Where to connect fresh water filter

Where to connect fresh water filter

A question from an RVtravel.com reader to Gary Bunzer, the RV Doctor.

Dear Gary,
gary-736I am new to the RV world and have a question. Should our water filter go between the faucet and the hose, or between the hose and the RV? Or, does it not matter? Thanks, Debi (no city/state)

Dear Debi,
Welcome to the world of RVs! Believe it or not, this question comes up more often than you’d think. From a water flow perspective, it really doesn’t matter. But I subscribe to the thought that it’s best to place an in-line filter or purifier as close to the water source as possible, typically right at the campground spigot. That way you are protecting the hose itself, as well as the fresh water demand system in the RV. Oftentimes it’s near impossible to drain all the water from the hose, and over time, contaminates could gather in a stored hose and then be forced directly into the system the next time you hook up.

Additionally, it’s wise to connect both ends of the coiled hose together prior to storing it in the rig. And it’s always beneficial to carry an adjustable city water pressure regulator as you travel too.

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6 thoughts on “Where to connect fresh water filter

  1. Kay Gilly

    Why is it aways beneficial to carry an adjustable city water pressure regulator as you travel too? And do you suggest a model/brand?

  2. Bob

    I always kept a double canister filter system mounted in the water bay.
    A sediment filter and a carbon filter. the water hose connected with a quick disconnect, flowed through filters, a pressure gauge and the Watts residential pressure regulator. I was never concerned about what might be in the hose, since I felt the filters would take care of it.
    I also had an RO system for drinking water.

  3. Linda Crowley

    I agree with Ed Fox. What about sanitizing the water hose itself…how would that be done? Linda

  4. Ed Fox

    A bit of confusion–I understand connecting the filter at the spigot to protect the hose. However, if a stored hose will, over time, become contaminated, then I would want the filter connected just before the RV.


  5. Dick and Sandy

    What happened to the QUESTION OF THE WEEK???

    1. Chuck Woodbury

      Long story, but we are looking for a new tool to use to ask it. When we changed to our new server we lost the widget we used which enabled us to ask the question in the format that we liked. We’ll find something else. Our staff misses the question, too. We learned a lot about our readers through the weekly questions. — Chuck

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