the windows need to be better and I think hard sides would be good, too.



8 Thoughts to “Two story trailer is old news, not futuristic”

  1. Jeff Johnston

    Read my Outback Loft road test story along with my photos (including my lead photo for this piece with the ATV in the camp scene) in the June 2008 issue of Trailer Life magazine.

    – Jeff Johnston

  2. Camilla

    Ah Chuck, the two story trailer goes back even further than you think. Look up vintage two story trailer and you will find that several manufacturers were at it at least as far back as the 50s.

    Some brands that come to mind are the lighthouse and a pacemaker but there are more.

  3. TMM

    How about the Class A Outlaw.. that has a loft bed over the garage area..

  4. Jim Streeter

    Saw that there are now trailers with lofts, one way to get higher. Here is a link to one, More weight and more places to put stuff.

  5. Richard Davidson

    Saw one of these this year at a campground out west. Thought it was pretty cool although we didn’t see the inside. If I remember correctly airstream had a motorhome with a second story patio area with grill, umbrella, the whole nine yards. Thought it too was a cool idea but guess it didn’t go over well either.

  6. Brian Jensen

    You also forgot about Will Smith’s custom RV with 2 stories. Look it up.

    1. Chuck Woodbury

      Brian, I have been referring to production model RVs, not one-of-a-kinds. Heck, there’s probably already a three-story model out there somewhere that someone built.

    2. Wolfe

      Simon Cowell also has a similar 2 story RV, and it IS a production model for that manufacturer – who specializes in million dollar RVs. So, technically “production,” just not for mortals’ wallets.

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