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Comments for Want cold food & drinks? Keep your RV refrigerator happy!

  • This makes sense obviously, but doesn’t explain HOW to ‘Inspect and vacuum the rear of the unit”. How do I access that?

    • Sharon:

      Rear access to your refrigerator is from outside the rig. You’ll find an access door on the outside wall of your RV — opening it depends on the design. It could be something as simple as a twist knob, operable with your fingers, or it might require a screw driver. In any event, switch off the refrigerator, open the door, and use a shop vac to clean dust, dirt, bird feathers, etc. from anywhere you can see them. Replace cover. Turn refrigerator back on! Voila!

      Russ De Maris, Senior Editor,

  • Why doesn’t my refridgerator work when I am out of propane? I have 2007 Terry 30′ pull travel trailer. I am parked at a trailer park.
    Elaine M. Sweeney

    • Elaine:

      Depending on how the refrigerator manufacturer set it up, look for a control on the panel that allows you set set for “automatic” or “a/c” cooling, but definitely not set for “LP” or “gas.” If you’re already set in automatic mode, but cooling stops when you run out of gas, it’s possible you have a defect in the refrigerator.