Which cell phone service do you use?

We know from our previous surveys that most RVers carry a cellular phone with them when they travel. But which service do they prefer? Let’s find out. What provider do you use? If you use one not noted here, please leave a comment and tell us about it.

Curious minds want to know.

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47 Thoughts to “Which cell phone service do you use?”

  1. Harry Milosavljevic

    sprint sucks
    without service regularly on a trip from Chicago to Glacier
    NP. Bad service out east as well Chicago to Acadia.
    Evreyone with ATT had service while our service was intermittent to Non- existent in Acadia.
    And don’t even think about Canada. Zero service there.

  2. Nick

    We have MetroPCS which I understand is related to T-Mobile which we had previously. Both of these have many dead areas across the US. I also carry a TracPhone, and that works in most places that the MetroPCS does not work.

  3. Jim Collins

    Had t.mobile for years, switched to verizon after visiting lake of the ozarks, had no service unless I got up on the roof, everyone else had verizon and had good signals, thats why we switched

  4. Francois Rochon

    Being Canadians we get into the nearest Wally after entering the U.S.A. and buy a Tracfone we spend winter with it and forget it when getting back home… Next year new Tracfone… nothing is cheaper

  5. Kathy Derting

    Hubby and I both have Verizon unlimited. In addition we have a ?Verizon Hotspot for those times we need internet for laptop. Curious if anybody has Verizon prepay. Is the cell service as good? Since we are on fixed income, looking for ways to cut our expenses.

    1. Sherry Dawson

      Check out Straight Talk Wireless at https://www.straighttalk.com/wps/portal/home/shop/serviceplans

      It is a prepaid service using Verizon cell towers. So you get the same coverage as Verizon customers, which is excellent. You may use your existing phones, or purchase new or refurbished ones from them. The costs for one phone vary with how much data and what speed you want. They have plans for $35, $45, $55 and $60, for one phone. (The cost for 2 phones would be more.)

      I use the $35 plan as I am not yet full-time, and find the 2GBs of high speed amazing for me. I don’t notice any kind of slow down watching videos on my phone, playing online games, using social media, sending email and texts, doing internet searches, etc. So you might want to try one of the cheaper plans first to see if it meets your needs–you can upgrade at any time (or downgrade) if you need to.

      They also offer mobile hotspots for $15-$75 a month, depending upon how much data you need. The site has a great tool for estimating that at: https://www.straighttalk.com/wps/portal/home/shop/hotspotserviceplans/!ut/p/a1/04_Sj9CPykssy0xPLMnMz0vMAfGjzOKd_F2C_fwdPYy8HE2NDRwtvL0sjMy8jQ1CzfTD9aPASlwMvHyNA4FKgjzMTQ08Azycg93N_QxMDMzxK_B3M4IqMMABHA30C7KzgwAE-kaO/#Z7_OIK61A40LG7490ADT4EFHV30G2

      I have been using Straight Talk for about a year and love it! (Other commenters on this thread also have it and like it.) Good luck finding an affordable solution for you.

    2. John Crawford

      We have T Mobile and only pay $60 per month for two phones, unlimited talk, text, Data and hotspot. There are very few places we can’t get a signal. We were able to to use them in Europe and got unlimited text and data with $. 05 per minute talk. We switched from Verizon due to the increasing price.


    We had Verizon for many years with no complaints. Then AT&T offered the buy one I Phone 7 and get another free and we, for some stupid reason went for it along with the two year contract. One of our worst decisions, The service has been horrible, we get some of the worst reception at our house. On a trip to South Dakota last year we found many dead areas and many times had to rely on local WIFI to get any internet service. We have spent hours with AT&T in their stores and on the phone trying to resoleve the issues to no avail. As soon as our contract is up, it’s back to Verizon (unfortunately when you get an I Phone from AT&T, it can only be used on the AT&T network so more new phones are in order)


    StraightTalk [tracfone subsidiary?] $45/month +unlimited data, text & calls. Big bonus was nice phones [we have LG Premier 4g for $29 [refurb w/new warranty] Uses Verizon network but any cdma if Verizon weak. They offer $20 month hotspot also.
    Have had since mid 2015 with zero issues.

    1. Sherry Dawson

      Thanks for the tip about the hotspot. I also use StraightTalk on an IPhone 6 and love the service, but didn’t know about the hotspot availability. I will need it when I go full time. Will you educate me also on the meaning of “cdma.” I can tell it refers to other vendor’s cell towers, but am curious about the initials.

