Website ranks Camping World second worst in customer complaints

The website has ranked Camping World as the second worst company for the most customer complaints for the month of August.

According to Pissed Consumer, Camping World has 1,840 total reviews and 12 resolved issues. The total cost of claimed losses are $6.3 million, an average of $14,100 each.

Here’s a recent video review by customer Terry Buchholz about his nightmare experience with Camping World. Buchholz purchased a 2017 Fuzion 420 trailer at the Camping World store in Council Bluffs Iowa. He had purchased parts for his Country Coach from them before and didn’t have issues so thought all would go well with the Fuzion.

Watch this video to hear Buchholz describe the series of almost unbelievable events that unfolded after his purchase, as his new travel trailer sat in the shop for more than two months, and then off and on while Camping World employees made promises to him that Buchholz said they did not deliver.



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  1. Nanci

    Traveling full-time and needing repairs or upgrades we have used Camping World stores and service centers often. Because each can be run so very differently, I always check out reviews before I schedule an appointment or even call. We have had excellent results in Rogers MN where they installed awnings, Satellite dish, accumulator,new digital TV, Wi-Fi ranger and cell booster. I have purchased items from other places than Camping World and scheduled install. Only issue is making sure they don’t automatically charge for warranty. We had a tire blowout in Missouri and Camping World was the only place that could guarantee matching tires when we needed. The service manager took the new tires in his personal pickup to their tire installer and saved us around $300 on tires and install! Even the Goodyear dealers didn’t match the price or timing. In Florida our toilet was leaking and we needed a rock tow guard. They stayed well past closing to help us. That said- Phoenix never found the item I needed to order or returned my calls, but their reviews were bad too. Usually follow the rule- first call no help equals no sale and we move on down the road.

  2. Walt

    We have had many issues with the CW in Winchester VA. In fact they don’t even return our calls any more. The techs, while friendly don’t seem to know all that much about RV systems.

    The service managers are rude, condescending, and completely ignorant about RVing. We’ve spent thousands in repairs and parts there over the past couple years. Will not go back because their customer service just keeps getting worse.

  3. Chuck Woodbury

    Replying to Mel Goddard:
    Went out when the Internet came in.

  4. Mel Goddard

    Re: “politics in the forum”…..
    You Americans once had a ‘saying’:
    “There are two things about a man that’ s nobody else’s business; his Politics and his Religion”.
    WHATEVER happened to that wisdom?

  5. Retired Firefighter Tom

    Wish I could say it’s unbelieveable but I’d be wrong. had similar problem with “free” installation and had to complain to corporate. After my minor [by comparison] problem I’m glad I don’t use Camping World very often even though I’m a Lifetime Good Sam member BEFORE they merged with Camping World.

  6. Wayne

    I agree,let’s leave Trump out of this. Let’s just talk RV and pretend politics doesn’t exist. You don’t discuss the political scene at any cg, so why start here.?

  7. Tommy Molnar

    25 years ago when we bought our first trailer (a Nash, not that that makes any difference), we stopped in at a Camping World because that seemed like the thing to do. Bought a whole bunch of ‘needed’ stuff, some of which we still have. It was a nice store (Vacaville, CA) and we were happy with our purchases. That was then, and this is now. I wouldn’t go there for toilet paper now. Just my opinion, of course. I don’t trust them anymore.

  8. Bill

    Camping Worlds are now franchises,apparently with little or no oversight from the parent company. So, there are good and there are bad, and a few really good and a few really awful We bought our first diesel from Camping World in Syracuse, and were very happy with their service and follow up. In the past, when Camping World was not such a huge franchise operation, we had very good results from a letter to Marcus. The last one was ignored. I guess he’s too busy with the TV show.

  9. Roy Ellithorpe

    I have purchased 2 NEW RVs and 2 used ones. I would NEVER purchase another new one, purely because of warranty (or lack thereof). I know that either way I’m going to have problems, but with the used one I KNOW who is going to pay and when they will fix it, and it WON’T be at a dealership.

  10. Tina GAllagher

    I decided to stop shopping at CW when I saw a sign outside a CW that said “Veterans need not enter.” Well, being an AF Veteran, I made a decision: I need NEVER to shop at a CW store or online again. There are plenty of businesses for RV parts that are happy to have customers and aren’t bigots.

    1. Chuck Woodbury

      Tina, you must have read that sign wrong. I can’t imagine any business posting such a message. Maybe some sort of political group was outside protesting.

