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Comments for Wife uncomfortable in remote boondocking spots – What to do?

  • “Often the more familiar you become with an isolated site, the more comfortable you are occupying it.”

    I think this says it all. You just have to get over the initial stay (or stays) to a point where you feel like you’re “coming home” when you revisit a boondock site you’ve been to before.

    We have a number of fave spots we hit with regularity.

  • A good compromise would be staying at COE Parks. That way you get nature and usually privacy as the sites can be quite spacious but with the proximity of neighbors.

  • Dear Apprehensive,

    Would you have traded your spot for mine over the past week? Some turd arrived at around midnight- started to bang around, slamming bay doors, hammering stuff, etc. Who in the heck raised these people?

  • I have never understood why people are fearful in an isolated area. Two legged varmints (people) are our largest threat.

    The more people around, the risk is greater.

    Less people around equals less risk.

  • What I have found is that sometimes the fear comes from within me, not really the reality of where I am.
    Just lock the door when you sleep, the bad guys need the city to live life, they don’t head out to the wilderness.

  • Yes, you are being silly. That is the short answer. How fortunate you are to have a guy around that has your back. I am a woman often traveling solo. The more isolated the better. I feel safer out there than next to god only knows who! And the beauty of nature in these places just can’t be beat.

    • No you are not being silly. Ignorance is not bliss. I feel the same way because we experienced a problem once. You have to be cautious and not wander around after dark. Things have changed a lot in the last year and not for the better. That is sad but it is truth. Being in crowds is also dangerous-case in point New York. I am so glad that we were able to do our camping/travel in the 80’s when things were a little more sane.

  • We have stayed at several parks in eatsern Pennsylvania and western New Jersey, that I felt quite
    safe as the only thing moving after sunset were the four legged critters called bears.

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