      1. Bill Bateman

        Hi Sherry, Type in ‘cdma vs gsm’ in Google or go to this website for the info … too much info for me to explain here.
        By the way, I liked your elaboration on Straight Talk and for Kathy Derting … the prepaid plans are by far the most economical and least restrictive.
        Happy Trails!

  8. Kathleen

    I switched to Verizon from Sprint in June 2018. It was the first thing I did in my preparation for the rv life. You have provided a wealth of information in my daily research and I am so grateful for your service and generous supporters. I will become more of a participant as my current stressful life eases into the rv life. Spring of 2019! Thank you!

  9. Doug

    Verizon for cell phone, AT&T devices for internet as well.

  10. Audrey

    We use Republic. Good coverage for $ 23 a month. Unlimited texts and calls plus 1 gig for web.

  11. Michael Mccracken

    I have been traveling the US for the past six years. Traveled from west coast to east coast and also north to south. I have always had Verizon. Never been without service weak in very few areas. My only issue is their service costs. I am afraid to change to another service until I quit my full time motor home travel.

  12. Alan

    We use US Cellular here in the northeast.

  13. Peter

    We use Tracfone and meets our needs except when we are in Alaska, no coverage. That is a pia as we are there al least once a year. Use our sons cell phone there.

  14. Badwolfe

    Switched from years with AT&T to Verizon based on what we learned from this newsletter. We rarely have dead spots while traveling now.

  15. Lisa Cantrell

    We have ATT Unlimited but carry a Verizon prepaid Hotspot.

  16. Joe Ego

    Verizon and a AT&T Mobley.

  17. Bill

    Company switched to AT&T, not much difference but Verizon coverage was better in several of the areas we frequent.

  18. Tom

    Tracfone. Service has always been very reliable.

  19. Jeff

    Consumer Cellular is FAR and Away the best Cell service in the US. And they have AARP discounts on all their products.

    We saved more than $100 per month switching over.

    Had Verizon before and wouldn’t have them again.

    1. Michael McCracken

      Are you a full time traveler… ? Throughout the US?

    2. Ron

      As Micheal asked are you full timer or do you travel the USA. I have not found one service that covered all areas. Verizon was best that I’ve tried so far, but did leave us without service for a week in W Tx. We will be retired (I am already) completely end of this yr, so now have AT&T + Verizon + Verizon hotspot to cover everything. Would be nice to have cheap service, but need to be connected more than saving money.

  20. Kenneth Serr

    Pastor Ken Serr;
    We have US cellular, it has for the most part been very reliable. For now we can afford the cost of two phones and a hot spot, but after we retire we will go to one phone.
    Good job guys, love all the information.

  21. Diane Evans

    We use consumer Cellular, love the company and the coverage. All their representative live in the US! So easy for us older folks to understand. Great price and great service. Have had for over 4 years, no problems. Uses the AT&T networks.

    1. rvgrandma

      I also have consumer cellular. Had Verizon for years but switched about 5 years ago. Been happy with it.

  22. Bob

    I had AT&T previously for years. In our travels we many times had “No Service” on our phones and other times very low signal…..1 bar. When we are at some National Parks or boondocking we saw other folks using their phones and inquired how they got signal. VERIZON was the answer. We switched and couldn’t be happier. Great signal no matter where we are. Sure there are spots where no company has service but those are expected. I at times carry a Satellite Phone where I know no cell service exists.

  23. Roy Ellithorpe

    We’re Canadian and therefore use Rogers (soon to be switched to Telus), both of whom have reciprocal deals with AT&T. It quite amazes me how far behind AT&T has fallen in the cellular business, their coverage is terrible.
    The problem is that no carriers in Canada use the CDMA (Verizon) system, so it requires that we have 2 separate devices and phone numbers.

    1. Carol-Leah Loran

      I am with Verizon and Canadian and have a phone that is global. That is the answer. The phone must work on CDMA and GSM. I have their North American plan and it works in Canada, the US and Mexico. I signed on when it was first offered so I pay less than the cost now but I think it is $80 a month now for unlimited talk, text and data in all 3 countries.

  24. Ron Schmitz

    We use 2, mine is verizon, DW is AT&T. We also have Verizon Netgear for WiFi. Found we had to have 2 different carriers for dead spots. Spent a week in west TX where we had no service on Verizon, camping buddies had full service on AT&T. In northern CA AT&T had no service where Verizon was good. Hate having to pay for 2 services, but if you need to be connected, haven’t found any one services covering all of USA.

