Video: Trailer flips, tumbles on highway

It doesn’t appear any harm came to humans in this travel trailer wipeout, but the RV surely didn’t fare well. You can’t tell exactly what caused this accident, but the driver obviously didn’t deal well with the situation.

Let this be a reminder to you why passengers are not allowed to ride in moving travel trailers. Oh, don’t even think about how bad the outcome would have been in that case.




9 Thoughts to “Video: Trailer flips, tumbles on highway”

  1. Jillie

    Being a school bus driver I can see it from the moment he lane changed. Stupid is as stupid does. Inexperience is what does a trailer in. Glad I have less then 25 feet to deal with.

  2. PeteD

    Wheel base vs trailer length

  3. TP

    Amazing how the propane tanks get flip around and are still dangling at the end of the video.

  4. Roger Marble

    As an engineer experienced in vehicle dynamics I agree with John Snell. At 0:10 sec you can see the SUV at an extreme angle crossing lanes.

  5. John Snell

    I think it’s obvious, this was a sharp lane change and not gradual. Looks like a knee jerk reaction.

  6. Jim Blevins

    you have to ask yourself, where did the video come from? probably from a dash cam in a Semi truck! I get your email every sat and a lot of the talk at times is about Trucks and Truck drivers driving to fast or blowing your camper around and how those trucks just make RVing dangerous! Well I love RVing AND have been a Trucking Company owner 40 years. Yes truck drivers can be a problem but MOST of the time the average driver causes the most problems on the hiway and the stats prove my point. This poor guy run out of talent and has not near enough truck to be pulling a camper that size. Next time you get gas or groceries or go pickout your new camper or camper gadget Say thanks to all the truckers that work 24/7 to keep your shelves stocked. Ive been a lot of places in my RV and one of my Trucks and I know what im talking about. More training and attention to the vehicle pulling and the size of the camper and there will be less RVing accidents

    1. Grandpa5x

      Amen brother

    2. GeorgeR

      I’ve been RVing for over 30 years and have always found truckers to be very courteous to RV’s. As a consequence, I go out of my way to return the favor…i.e., flashing the headlights when they pass so they know when they are clear and can pull back in front of me, adjusting my speed and flashing the headlights or moving over to allow them to get on the highway from an on-ramp, and moving over to allow them to go by me when they can. I figure this is just normal highway etiquette, especially when I’m going slower than most of the other traffic. Yes, there is an air wake that hits the trailer when the big rigs pass, but if you’re paying attention and ready for it, there shouldn’t be any problem.

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