Why so many RVs are junk

Why are RVs made so cheaply, why are some “junk,” and why are they even sold in the first place when there’s a high likelihood that the buyer will have problems with the unit? This video does a great job of answering those questions. Here, the discussion focuses on lightweight travel trailers and their cheap, rushed construction, and why that ends up biting the RV’s owner down the road.

If you’re about to buy an RV, especially a lightweight model trailer, you should watch this.



3 Thoughts to “Why so many RVs are junk”

  1. Captn John

    Much of the “light” junk has to do with all the items mentioned. BUT mostly these are built for consumers that do not have the TV required for what they want to pull. The ‘1/2 ton towable’ is qualified by ” properly equipped”. Few truck dealers order what is needed and standard tow package often is not enough. It still falls back on consumers not knowing or not caring enough to KNOW the capability of their TV.

  2. robert mcbride

    Listened to the video about “Why so many RV’s are junk”. Agree with all said but sometimes going back to the dealership you bought it from may not work. I travelled to Middlebury, In from Florida to purchase my Jayco. It was well worth the trip in many ways besides saving thousands of dollars I was able to utilize the free camping, FHU spots they provided for as long as I wanted which helped me familiarize myself with the camper & test it for defects in actual use, also utilized the large parking lot to adjust the brake controller settings & practice backing & turning techniques before hitting the road. All great until I got home & created a punch list of defects that popped up after my first 4 months of camping. The 2 year warranty was great until I tried having the local Jayco dealerships here in Fl refuse to do warranty work because I didn’t buy it from them. This has been a problem for most that is unacceptable & has me wondering if any warranty is worth purchasing in the first place.

    1. Michael Bates

      Had a similar situation with a Starcraft 5 th wheel . Saved 5 grand on purchase, but try to get the local dealer to work on warranty repairs was a no go.

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