  11. travilenman

    I have a 2014 Keystone purchased from camping world in Coburg Or.
    It is a POS to put it mildly, CW could not fix it and Keystone was of little to no help…I have a BIG rear window and I use this as a rolling billboard, using the type of paint used on windows when folks get married..My billboard reads as follows
    Camping World RV EXPERTS and Keystone RV SUCK
    I was told by the manager of Coburg CW—J.P.—that I could do this. Like Marcus Lemons says HIS MILLIONS HIS RULES…I say MY RV MY RULES…..I have had a lot of very positive feedback on my advertisement…. Maybe ALL of us that have bad rvs should do this…THANK YOU FOR READING THIS…

  12. Lorane

    Perhaps, Tom, you could leave politics out of this. This is an RV site and frankly there are many brilliant Trump supporters as well as many brilliant non-Trump supporters.

    1. Sam North

      There are NO brilliant Trump supporters

      1. Mike Hartwell

        This is not the venue for political trolling.
        There are dozens of other sites that would welcome even the most ridiculous, off topic comments.

        1. Chuck Woodbury

          I agree. Keep the politics out. We are all entitled to our opinions, but this is not the place for political discussions. Please. Let’s be friends, okay? We’re all RVers, most of us are Americans, with a lot in common. — Chuck, editor

      2. Chuck Woodbury

        Sam, please do your name calling elsewhere. This comment adds absolutely nothing to this discussion.

    2. Chuck Woodbury

      Lorane. I agree, no politics here.

  13. Tim

    My wife and I purchased a new Winnebago View from Camping World in Manassas VA in July 2017, we have had a lot of customer service issues with this dealer! I contacted Camping World Corp customer service 3 times to try and resolve the issues that I was having with the dealership! To date only one of the issues have been resolved. I just keep getting the run around and lied to by the service manager and the general manager!
    I will never deal with camping world again and it is my mission to let everyone know how horrible this company is to deal with.
    The worst company I have ever had dealings with, don’t walk away from CW RUN!
    I am so glad I didn’t purchase the extended warranty that they tried so hard to get us to purchase.

  14. Larry

    After Marcus Lemonis stated that he didn’t want anyone who voted for Trump to come to his stores, I had NO problem taking a hint. I don’t think he realizes who the majority of Camping World’s customers are. Talk about shooting yourself in the foot.

  15. Rick

    We bought a 2016 Forest River FR3 30DS from Camping World of Northern Michigan. After a trip to the west coast, we accumulated a list of relatively minor problems, the worst of which was the failure of the roof a/c. They had my motorhome longer than they should, I believe due to the plodding warranty procedure at Forest River.
    Here’s where my story diverges from the rest… Camping World assigned one person (Lori) to take care of me. We both walked around/through the motorhome listing each item, and marking the location with a sticker. She called me regularly to update us on the status of our claim and accumulation of replacement parts. She then called to schedule an appointment, and the work was completed in 3 days. When we went to pick up our unit, she again walked through each item to make sure it was done to our satisfaction.
    While I have a few reservations about Forest River and their warranty procedures, I can’t say enough about Camping World. Thank you for a job well done.

  16. Brian Holmes

    I had an appointment with a Camping World sales tech to purchase a new unit down at the Myrtle Beach store, after reading this they can take the camper and shove it you know where, your not the only game in town you clown.
    Trump supporter

    1. Tom

      Smart move. You seem like you have some intelligence. Yet you are a Trump supporter, so you can’t be too bright.

      1. Chuck

        Not the right forum for political garbage. Go Troll CNN for that.

  17. John

    I posted a link to this on RV.NET, which is run by Camping World. My posting completely disappeared after 5 minutes (like it never existed).

  18. Bill's Son

    Not to mention that the CEO said Trump supporters are not welcome at Camping World……

    1. Tom

      he runs a shitty company, but at least he has some brains not allowing Trump supporters

    2. Steve

      I brought my RV for minor warranty work to camping world in Berkley, Massachusetts. They have had it for 7 weeks and their excuse is they have way too much work and not enough employees. They say they are waiting for a part to come in. I called the manufacturer who said they overnighted the part 3 weeks ago. I called my service contact back, and he said they just haven’t had time to get to it. (Last week this same guy, Jimmy, said we just got your part in and it will be ready in 2 days). A week went by and they did not return my phone calls. I left a very nasty message for him and he called me back. He said they still have not been able to put the part on because they are backed up. It’s just a plastic air flow for the air conditioner by the drivers seat.
      I suggested they hire more people. He said they did, but they just don’t show up. I said pay them more. He said that’s what they all tell management. He admitted that this is a problem at all Camping Worlds. I told him they have a hsitty reputation. He said he knows that. At least he’s honest.

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