  25. Luke

    We use Consumer Cellular. Can’t beat the price, 50 bucks a month for two lines which includes unlimited calls and text messaging. Our plan has 3 gigs of data and what is really cool, is if we are approaching that limit, CC notifies us and temporarily raises us to the next data level, charging us only the difference and then lowers it back down to 3 gigs after the period is over. Great customer service and equipment.

  26. Phyllis Avella

    We have Tracfone, I think it is on the Sprint network.

    1. Glenda Alexander

      I also use TracFone and am very pleased with it.

  27. Eric Meslin

    What timing for this survey! I answered at&t, but it’s actually Consumer Cellular on their towers. Just switched from MetroPCS yesterday, who runs on T-Moble towers. VERY dissatisfied with their service, especially if we got away from interstates or metropolitan areas. Metro customer service was helpful though with unlocking phones. We’ll give CC a try over the next month. We love our phones, but they won’t work on Verizon’s network.

  28. AK Traveler

    We are full-timers and use Verizon Unlimited. We share our plan with our married daughter which drops the price for both of us. Since we are constantly on the move we use it for TV streaming. We had a mifi hotspot but it and using you phone’s hotspot gobbles the data. I now use a direct tether between my phone and the hdmi port on the TV. I get approximately 10 hours of streaming vs 1 hour of hotspot. Someday RV parks will have hi-speed internet but not holding my breath.

  29. Jeff H

    My wife and I both use US Cellular. I think it’s primarily a Midwest company, but national coverage is great. Works very well in michigan U.P. and north dakota areas in our travels.

  30. Peggy

    I chose other because we use Cricket. However, Cricket uses AT&T cell towers. We have very good service wherever we go and is inexpensive.

    1. Barbara Evans-Blehm

      Us too….we’ve traveled almost 15,000 in a little over a year from Wisconsin to Washington to Arizona and only lost service one time for 30 minutes. We have everything on 2 phones we could ever use and it cost $125. A month. Not sure if that sounds bad or good but we checked out Verizon with the same coverage + on our sons plan and it was going to be $190.00

  31. Jeff

    We use Verizon with their MiFy with unllimited data plan.

    It works fine, but it’s fairly expensive. Verizon will be bringing out 5G next year (I hear) and that will be a real game changer in the cell phone industry. This is really, really, fast.

    I still am looking closely at Sprint and would love to hear from their users what they think.

    1. George C

      We recently signed up for FMCA’s “Tech Connect” Sprint hotspot at $50/month unlimited. I’ve found that it works well — if you are in a Sprint coverage area. If you look at their online coverage map, it seems much broader than it actually is. Keep scrolling closer and all of a sudden the map will show “extended”, “roaming” and the like. Put in your device, and it’ll even try to differentiate between good and fair 4g areas on the map. This helps set expectations but Sprint’s coverage is nowhere near VZW.

      I’ll admit that, for us, it’s all about data. We have VZW phones and use maybe 20-30 minutes each per month, and even fewer texts. Most everything is online these days, with FaceTime, Telegram, etc.

  32. J. Camp

    We use Xfinity that only charges $12.00/Gig and uses Verizon towers. It’s great for people like us who use our phone mostly as a phone and not a computer.

    1. M. Graff

      Can you please explain your comment on computer, I am thinking of moving to Xfinity and thought between the verizon backbone and Xfinity hotspots that data connections would be stronger and more available? Thanks

  33. Paul A Carr

    We have Verizon cellphones and have almost no issues with cell service (after havinging covered 2/3 of the continental US in the past 3 years the only place so far was in the mountains of Vermont and even there we found 95% good coverage).
    As for wifi, we had a Verizon Hot Spot but after a year it failed and while I was still under contract Verizon wouldn’t fix it or offer a rebate or second hand replacement. This year we went with the Verizon Unlimited plan and are very satisfied with the results. I am also a computer tech and have been helping customers via wifi so the unlimited has been a real boost.

  34. Fred

    We use Verizon for our main cell service & their Myfy hot spot for data coverage. We also use a cheap At&T prepaid Go Phone as a back up cell source for the few areas we can’t get Verizon. It also serves as a second phone for the few times my wife & I are separated. We also have an AT&T Mobley hot spot . Between the two dedicated hotspots & the Verizon cell phone as a hotspot, we have a total of 52GB of 4G data available each month.

  35. Les. Ainsworth

    We use Telus in British Columbia for cell phone coverage

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